Nissan NV350 Liberty Walk Model Cars Scale 1/64

Talking about car modification and also in the world of car models, both diecast model cars or resin model cars, the name of Liberty Walk is ingrained, and everyone knows him as a modifier with style over fender.

If we usually know that the modification of the Liberty Walk is only on sports cars to hypercars. It turned out that the Liberty Walk classmate had also played modifications to the MPess Passenger Car segment, the Nissan NV350.

I believe this is clearly a very rare thing. Especially in the world of diecast model cars. This is a super rare hot treasure hunt. If until the other manufacturers do not come into play here, then prepare you who have Car Models NV 350 Liberty Walk in the future to be the target of first-time collectors.

I think maybe not too much is informed about Nissan NV 350 Liberty Walk Car Models, and be happy for my disasters who are always loyal and still loyal readers in this blog stall. Yes because if you respond quickly, hurry up hunting and get the Nissan NV 350 Liberty Walk Scale 1/64 immediately.

If you buy the Nissan NV350 Liberty Walk Cars Models, you have 4 kinds of color choices, namely Red, Silver, White & Baby Blue. And for the case when viewed from its base, it can be ascertained that this case has an acrylic box.

For the price it is also still affordable actually for you, but not for myself now. That is at the price of US $ 30-32 it will depend on what side you get it from? Because we know that getting too long-handed will make the price more expensive, especially the Nissan NV350 Liberty Walk produced by Super Limited Edition.

I certainly don’t know, but referring to previous models of cars that only have limited edition produced as many as 999 items. But this is written Super Limited Edition, then we can be sure that these Car Models are produced far below the 999 numbers. 299 items worldwide

Actually I also want to review this car model to be able to show more about what details you can get if you have this item, but sorry my economic situation worsened so that I could not afford to buy car models that only cost US $ 30.

Yes, so far, for the diecast model car items that I reviewed, I purely bought with my own money, not a loan item from the seller. So I dare say this is good and not in some sectors or as a whole if that’s what has to be said.

Sorry I was even off-topic, carried away bro. Ok, so my friend was recently cast on the new issue of the item from Liberty Walk, the Nissan NV350 Liberty Walk Model Cars Scale 1/64

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