Autoart Model Cars Lamborghini Aventador Lb Walk Martini Livery by Davis Giovanni

Hello guy’s diecast lovers see me again on this exciting day. I hope that no one is sad today, even if sad, put it on the river first so that the current will be carried away and go away, it’s sadness.

Who likes roadster car models? Well, this time there was a leak that in unusual43 there were diecast model cars 1:18 from Autoart 2019. The number was limited to guys. There were only 36 diecast items for cars. That’s right Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk Roadster Martini Livery by Davis Giovanni.

I myself actually don’t really like roadster cars, but it’s different from the world of diecast or car models. Roadster car models are actually cool and sexy, that’s because all the details of the car models are able to come out all and are able to show the beauty and sexiness of both the exterior and interior curves.

For the Lamborghini Aventador lb walk diecast model cars this is really super cool, the color combination of martinis is well translated by Davis Giovanni in the interior sector. I am very sure all eyes when served the first time these car models must be immediately hypnotized in the interior.

The combination of red and white makes the atmosphere in the cabin feel fresh and passionate. Coupled with the level of detail of the panel, its sexiness also looks tempting. If I describe a woman, she wears a beautiful dress that is able to explore cleavage without exploiting, 😄😀 what is the language, you must be confused? I just wrote it too confused.

The basic material uses resin, so you already know how to treat diecast models of Lamborghini Aventador Lb Walk Martini Livery works by Davis Giovanni. Never put in any place without the display box tightly closed or you can cry for it.

That was a little Autoart diecast reviews from me. If you are a diecast lover, you want to collect it, you can go directly to IG @ unusual43 and ask if there are still no stock items because indeed the number is very limited at 36 pcs

And for those of you who like the small scale diecast cars 1/64 please be patient, because the new diecast models cars 1:18 & 1:43 are coming out. And for the scale 43, you can go to IG @ 118_custom_model

Autoart Ford GT Black Scale 18 Open Pre-Order

Hello, how are you diecast lover? I hope all is well and healthy always. Today there is a diecast shop that opens pre-orders for Ford GT Autoart scale 1/18 scale models from

This Ford GT model is said to have EcoBoost power. Technology to it’s ultra-efficient aerodynamic. The Ford GT is the culmination of everything, great we do at Ford. And it’s the same passion for innovation that can be seen throughout our entire vehicle lineup.

The Teardrop shape of the Ford GT is the result of extensive work in the wind tunnel. It’s carbon fiber body and it’s 647 hp 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine are the ultimate expressions of technological innovation.

The lightweight body is made of carbon fiber. Aluminum structures minimize the weight of the high-strength subframe. Long suspension arms and inboard damper packaging deliver track-capable vehicle dynamics, an example of Ford Performance engineers exploring suspension design for future Ford Performance vehicles.

Designed for speed and performance from the ground up. Whether on the road or on the track, every single element of the Ford GT was designed to deliver the extraordinary speed and exceptional handling found only in purpose-built racing cars.

Competition makes everyone stronger. The ford gt is feared on the track thanks to winning all the way to Le Mans. And since that short of things winds up in the rest of our vehicle, we win the race off the track well.

You already know the advantages of Ford GT, how ready to collect 18-scale Ford GT Autoart model cars that have a slick level of detail and need not be doubted and questioned.

To color this car model using basic black and red Le Mans livery, it looks very fierce and dazzling.

If you are interested, you can directly visit for pre-orders. And ready to be displayed in your room.

Autoart Jaguar E-Type scale 1/18 Most Wanted Classic Cars Modeling

Jaguar through the Jaguar Land Rover Classic division, which sparked the idea of ​​’meeting’ EV technology with classic cars. And the first car chosen as guinea pigs for this project was the Jaguar E-Type.

Jaguar E-Type is a coupe and roadster type sports car from Jaguar which was introduced in 1961. In its time (even today), Jaguar E-Type received appreciation as the most beautiful car in the world, including one admired by Enzo Ferrari who is the founding father Italian sports car brand, Ferrari.

The beauty of Jaguar E-Type is arguably never faded, even though it has been past half a century. And the Jaguar Land Rover Classic is home to classic Jaguar and Land Rover cars that want to be restored, carrying out an exciting mission of making the E-Type relevant to the latest engine technology through the physical synergy of Jaguar E-Type with EV engine technology, the result is Jaguar E-Type Zero.

Jaguar E-Type Zero 2018 uses a body base and chassis from the 1968 Series 1.5 Jaguar E-type Roadster. So that can be said from the exterior of the Jaguar E-Type Zero 2018 is very identical to the Jaguar E-Type Roadster in the era of the 60s, both in appearance to the smallest detail.

Jaguar E-Type Zero 2018 still uses the exact same shape as the old Jaguar E-Type. Starting from the front fascia with a massive air intake and accompanied by a chrome chrome bumper design, the classic jaguar logo accent details are present in the Jaguar E-Type Zero. Interestingly, even though the headlight area still has an ’old school’ design, in fact it has been equipped with LED Headlight technology.

Jaguar E-Type Zero 2018 presents an approach that is as appropriate as the Jaguar E-Type in its time. The use of alloy wheels with a single locking system, doors that can still be locked using ordinary keys, to the canvas roof business, which opens and uses the car’s owner and passenger power. It’s just that in the area of ​​the tank cap that is on the left side is now pinned Type 2 type electric car battery charger port that is universal for all electric cars today.

The rear aft of the Jaguar E-Type Zero 2018 actually makes you confused, because it is really the same as the old Jaguar E-Type. But if your eyes are observant, you will find out about the absence of the car’s exhaust, replaced by a backlight.

Compared to the exterior area, more interior areas were overhauled by the Jaguar Land Rover Classic. There is a meeting of two classic and futuristic design concepts in a balanced and coherent one-sided package.

in the carbon fiber panel dashboard area, it presents a classic style steering wheel with a three cross model with wooden details on the steering wheel. The ‘classic’ element is also present in both seats which are made of both the pattern and material used with the classic Jaguar E-Type

The only truly fundamental changes in the Jaguar E-Type Zero 2018 are changes in the engine sector. Jaguar E-Type Zero 2018 uses an XK330-4 electric engine that uses a 40kWh battery with an electric motor and reduction gear that is placed behind the battery pack, and uses a new drive shaft connected to the differential and final drives.

Interestingly, the Jaguar Land Rover Classic designed the entire EV system on the Jaguar E-Type Zero 2018 completely plug-and-play with the chassis and suspension of the Jaguar E-Type. Even because the old Jaguar E-Type has an XK engine holder which is equally used in XK120, Mk2 and XJ6, it allows the EV system to be applied to the line of this classic Jaguar model produced from 1949-1992.

The price of the Jaguar E-Type Zero 2018 is divided into 2 versions, namely the ‘full’ version and the ‘kit’ version. So, if you buy 1 unit intact Jaguar E-Type Zero 2018 the price can be in the range of £ 300,000. The story is different if you already have a classic Jaguar E-Type, you only need to pay around £ 60,000 to buy a ‘machine’ and convert from a gasoline engine to a hybrid.

All of the above are the original car version stories, and for those of you who also want to collect them in the miniature model you can also get them. Because one of the branding models of cars has been reduced to a scale of 18, especially if it’s not the Autoart Model Jaguar E-Type.

So for those of you who are really focused or really like the collection of aristocratic model cars, then immediately get and collect Jaguar E-type Autoart Models. For the price of Autoart the Jaguar E-type model you can get around US $ 357.35

Ford GT LM Race Car Spec II Gran Turismo modeling cars by Autoart

Just yesterday we discussed the Gran Turismo car, haven’t breathed and have already met again with the casting model cars Gran Turismo. If yesterday we talked about the J34 Nissan JDM Skyline GT-R car this time we will tell you about the Modern American Muscle Ford GT LM Race Car Spec II Gran Turismo.

This item is from Autoart at scale 18, the design is exactly the same as the one in Gran Turismo. The white color shows that the car model is calm but it bites strongly. The power is seen from the Le Mans livery scratches, which are truly phenomenal and identical. The selection of the alloy wheels was very handsome, coupled with a band of rubber tires bearing Eagle Goodyears.

This Ford GT car production in 2005-2006 was short of breath the life of this car. Afterwards, suspended animation and revived in 2016-now with a form of design that does not deviate too far or change revolutionary. Ok, let’s peel the Ford GT car from the grandfather, the Ford GT40.

Talking about the Ford GT, of course not if we don’t discuss the ‘grandfather’, which is a Ford GT40. This Ford GT40 is arguably one of the Ford Motor Company products that was successful in racing. Because since its first appearance in 1964, he has managed to win many endurance racing competitions.

Ford GT40 was deliberately made by Ford to revenge his defeat with Ferrari at the endurance race. Ford GT40 itself produced not up to 150 units, only 105 units were recorded Ford GT40 this car was ever made. The manufacturing period is also only 5 years.

36 years after its first presence, Ford Motor Company felt missed and wanted to revive a historic car for the blue oval manufacturer. So in 2005 the sheath of the first generation Ford GT was opened. Suddenly, this first generation Ford GT received a warm welcome from the racing enthusiast.

The nostalgia for Ford’s sensational victory at 36 years ago returned to the surface. So it’s not surprising, many of the racing lovers look forward to the presence of this car in the racing arena.

The first generation Ford GT itself comes with a retro classic nuance approach, you just look at the design of the car as a whole, it is very flavorful, the legendary competition car, the Ford GT40. GT itself is an acronym for the Grand Touring. Although the shape is almost the same as the GT40, but in dimensions it is different from the successor of the Ford GT40.

This first generation Ford GT is 76 mm taller than the great-grandmother. However, even though the retro classic aura remains thick on the cars that have been produced as many as 4,038 units.

Unlike the grandfather of the Ford GT40 which carries a 4,700 cc engine with a middle engine layout and uses V8 navigation, for this first generation Ford GT holds a 5,400 cc engine with supercharged forced air induction. The engine layout in the middle makes the distribution of weight almost perfect, so it can improve the control of the Ford GT.

Powerful engine, the cabin is thick with aura of racing and retro, making this first-generation Ford GT quite a lot of appreciation.

After knowing how the history of the Ford GT, do you move your heart to collect collections from Autoart Ford GT LM Race Car Spec II Gran Turismo? If you like the 64 scale, you can get Hotwheels Gran Turismo series hunting. But if you like a good level of detail and a large scale of 18, then casting this model car from Autoart is worthy of you.

For the price because this is not a new item depending on the seller, but for the picture it might be at US $ 210, How are you ready to pack diecast lovers Ford GT LM Race Car Spec II Gran Turismo?

Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Gran Turismo Playstation 2 by Autoart

Grand Turismo is a very cool race that is almost certainly played in addition to the winning eleven games on PS one. Even at that time I never knew that there was another racing game besides Gran Turismo.

But indeed I myself began to leave and forget about it after the Need For Speed ​​game series. Moreover, the Need For Speed ​​series continues to fill with different challenges and different stories, so the desire to follow it also never fades.

Not to compare because this game type is different even though in one lane, that is racing sport. Gran Turismo you can feel how to become a professional racer and also feel the real situation of driving a car with a well-known brand in a virtual position. While Need For Speed ​​you play the role of the character with a storyline, not to feel the full state of the virtual car that can be told in the real world.

Why do I tell stories about games? Hahaha because this thread will talk about the Nissan Skyline GTR R34 Gran Turismo so that the old memory when playing PS appeared again.

Nissan Skyline GTR R34 Gran Turismo has actually appeared and was introduced early by Hot Wheels with a scale of 64 on the Gran Turismo Series 2018. In the Bundle set, there are 8 types of cars. Which consists of Nissan GTR R34, Lancer Evo X, Corvette Stingray 14 ‘, Renault Megane Trophy, BMW M4, Ford GT, McLaren F1 GTR, Renault Sport RS.

And now for those of you who want to get the Nissan Skyline GTR R34 Gran Turismo which has a better level of detail and a slightly larger scale, then you can collect from the Autoart brand. Yes, we don’t need to ask for the level of detail from Autoart, but for the Nissan Skyline GTR R34, this isn’t as scalable as I usually write, for this item the scale is 1/43. Downgrade details must be on a smaller scale but it is still certain that the level of detail for the Nissan Skyline GTR R34 Gran Turismo from Autoart is worth collecting.

For the price, it is also still affordable, not too painful to breathe because the bag is drained. The price for this Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Gran Turismo ranges from US $106.

How do Diecast Lover’s buddies want to make Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Gran Turismo Playstation 2 your latest collection? This is a rare collection, although I don’t know how many of these items are produced. But until now I haven’t seen much of this collection displayed on forums or social media.

Nissan R390 GT1 the last generation of Autoart metal diecast

Today we talk about rare cars and limited model cars. Yes, we talk about the Nissan R390 GT1 car produced in 1997 and only for the needs of racing, the 24-hour endurance test.

When talking about artistic value, this car clearly does not have at all that beauty, even though this car is in the category of a supercar but lacks aesthetic value. But for cars in the year 97 it must be the dream of the racers to be able to appear at the race with him.

But for collectors, this car clearly wants to be owned and collected. Aside from being the most rational outlet because this model car is the last generation of metal diecast models from Autoart, so rumors. Autoart is the one who came to quench the thirst of collectors all over the world. Comes on a scale of 18 and also with an extraordinary level of detail. All sectors can be translated very well.

The sector that is the most superior among all of the models for the Nissan R390 GT1 cars is the engine parts. Here each part is highlighted all without exception, starting from the body engine, cables, shock breakers, hooks, pipes and all that are united in it. Even the tires with the type of rubber racing for dry race.

Do not forget the roll bar is also embedded in this model car. Here, too, is clearly visible in the retro racing style steering wheel. But there is one question here, namely what lever is next to the right seat, is that a handbreak? Maybe if any of you are indeed a racer, can you help explain it.

Well now we continue the story a little about the action of the Nissan R390 GT1 in the real world. The Nissan R390 GT1 was built in Atsugi Japan in 97. It was only produced by two pieces, and one of them was stored at the Zuma Nissan facility. This car has a maximum speed of 220 mph. This car uses a 3.5L VRH25Z V8 engine that comes from the Nissan R89C which is further developed into a 3.5L VRH25L engine.

Mechanical design and aerodynamics is done by Tony Southgate who is also a Jaguar XJR-9 designer and Yutaka Hagiwara from Nissan. The result of this collaboration is quite sweet, which is able to put the Nissan R390 GT1 in the top ten in the 24 hours race of Le Mans.

Obviously this is a remarkable achievement for Japanese cars in the prestigious 24 hours of Le Mans, which is dominated by European cars such as Mercedes, BMW and Porsche.

Lamborghini Centenario Autoart Scale 18 Car Model

This month, Autoart seems to spawn a Lamborghini Centenario car model with 2 colors at once, red and yellow. Original product without modification, scale 18.

The yellow color for me is very tempting and charming when compared to the red one, but it feels like it. Wheel rims that are so good and artistic plus round yellow sweeteners are able to remove the character of the wheel whose base is wrapped in carbon.

Judging from the upholstery, it’s beautiful and charming. An artistic carved black base with yellow accents. In addition, the dashboard is very appetizing, as seen here, the dashboard is wrapped in vinyl and given a yellow accent.

The really cool and striking thing is the spoiler. Spoilers can be displayed and hidden like the original version of Centenario. Even hinges & hydraulics look real, not just as a support.

One more thing to forget to explain here is that the top car models can be removed, so you can be more flexible to make a full sports display or roadster display.

In the engine sector, it does not look fierce because the appearance of the engine on Lamborghini looks neat. And this is also followed in this car model without changing or modifying it.

For functional models, all Lamborghini Centenario cars function properly. From the trunk, engine hood, doors, wheels, a steering wheel that is able to turn right and left, and shock absorbers.

How are the diecast lovers friends is this product model of the autoart lamborghini Centenario car ready for you to make a collection? Choose red or yellow, please follow your taste.

Autoart Model Car Koenigsegg One:1 Scale 18 Super Collection

How are you diecast lovers, how are you guys today. Sorry all day yesterday DiecastOraSambat was not absent here because there was a very important state affair lol.

Today there is a pretty interesting story especially hyper car fans. It turns out that the Autoart brand has released the Koenigsegg One car model: 1. All functional models of this car function properly. The details per section are very good. The thing I always like for this car auto art model is on the hinge and hydraulic parts.

We know that the Koenigsegg One door: 1 opens outside before spinning it up, this functional is also applied well by Autoart. Then on the trunk and engine cover, if the original version is able to open softly due to hydraulic. So in this scenario there is also hydraulic. And the hinges are not made as tight as they are, but according to the details of the car.

For color choices, Autoart presents 3 colors, namely Blue, Silver and white. But if I tell you to choose, I really like the white color. The combination of white, black and red looks very sporty but still able to bring the impression of elegance.

Oh yeah bro, this scale model of the Koenigsegg One: 1 car can also be used as a roadster model because the top can be removed, but the disadvantages are only on the side glass that can’t be lowered as at 1/8. If there are other details such as disc brakes, calipers, shock, exhaust, engine, dashboard panel, seat, etc., I say very well.

We need to know too. In a trial on June 8, 2015 conducted at the Angelholm, Sweden test circuit, the Koenigsegg One: 1 managed to break the record for acceleration. From 0 to 300 kilometers per hour, then back to 0, the car only requires 17.95 seconds. The Koenigsegg One: 1 carries a 5.0L aluminum V8 engine, 4 valves per cylinder, outputs 1MW at 7500rpm, and a maximum torque of 1371 at 6000rpm. Its weight ratio is designed very precisely, so as to produce one horsepower in one kilogram. The number is the ‘dream’ equation because it was previously considered impossible to achieve. Development of One: 1 is the most exclusive program in automotive history.

The design itself is very neat, has two benches with doors that open up. His body is made from a combination of carbon fiber and kevlar material, combined with an F1-style honeycomb chassis plus an integrated gas tank. Plus half a tank of pure gasoline, weighing only 1,360 kilograms. This Koenigsegg One only produced 6 units.

So to get your thirst for this Koenigsegg One Car you can turn it into Autoart Model Car Koenigsegg One: 1 Scale 18.

Autoart Nissan GTR Hakosuka Full Black

Back again with DiecastOraSambat, talking about a retro car is really cool, bro. There are always stories and stories to know and remember. Even beautiful memories always tell stories to create happiness.

This time Autoart Nissan GTR is here to tell the story of his ferocity on the racing circuit by wrapping his full black shirt.

For car lovers, the word GT-R has become a word that is synonymous with speed. It started with the Nissan Skyline GT-R which is indeed one of the legendary JDM cars that has no doubt about its performance. This series is increasingly known to the world thanks to its popular trio, Skyline R32, R33, and R34 GT-R.

GT-R itself is an acronym for Gran Turismo Racer. This name code is used by Nissan for the highest caste of the Skyline model. In addition, the name also aims to lift sales where western producers began giving special name codes for their car’s performance series.

Nissan did make the GT-R series a series of their flagship performance. Hakosuka was included in the touring car racing championship. The results are amazing. This classic Japanese car won 49 times in a row. An achievement that carved out early history for the big name of the GT-R. The victory also makes Hakosuka as one of the legendary classic car icons in Japanese automotive history. Unfortunately, in the 50th championship this car surrendered to the Mazda RX 3 which was reportedly caused by a mechanical error.

Apart from all that, Autoart apparently also wants to revive the glory of the Hakosuka Nissan GTR through its collection which is ready to be released. This Casting Modeling Car is amazing when viewed from front to back. It is not necessary for us to talk about looking for negative value gaps from this product, but it’s best to talk about the uniqueness of the 18-scale Autoart Model Cars Nissan GTR.

The uniqueness lies in the trunk of the Nissan GTR Hakosuka. How not unique, if the baggage is usually to fill equipment items and even tires. But not for this Autoart Model Nissan GTR Hakosuka version. That is, there is a box that looks like a fuel tank and also a hose next to the rear glass follows the groove.

Plus the muffler is directed out sideways in the middle body, where the original I know Nissan GTR muffler appears on the back. Then the location of the radiator installation is hung in front so that the naked looks look cool and finally the dunlop on all the wheels is yellow, so that it can become a breaker of the color composition of the Autoartuka Nissan GTR Hakosuka models.

For you Skyline lovers, I take your advice and make it your collection. Do not be late.