Hot wheels diecast custom Toyota Celica gtv

Talking about the modification of the 1/64 diecast custom hot wheels requires very high skill, how come we don’t have to make creations with very small objects. For the model of the car, it’s already small, especially for modif parts, of course, even smaller.

I admit that those who are able to modify 1/64 scale diecast custom hot wheels are clearly human beings who have an extraordinary level of foresight and tenacity. If I just replace the wheels and paint myself. And pessimistic to be able to do more than that. Let it be better controlled by the masters.

I just explored IG and found a cool and cool diecast custom 64 hot wheels. There is a diecast custom appearance of a 1/64 Kyosho Toyota Celica GTV 70 ‘ modification. The detailing ability is so extraordinary that it can highlight the character of the Toyota Celica GTV, it looks macho and powerful.

The livery used for the Toyota Celica gtv 70 ‘is Flying Tigers, and the paint also uses a dark metallic green. This modifier does not play overfender modifications but is very observant to grow and show fierce modifications for Japanese cars to taste muscle cars.

Cultivation of the details is very visible in the interior sector which clearly requires a level of patience and skill. The indicators look real and the steering wheel looks classic.

Actually, for the modification of this car, it is in the minimalist category but not so for a 1/64 scale model car. If you want to see more of this artist’s work, just go to Instagram, the account name @ sd04322007, you must be comfortable seeing his modified works.

How about you bro with the modification of the diecast custom 64 Kyosho Toyota Celica GTV 70 ‘by @ sd04322007?

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