Hot Wheels Photoshop Editing Blister Package

Happy weekend for all my brothers diecast lover’s wherever you are, wherever your country is. If indeed you already have a family, give a chance for a vacation together with the family. Because the warmth with them obviously can not be replaced by anything in this world.

This time the thread has no newcomer info, not even new items, not hot wheels modification but about photoshop editing works. Photoshop hot wheels editing work is very cool and looks real. So when you first see it will definitely assume that this diecast hot wheels really, even though only fake.

And if only the hot wheels spawned their products as detailed as this photoshop artist’s editing, surely the market power would be even more extraordinary and powerful. I hope hot wheels do or want to apply the reality of the works toycarsaddict_daily.

The work is very extraordinary in my opinion. And this work can I say as his identity or iconic, so when everyone knows the results of editing photoshop hot wheels like this, means it’s definitely him.

This toycarsaddict_daily deviated from the usual diecast photo editing habits. If most retailers edit diecast photoshop so that they appear real in real life, some are fantasy, some highlight the diecast side, some apply as product photos, and so on.

But toyscarsaddict_daily chose a simple concept but it also requires extraordinary skill to edit so the diecast looks real inside the blister hot wheels, and this is to my knowledge a fresh and super unique idea.

If judging from his IG, this toycarsaddict_daily lives in Asia, in the country of Taiwan. The country is very well known for its Kungfu films. And also a very popular film in its time about 4 men “and 1 girl, especially if it’s not Meteor Garden.

You are impatient, would you like to see a collection of works that are very extraordinary hot wheels photoshop editing, works from toycarsaddict_daily? Here I have a collection of photoshop works and if you want to be more complete, just go to the IG at @toycarsaddict_daily.

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