Exoto F1 Models Ferrari Tipo 246 Model Cars 1/18

Happy all my friends, diecast. After yesterday’s meeting, we talked about 1/43 diecast cars. Now we will talk, diecast cars 1/18 or rather, diecast models cars 1:18

But at the moment we are talking about imagining, bro, because talking about car models from Exoto models is talking about a delusion of height. Only the high class can be the collector. People like me can only see it. These Exoto models are in the premium class collection, because from the very beginning the target market for a luxury lifestyle.

And this time my eyes and head were still motionless looking at one of the Exoto f1 models. F1 model car collection is very exciting because the level of detail is extraordinary. diecast model cars 1:18 scale which is very capable to show the level of detail, but the detail of the Exoto f1 models really amazes me. If so far the 1/18 diecast cars point of view is aimed at Autoart models or Frontiart models, so now ignore these 2 brands. Because the two brands did not release F1 models.

F1 models car collection from Exoto models is a Ferrari Tipo 246 F1 model cars 1:18, this vintage F1 models that takes part in the world of the Grand Prix of Belgium 1958th driver at that time was Olivier Gendebien. Exoto F1 models Ferrari Tipo 246 is yellow with a start number of 20. I am confused about what to say about the details of this F1 model, because it is very extraordinary, want to see from the exterior also looks very perfect, the most fun to see here is the dot of welded iron joints that can be displayed neatly and look real.

And even crazier in the interior and engine sector, there is only one word to say, Ultra Ultra, not Ultraman, remember, haha ​​…

diecast model cars for sale Exoto F1 Models Ferrari Tipo 246 is high in the cloud for the price, exorbitant expensive bro. Translucent prices reach US $ 1,900 special wow. It is very visible, my friend, who is a retailer, for who and who can afford to buy and become the f1 model of his car collection, if not the bourgeoisie for his Luxury Lifestyle.

And for those of you friends who just live in this limitation, let’s go together, let’s see the gallery collection of the Exoto F1 Models Ferrari Tipo 246 below. If you are forced to buy, I will just wait for F1 diecast 1 64, whether from tarmac, kyosho, greenlight or maybe even from hotwheels.

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