Fuelme Models Car Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk 50th Limited Edition 1/43 scale

Fuelme Models now appear and come with a 1/43 scale Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk 50th Limited Edition. Obviously this is a model that must be collected, why? Because this is a model that might be the exclusive right of the Fuelme Model so it won’t be available to other brands.

You all already know that if an item becomes an exclusive right, it will obviously become the target of heavy collectors, and if you miss it, be prepared to get it another time at a much higher price.

The 1/43 scale car model is also very cool collected by you guys. The size is much bigger than the 1/64 diecast cars but much smaller than the 1/32 diecast model cars let alone the 1/24 diecast cars. With a scale of 1/43 the detailed diecast models are able to translate well and look much more realistic when compared to 1/64 diecast cars.

And for you lovers of 1/43 scale model cars, it is much easier to photograph and still be pleasant to carry around without bother, it still feels the same as 1/64 diecast cars.

Fuelme Models Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk 50th Limited Edition is intriguing with a combination of colors that are bright but gripping. This is produced from a combination of colors Orange, Red and Black. And it seems that there are lots of hands for this small model, as Fuelme Models explained that this car model is designed by K.S supports, there are Benz Daemon, Infinite Motorsport and Wrap Icon.

The base display is also very exclusive with the double layer, the base layer uses the transparent acrylic and the second layer uses the acrylic milk. So that it can look clean and elegant. Only the shortcomings in the name tag, if only Fuelme wants to use an iron plate or anything that can look like an iron plate then the impression of elegance will be much stronger.

What still makes me curious is why it’s said to be a bull from Thailand? Are these diecast models cars made in Thailand or are the real owners of this Thai Aventador Lamborghini, if anyone knows, may you comment below.

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