TAMIYA Mini 4WD Custom Evolution Toys Car

Remembering the past is cool as long as you don’t remember your ex, especially for those of you who just broke up with your boyfriend. We recommend that before 1 year passes you have to have a replacement so you can move on immediately. I myself want to remember the past through this story. For those of you who are breaking up, please move away from this content first so that it doesn’t hurt and can immediately move on. But if you want to torture yourself by wanting to know this story, please continue reading to the end. Remember depression is not my responsibility, you have to know the risk huh? Hahaha …

It all started from at night only friends with coffee and cigarettes that are very delicious, I explore my fingers to look for fragments of diecast model cars diecast cars 1/64 until diecast cars 1/18. Starting from resin to full metal diecast, and it turns out I was lost in TAMIYA’s plastic model cars.

It all started with TAMIYA’s plastic model cars, which eventually brought to mind memories of the past 90s toys, the TAMIYA Mini 4WD toy cars. Because the feed that appears TAMIYA Mini 4WD that displays a form of evolution TAMIYA Mini 4WD toy car. This toy was very booming once with the birth of the legend in the 90s especially if it wasn’t Anime Dash Yonkuro.

I didn’t think it turned out that the evolution of the TAMIYA Mini 4WD toy car is very cool right now, the accessories are also capable of boosting the basic look into an extraordinary display when custom. The basic ingredients are also now increasingly diverse, camouflage looks are also very amazing with the appearance like iron, carbon and so forth. What is clear is that the changes are so captivating.

If in the 90s I only knew it was a race event, both battle and record-breaking time, now custom MINI 4WD cars are also contested even the Street MINI 4WD Race that was once done by Yankuro was also there. Yonkuro still remembers that when racing on the road, he and his emperor ran while using a stick running from the start line to finish by passing various obstacles. Well, for this category, I think the MINI 4WD car uses a basic engine, even if it is upgraded, it’s just a little speed, because the most important thing here is not the speed of the Mini 4WD, but your own expertise to set the speed of the Mini 4WD using a stick, ready- ready to breathe breath if you rarely exercise.

But returning to the custom display TAMIYA Mini 4WD which became very cool, even now with the 3D Print that can be owned personally can increase the creativity of the modifiers of TAMIYA Mini 4 WD increasingly wild and become an admirer when seeing his work on the display.

For the current categories, I don’t know yet, because indeed I was lost yesterday and just write it here, so we can share information. For those of you who are curious about the latest look of the TAMIYA Mini 4WD toy car, here I show you the various images that have often appeared in the social media world.

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