Resin Model Car Kit Collection

Who is this tomorrow off? Those who are not on holiday do not be discouraged but still have to be enthusiastic because there are still many people out there who have to work double jobs or even multi jobs just to survive.

Today there are no reviews, news or stories on custom diecast hot wheels. Today just want to just share my admiration story of the builder resin model car kit. How could they not be able to arrange complex circuits both large and small for each part of the car models.

It’s different from the resin model cars that we usually buy. The difference here is when we unboxing. If the resin model car kit when unboxing we only see sheets of a resin material that must be cut, assembled, painted and pasted with water slide decals. If the models are made of resin cars, we unboxing we immediately see the model cars that fit the picture or display.

If I am given a resin model car kit, it can stress suddenly and can only hold the head. How not to hold my head, because I do not know what I was doing the first time. Although there is already a module there. Not to mention if later on when there are things that are scattered and lost or broken during progress, don’t we cry like rain?

It’s different if we custom diecast model cars, the base is already there, already formed, and it’s ready to use. Just for fun the hands and hearts are not satisfied with the standard look. As for resin model car kits, we are like people who work in the automotive assembly line and do it by themselves with so many sectors. Indeed, as long as I know only products from Tamiya for Resin car kit models.

The exterior side already includes a lot especially in the legs, such as suspension, brakes, tires, wheels and in the engine sector, there are various parts. Even dizzier when it touches the interior, Waow can only say that. This is clearly a very heavy job and requires an amazing level of patience and hand skills.

I just write this crazy while looking at the resin pictures of the car kit model, my eyes have started to get heavy and I want to feel closed and lying on a soft mattress, the effect of seeing, writing while imagining if it’s all I do, instead of dizzy I rushed to working on assembling resin model car kits through dreams. Let others do it for real if they can why should I?

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