MINI COOPER Liberty Walk Collection Scale 1/18 Resin Modeling

Hello diecast lover’s, there is good news for you guys who really like mini cooper cars. Here is the item casting model of Liberty Walk cars which is quite cool and interesting, because I myself have never seen Liberty Walk modifying a Mini Cooper car.

Even though the original version doesn’t yet exist, it doesn’t matter. In fact this could be an illustration for my friend who has the original version if you want to change the look of the mini cooper if modified overfender. It turns out that the mini still able to look cute, and very interesting.

For the Cars Walk Cooper Liberty Walk Mini Model there are 5 variants of modified colors, namely:
• MINI Cooper Libertywalk red with 2 tonenya. Namely the base color is red while the top is black.

• MINI Cooper Libertywalk with livery Advan rollbar uses red black alloy wheels

• MINI Cooper Libertywalk with Zero Fighter livery, a very famous and iconic livery. Livery fighter during World War. Rims use black, the rollbar is also black.

• MINI Cooper Libertywalk with its own livery which is very well understood and understood, namely the sunrise. Here there are 2 colors namely light and dark grayscale. For the last one this is really absurd, bro 😄

The MINI Cooper Libertywalk comes in a scale of 18 and is made from resin. If you have this collection, you have to be extra careful, bro, rather than crying overnight like a song. Indeed the basic ingredients of resin have a very neat level of detail, detail, & real. But his biggest weakness is he is fragile against chaotic hands.

For the price of Casting Model Cars is priced at US $ 329-449 each model has a different amount of production.

The advan livery produced 10 pcs, the red color also 10 pcs, zero fighter 10 pcs, LB greyscale bright 20 pcs, the dark 99 pcs.

If you are interested, you can check and contact Unusual43 directly, based in Singapore. But if you have a place for sale, please contact them directly, and immediately get the MINI Cooper Liberty Walk collection.

oh yes, I forgot to tell you all that every purchase of this MINI Cooper Liberty Walk item you also get a signature directly from Wataru Kato the owner of Liberty Walk. This is in accordance with information from the unusual 43 parties and also the existing images.

Lamborghini Gallardo Liberty Walk Zero Fighter Scale 1/18 Model Cars

It feels like we just discussed yesterday the Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador Monster Energy, now the Liberty Walk Model Car has appeared in the Lamborghini Gallardo Zero Fighter. If seen from the release it is clear that Gallardo is far ahead of the automotive world before the Lamborghini Aventador. But for the world of car models, I think this is the first product of the Liberty Walk.

Comes on a scale of 18, the Lamborghini Gallardo Model Car is released in limited edition. But clearly, I don’t know whether this limited is for the whole world or the ration from the shop. Seen at unusual43 shop, there is a limited number of 15 pcs. I tried checking on the google page, apparently no one has written about the sale of the Lamborghini Gallardo Zero Fighter.

If you are really a big fan of Lamborghini and also a modified style of the Liberty Walk, you should go to because the stock is only 15pcs, and immediately follow the Pre Order. Be the first group to have the Lamborghini Gallardo Zero Fighter Liberty Walk collection or you can be the first and only 15 people to have the Lamborghini Gallardo Liberty Walk Zero Fighter model car collection.

But does anyone understand about zero fighter itself? This is just my own assumption about zero fighter. We know that the Liberty Walk comes from Japan, possibly the Liberty Walk retainer Wataru Kato wants the Zero Fighter’s spirit value for one of his modification styles.

To just know the Zero Fighter is a long-range fighter owned by the Japanese empire. The Japanese name for this plane is Rei-shiki kanjō sentōki. When it began operations in World War II, Zero was considered the most powerful aircraft-based aircraft carrier in the world, thanks to its excellent maneuverability and very far flying range. In the early days of its operations, Zero gained a legendary reputation as a plane for air combat. And finally, in the last years of the Pacific War, Zero was used in kamikaze operations.

This spirit and legend might be the name of the Zero Fighter by Wataru Kato as a force of style modification over its fenders. But remember it’s just my assumption. If you want to explain, try asking Wataru Kato, I’ll be whispered later, bro.

Back again to the Lamborghini Gallardo Liberty Walk Zero Fighter car model, remember this is Pre Oder’s first day. Don’t regret that until Pre Order doesn’t need one day it’s closed because the quota is full, plus this is the work of Davis & Giovanni, so let’s hurry up bro!

Liberty Walk Model Car Lamborghini Aventador Monster Energy

Liberty Walk Models Car Lamborghini A Monster Energy Aventador has been made since 2017 in March. But until now I don’t know who has the right to sell. Or is the 18-scale Lamborghini Aventador Monster Energy Liberty Walk car model made only for Lamborgini Aventador Car owners, the Monster Energy Liberty Walk.

But Diecast OraSambat itself is actually currently on a pivot that has a scale of 64 and the selling right is in LB work. But I don’t know for the scale of 18. Because I myself don’t know yet for the scale 64 this limited production is the same as the previous one or not. Because for the Liberty Walk Models Lamborghini Aventador and Huracan at that time each was only produced 999 pcs.

So for the version of Monster Energy actually the same as the custom style, it’s just Monster Energy’s livery with the base color Black and off. For the scale of 18 it might be holding Autoart because the photo tag from the Masahiro gallery is listed as Autoart. And it turns out that Model Cars Liberty Walk is handmade. This is in accordance with the title credit in the box, which is written in the box hand made product.

Even though yesterday I was disappointed in the product Aventador because there was a carelessness in painting the details on the rear grill, but it was still tolerable because it was made handmade. You can check out the Review of Lamborgini Aventador Liberty Walk scale 64.

I hope that for the Lamborgini Liberty Walk Models the Monster Energy Aventador has no more errors, able to produce detailed and neat models of cars just like the Lamborghini Huracannya. You can check out the Review of Liberty Walk Lamborghini Huracan scale 64.

And it turns out that bro has been produced and sold in general for its 18 scale. The scale 18 product has been reviewed on youtube Robs Model Cars. It’s been relieved, of course, that you are indeed collecting scale 18, because it was sold publicly not for the private collection of the owner of Lamborghini.

And if you want to also see the process of making Lb Work Lamborghini Aventador Monster Energy, Diecast OraSambat is a little gallery directly from IG Masahiro Tanaka.