Almost Real Models 1/18 Bentley Mulsanne Speed 2017 Light Emerald/Midnight Emerald

Waow cool and super special diecast lovers this time, obviously this is a rare item. And also recently I got to know this one branding, that is almostrealmodels, with a scale of 18 introducing Bentley Mulsanne’s car casting model, which coincided with celebrates to 100 years on July 10, 2019 yesterday.

Obviously this is an extraordinary appearance, because maybe I myself never had a vintage culture car. For me Bentley, Roll Royce, Morgan I mean as a vintage culture car. Because even though now the millennial period of modern car design still does not lose its direction and still retains its distinctiveness in the past. So when people glimpse it almost certainly can guess that it is Bentley, because the model has been embedded in all their brains that Bentley is like that, Roll Royce is like this and Morgan is like that.

This classic and prestigious class is indeed very suitable as a ride for old executives. Here we can see that the casting of this model matches the name of the branding almostrealmodels, and that is true. The exterior appearance is very riveting and its beautiful elegant feel can be very prominent. Good looking from the front, back, side, everything looks perfect and very detailed.

Peeking at the interior, making this desire want to go inside and sit and enjoy the calm of the room with the typical bourgeoisie. This rather bright maroon color makes the spirit of life more burning to reach the world and grasped like a stick that is usually carried by a mafia chief with his black hat and coat. Looks interior instruments and accessories are taken seriously to give birth to extraordinary details that are perfect in them.

The biggest problem is I’m very familiar with this item, and I think there are still many who don’t know him yet. And this I include information from the almostrealmodels brand for Bentley Mulsanne in the sales sector, along with his statement.

“Regardless the colour selected let’s face it: who would not be satisfied with a bantley mulsanne in their collection? it will pose elegantly and stir the blood of connoisseurs of the finest of automobiles. Almost Real’s creation of Bentley flagship Mulsanne mirrors in miniature (scale 1/18) the british manufacture insistence on it being the world’s most luxurious handmade automobile. While the actual Bentley Mulsanne weight in at nearly 6,000 lbs and powered by a 506 hp hand-built powerplant, the artisanship of yhis model enjoys a comparable road presence and craftmanship that tells the story of luxury and performance. One will envision what owners experience.

The Bantley Mulsanne by almost real’s detailed dashboard and interior highlights invite wonder; its stance and functioning accessories excite the imagination. Choose your colour and travel in hand built luxury. Fast fact about the Almost Real 1/18 Bentley Mulsanne Speed 2017 Light Emerald/Midnight Emerald : Steerable wheels Doors open Hood opens Trunk open body mostly made with metal working susupension packaged in styrofoam shell

Diecast Car Vintage

Talking about past history is sometimes fun and sometimes sad, all depends on what carvings were formed at that time. Will always be a happy memory in life if the moment that happens is attached to happiness, but otherwise all efforts will be mobilized to forget those memories.

Likewise vehicles, cars in the past will surely have their own memories for their owners, and history is cool to be known, learned, and even owned by collectors. In addition to its historical value, the design of vintage cars classified as exotic and having cars that are rarely owned by other people, the sensations are truly extraordinary, especially if the items are hunting by all collectors in the world, it feels like it has won half the life of this world.

Ferrari Testa Rossa 1/18 by CMC

In the world of car collectors, old cars are categorized into 3 categories, namely Antique, Vintage and Retro.

Antique Car
Antique cars are the longest phase. A car can be said to be antique if it is 100 years old from the current year. If calculated from the present, ancient cars that can be called antiques are those produced at least in 1918.

Vintage car
Vintage cars are divided into two phases, namely before World War II and after World War II. The pre-World War II phase refers to cars produced in the period 1919 to 1930. While the phase after World War II refers to cars produced from 1946 to 1952. But in general an ancient car can be called vintage if it is at least 40 years old.

Retro car
Retro cars are generally cars that are over 20 years old. When referring to the year of production, retro cars are cars produced in the period 1980 to early 1990.

But the definition and use of terminology for ancient cars tends not to be standardized. between antique and vintage in England and Germany can even be different. “If in America even the term historical vehicle, specifically for vehicles produced after 1922. That’s the terminology of the Classic Car Club of America.

Cadillac 1/18 by Hot wheels

And for those of you who are also interested in old-fashioned cars but don’t want to have problems with taxes and maintenance. I think by buying a diecast it is very helpful to slightly quench your thirst. Because we know for ourselves how the tax on ancient cars and their restoration costs and maintenance. You can choose from Jada Toys, Maisto, M2 Machines, Kyosho, Greenlight, Bburago, etc. It all depends on taste, but for the details of vintage cars if DiecastOraSambat is really good from the brand Teeeettttt … Lol.