Kyosho Minicar Toys Renault Alpine A110 1973 Monte Carlo and Tour de Corse

What brand of car first appeared in your mind when you heard the word ‘rally’?


Alpine? Although it is indeed the first four most famous names in the history of the WRC (World Rally Championship) with their legendary rally cars (Impreza, Stratos / Delta, Lancer Evo, Celica), the last name, Alpine, seems less well-known. I myself just knew what Alpine was. And now, the Alpine A110 is included in one of my favorite classic cars.

The relationship with the rally? Alpine was the winner of the first season of the WRC, in 1973. What is actually Alpine? And now where? How come it’s never seen?

it’s time for history. Alpine’s journey begins with Jean Rédélé. Rédélé, who in 1950 was the youngest Renault dealer, decided to plunge into the rally world by using the Renault 4CV, a supermini car designed quietly during World War II. 4CV was actually designed as a people’s car, a kind of VW Beetle (having a rear engine), but thanks to its modification, Rédélé won several prestigious events such as the win class at the Mille Miglia and Coupe des Alpes.

Thanks to its success in the rally world, and coupled with requests from customers, Rédélé decided to make a car that was specifically for the race. By continuing to take the base of 4CV, but with a new body made of fiberglass, Alpine A106, Alpine’s first car, was created. The Alpine name is taken from the name of the Rédélé rally that followed before, the Coupe des Alpes, or in English, Alpine Rally.

In 1961 Alpine A110 was born, and from here Alpine’s golden age began. Following the two predecessor cars, the A110 also took components from Renault’s ‘ordinary’ cars, this time from the Renault R8. The A110 capability is immediately proven in the IMC rally competition (International Manufacturer’s Championship), a rally that became the forerunner of the WRC. In the first season of the IMC in 1970, Alpine finished second, behind Porsche.

In the second season of IMC, Alpine won the IMC title from the hands of Porsche. Porsche did not even get the second winner that fell to Saab. The IMC became the WRC in 1973, and at the first WRC rally in Monaco, all places on the podium were filled by A110 riders. At the end of the season, Alpine managed to collect 147 points, far leaving Fiat in second place with 84 points.

How do you know the greatness of the Classic Alpine A110 Legend, of course the Legend must be collected at home. There is good news for those of you who want to collect the legend because the Kyosho brand has released the Alpine A110 Legend with a scale of 1/18 2 versions at the same time, the first version of the Renault Alpine A110 1973 Tour de Corse and the second Monte Carlo.

For the price, it is officially priced at the number US $ 203,11-219,36. So how are you diecast lovers? Ready for hunting and collection of items from Brand Kyosho with Renault Alpine A110 1973 Monte Carlo and Tour de Corse items