Hot Wheels Custom Diecast Rusty

Hi guys, it seems that today I’m poisoned, and my poison is far away from there in the other country. The country is famous for its Borobudur Temple.

Before this I was not interested in rusty-style cars, be it sedans, mini trucks, muscle or whatever. Prefer a smooth, beautiful sexy car.

But when I explored IG I found an IG @atydpradana account, his custom rusty diecast works could stop long enough to enjoy the work he had made. The longer I looked the more this heart fluctuated, between drifting and refusing to like custom rusty diecast.

Almost in all styles, he makes rusty. But it is indeed a very strong character on hot road and rat road. The majority of the diecast scales that he customs are 1/64 scale, and are able to look realistic.

Commission Order Fee has been a lot of customers in the Asian region, even sometimes he conducts training for those who want to learn to make custom rusty diecast for beginners.

He himself seems to focus on two custom styles, rusty & anti-gravity. Sometimes it also makes dioramas but for the display needs of him at the exhibition or competition.

Below, I will include some works from Atydpradana, but if it is still lacking, you can directly visit the IG @atydpradana and if you are interested in making your diecast, you can play rusty style, you can contact yourself. Because my blog is only a media of information and inspiration.

Here is a gallery of works from @atydpradana from Indonesia.

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