Fuelme Models Newcomers Diecast Cars 1/64 Resin Models

Hi, friend diecast lover who I always miss, how was your weekend? I hope you enjoy a great weekend and can make you happy.

Let me be happy, I have new information for lovers of diecast model cars, especially diecast cars 1/64. Reportedly this diecast model cars will become a killer resin for car models that have come out before.

I myself have never had one because it is quite new, and I just found out last weekend. What is meant by killer resin is how I’m curious. Killer as a killer or killer detail in the price. Because so far we know that products from China are usually able to create the same goods but at a much cheaper selling price.

Even their latest product that will be released is the Porsche RWB 993 Martini, this can be said to be an amazing breakthrough beside Liberty Walk and Rocket Bunny. It seems that a new brand from China is directly cooperating with the Japanese modifiers. But it’s not a strange thing because if I were a sniper, this brand new diecast model cars are basically car modifiers.

New brand in the world of car models is called Fuelme Models. Scale made by Fuelme Models for a while diecast cars 1/64 and also 1/43. When viewed in the gallery Fuelme Models detail this car model is very good both on a scale of 1/64 and 1/43.

If it is true that Fuelme Models will sell diecast model cars at very low prices, this will be dangerous for competitors who have played earlier. Price war will definitely occur here, and I didn’t know this issue would be Fairplay or not.

For the colonization of the market, what techniques are used by Fuelme Models? Let the marketing think. We as the most important consumers are just the level of detail and price.

For those of you who are curious to see a more complete gallery of Fuelme Models just visit the IG at @fuelmechina get ready to scratch and shake his head.

Because the diecast car models from Fuelme Models are visible there are Lamborghini Liberty Walk Liberty Walks, Porsche RWB, Mazda Rx 7 Pandem, Toyota GT 86 Rocket Bunny.

See for yourself, bro, the collection is in the IG Fuelme Models gallery, or want to ask, just go ahead. Ok I resign first because my stomach is hungry I want to eat

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