Tamiya released the miniature Honda Monkey 125, 1/12 scale

The world of motorbike has never been separated from the name miniature. Well … who would have thought that a manufacturer who is famous for his little racing car Tamiya released the miniature Honda Monkey 125. The tiny legendary motor successfully tickled Tamiya to concoct the miniature Monkey 125. And the details … crazy amazingly similar to the original.

Japanese famous toy manufacturer Tamiya has just launched a miniature Honda Monkey 125. Tamiya’s action is very interesting because the details offered are extraordinary for a miniature size similar to reality. Carrying the 1/12 scale Honda Monkey 125, Tamiya had worked hard to make as closely as the original. You just peek at the presence of wires running around the front brakes including the rear.

Then Tamiya also successfully made the cylinder head as closely as the original. With the presence of the air cooling grille or fin. Not only that even in the suspension spring is also formulated in such a way that if we did not know beforehand surely thought that this motorbike photo is not miniature. Original details are extraordinary for miniature sizes. Accuracy Tamiya also touched almost the entire body including threaded upholstery with a touch of white on the edges. Not forgetting the monkey and Honda emblem on the rear seater. The question is how can it be so real ??

Tamiya ensures that the tires used for their miniature use synthetic rubber so that it is very realistic and truly like the original. They also underline the accuracy of detail using a high level of detail. Just peek at the front fender or frame including bolt material that is visible or exposed from a distance made in such a way that it looks like the original. The scale size of 1/12 means that the length of the casting models is 143mm, 63 mm wide and 101 mm high.

Last, this miniature Honda Monkey 125 is officially marketed globally by Tamiya. But it seems that it is not easy to get this miniature unless you are really serious and hunting to Japan as a marketing center. And for the price set by Tamiya for the miniature Honda Monkey 125 is at the nominal US $ 38.69. Here are some miniature photos of the Honda Monkey 125 2018 version released by Tamiya. Crazy details Yes, Really.

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