DeLorean Time Machine Back to the Future Diecast Model Cars with Magnetic Floating Base

Do you still remember the legendary “Back to the future” sequel? The film first aired on the big screen in 1985. I think this film is the best time travel film, what do you think?

The film directed by Robert Zemeckis has indeed been aired for a long time but the memory of the greatness and futuristic car is not easy to forget, for some reason this car is very cool to watch, especially if collected. One thing is certain, everyone will be surprised and comment “car back to the future”

Do you know the name of the legendary car Back to the Future? If I’m not mistaken this car is called DeLorean DMC-12. The name sounds really foreign, it’s strange and feels strange but what can I do.

Think you don’t want to collect this car? If so, it’s better to just collect the car models. Do you have it? Yes there is, and it’s not only there but it looks very real because it can float above the base display, not to mention the nuances of the LED lights that make it look very cool display collection of DeLorean DMC-12 Back to the Future models.

DeLorean DMC-12 Back to the Future has a unique scale. If usually the 1/24 diecast cars are normal in scale, but not for the DeLorean DMC-12 car models, that is 1/20 scale. Has anyone ever had a collection of diecast cars like this? I mean for the scale? I myself certainly don’t have one, but if I have 1/24 diecast cars, I have a collection of that scale.

This collection of items belongs to Kidslogic Hong Kong, which according to the exposure of Kidslogic model cars DeLorean Time Machine Back to the future has the following details
• Scale 1/20
• Length; about 22cm
• Levitating Time Machine with Magnetic Floating Base
• Openable doors and movable wheels
• Changeable wheels (two sets) for normal scenes and flying scenes
• Flame effect part included
• 2 bases: Magnetic Floating Base & Display Base
• More than 10 LED light up features – Magnetic Floating Base comes with light-up function.

Magnetic Floating Base is what makes DeLorean Time Machines Back to the Future car models capable of flying. Collections like this are new and maybe the first time in the world, so this collection of items is mandatory for you to collect and be the beginning as a futuristic collector of items that nuanced this classic.

The next question is definitely about the US $ diecast model cars for sale. Judging from Kidslogic’s official website DeLorean Time Machines Back to the Future for US $ 307.00 How are my friends all diecast, ready to make the Cars DeLorean Time Machine Diecast Model Back to the Future this latest collection? One more thing that I almost forgot to mention here, this hot item is licensed by Universal Studio.

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