Bburago Ferrari FXX K Evo Scale 1:18

Flashback first about the story of ferries in childhood. In the past, if you gathered with your friends and you have a sports car, you don’t care what the branding is, as long as red sports and 2 doors are definitely called Ferrari.

The word that still remembers until now is “wow has this ferocious car fermenter, it looks like an airplane,” how happy it is, even though the toy is only plastic and does not have a good level of detail, as long as the ferries seem to belong to the world.

Believing that he doesn’t believe when crying even if there is a Ferrari prize, he immediately stops crying and is busy with the ferries.

The strength of Ferrari’s branding in the past, so the name alone can make children happy. But growing up Ferrari’s name was not able to provide happiness but on the contrary, because finally realized that this car was clearly impossible to obtain even if it had to work hard.

Finally, to get a bit of thirst for Ferrari, we have to go back to the world of children, but with an adult perspective, Ferris Diecast is the answer. Although to get diecast ferries also make a holey bag, but at least still able to buy with the money that sometimes must be collected for 3-5 months.

And this is the time for the Ferrari FXXK Diecast to come from the Bburago brand, which is ready to make your pockets empty immediately. Comes with a scale of 18 that has a sufficient level of detail, just look at Lol …
But if you see from the outside, this product is good enough to collect. Because it can be said that the price is still affordable for a size of 1:18 even the price is almost balanced with the 1:64 Ignition Model.

But to be honest the Bburago FXXK Evo cars model is good enough both exterior and interior but not for those who want the exact same model. Because collectors like that who play in Scala 18 can be categorized as super premium players. I can say the original car in the garage itself was in the premium class car category.

Return to Ferrari’s FXXK Evo Diecast Bburago, but for those of you who really want the Ferrari FXXK Evo product, yes you have to choose Bburago. Because it’s definitely not there if you are looking for IGM and even AM because since 2015 Bburago holds exclusive Diecast Ferrari rights. Obviously, this super premium collector is the biggest disappointment because Bburago doesn’t present it perfectly. But this also cannot be blamed, because Bburago wants all units to be able to be bought by all collectors. So that many people are able to realize their dreams of having a Ferrari car even though it is only diecast.

If only Bburago also presented the Evo Diecast Ferrari FXXK with the level of God, then certainly many people who lost their happiness, because the original Car could not afford to be bought, the Model Cars were also vanished. Then where to go to look for happiness.

We must also say thank you to Bburago because it is still able to make us all happy smiles for its products, Ferrari FXXK Evo.