Autoart Model Cars Lamborghini Aventador Lb Walk Martini Livery by Davis Giovanni

Hello guy’s diecast lovers see me again on this exciting day. I hope that no one is sad today, even if sad, put it on the river first so that the current will be carried away and go away, it’s sadness.

Who likes roadster car models? Well, this time there was a leak that in unusual43 there were diecast model cars 1:18 from Autoart 2019. The number was limited to guys. There were only 36 diecast items for cars. That’s right Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk Roadster Martini Livery by Davis Giovanni.

I myself actually don’t really like roadster cars, but it’s different from the world of diecast or car models. Roadster car models are actually cool and sexy, that’s because all the details of the car models are able to come out all and are able to show the beauty and sexiness of both the exterior and interior curves.

For the Lamborghini Aventador lb walk diecast model cars this is really super cool, the color combination of martinis is well translated by Davis Giovanni in the interior sector. I am very sure all eyes when served the first time these car models must be immediately hypnotized in the interior.

The combination of red and white makes the atmosphere in the cabin feel fresh and passionate. Coupled with the level of detail of the panel, its sexiness also looks tempting. If I describe a woman, she wears a beautiful dress that is able to explore cleavage without exploiting, 😄😀 what is the language, you must be confused? I just wrote it too confused.

The basic material uses resin, so you already know how to treat diecast models of Lamborghini Aventador Lb Walk Martini Livery works by Davis Giovanni. Never put in any place without the display box tightly closed or you can cry for it.

That was a little Autoart diecast reviews from me. If you are a diecast lover, you want to collect it, you can go directly to IG @ unusual43 and ask if there are still no stock items because indeed the number is very limited at 36 pcs

And for those of you who like the small scale diecast cars 1/64 please be patient, because the new diecast models cars 1:18 & 1:43 are coming out. And for the scale 43, you can go to IG @ 118_custom_model

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