Bburago Ferrari FXX K Evo Scale 1:18

Flashback first about the story of ferries in childhood. In the past, if you gathered with your friends and you have a sports car, you don’t care what the branding is, as long as red sports and 2 doors are definitely called Ferrari.

The word that still remembers until now is “wow has this ferocious car fermenter, it looks like an airplane,” how happy it is, even though the toy is only plastic and does not have a good level of detail, as long as the ferries seem to belong to the world.

Believing that he doesn’t believe when crying even if there is a Ferrari prize, he immediately stops crying and is busy with the ferries.

The strength of Ferrari’s branding in the past, so the name alone can make children happy. But growing up Ferrari’s name was not able to provide happiness but on the contrary, because finally realized that this car was clearly impossible to obtain even if it had to work hard.

Finally, to get a bit of thirst for Ferrari, we have to go back to the world of children, but with an adult perspective, Ferris Diecast is the answer. Although to get diecast ferries also make a holey bag, but at least still able to buy with the money that sometimes must be collected for 3-5 months.

And this is the time for the Ferrari FXXK Diecast to come from the Bburago brand, which is ready to make your pockets empty immediately. Comes with a scale of 18 that has a sufficient level of detail, just look at Lol …
But if you see from the outside, this product is good enough to collect. Because it can be said that the price is still affordable for a size of 1:18 even the price is almost balanced with the 1:64 Ignition Model.

But to be honest the Bburago FXXK Evo cars model is good enough both exterior and interior but not for those who want the exact same model. Because collectors like that who play in Scala 18 can be categorized as super premium players. I can say the original car in the garage itself was in the premium class car category.

Return to Ferrari’s FXXK Evo Diecast Bburago, but for those of you who really want the Ferrari FXXK Evo product, yes you have to choose Bburago. Because it’s definitely not there if you are looking for IGM and even AM because since 2015 Bburago holds exclusive Diecast Ferrari rights. Obviously, this super premium collector is the biggest disappointment because Bburago doesn’t present it perfectly. But this also cannot be blamed, because Bburago wants all units to be able to be bought by all collectors. So that many people are able to realize their dreams of having a Ferrari car even though it is only diecast.

If only Bburago also presented the Evo Diecast Ferrari FXXK with the level of God, then certainly many people who lost their happiness, because the original Car could not afford to be bought, the Model Cars were also vanished. Then where to go to look for happiness.

We must also say thank you to Bburago because it is still able to make us all happy smiles for its products, Ferrari FXXK Evo.

Military Diecast Perfect Model Set

If when the countries in the world show the greatness of their defense equipment there is nothing in your mind to have and collect it? I think it must be there, especially if you have so much money to buy it. But even though we are rich in imagination to have it, it is certainly impossible to do it. Yes, because of the different uses. The state defense equipment can only be owned by the state to support its military power.

And to satisfy the desire to have defense equipment the only way is to collect military diecast, such as panzers, tanks, helicopters, planes, trucks, submarines, aircraft carriers and so on. Even many artist dioramas are focused on military matters, and the works are extraordinary. Many are able to apply their imagination in real works with the support of military diecast.

But do you know what the military defense system is, Alutsista is the main tool of the Army weapons system that is used for the purposes of national defense determined by the Minister of Defense based on input from the Army Commander.

Procurement of defense equipment is carried out by the defense industry, defense equipment industry and the domestic almatsus industry. Procurement of defense equipment as much as possible directly from trusted manufacturers and cooperating with industry and or domestic research institutions.
Further provisions regarding guidelines and procedures for procurement of defense equipment are regulated by the Minister of Defense while remaining guided by procurement values ​​as stipulated in the Presidential Regulation.

In implementing Alutsista Procurement, the Minister of Defense can form a coordination team consisting of elements of the Ministry of Defense.

And to just know the 5 great Alutsista forces that exist in the world today

  1. Sukhoi SU 35 Flanker
    Sukhoi SU-35 itself is a multiplane and heavyweight fighter that can travel long distances. This aircraft is owned and produced by Russia
  2. Leopard 2 tanks
    Leopard 2 tank which is an Alutsista made by Rheimentall Germany. Leopard 2 is the main military-owned battle tank that was developed since 1970 and was used in 1979.

This tank has a 120mm L44 cannon weapon system that was owned in the previous tank, except that it has air conditioning behind the bustle.

  1. Submarine 209
    The 209/1400 class submarine that was built in South Korea, the great thing is that this ship is capable of sailing more than 50 days and accommodates 40 crew, and is armed with Italian Black Shark torpedoes.

This submarine weighs 1,280 tons when diving and weighs 1,400 tons when it appears on the surface.

  1. Apache helicopter
    The Apache 64 EE helicopter is considered one of the helicopters that has sophisticated features. One unit of the helicopter costs 41 million US dollars

The greatness of this helicopter is to have an extended-range fuel tank that makes it have mileage and endurance.

  1. Anoa Panzer
    This armored vehicle is an Indonesian Pindad Production Equipment. In fact, Malaysia has purchased 32 defense equipment.

The Panzer is a Renault engine that has been tested for quality by NATO, which is included in its advanced level III defense equipment.

Autoart Nissan GTR Hakosuka Full Black

Back again with DiecastOraSambat, talking about a retro car is really cool, bro. There are always stories and stories to know and remember. Even beautiful memories always tell stories to create happiness.

This time Autoart Nissan GTR is here to tell the story of his ferocity on the racing circuit by wrapping his full black shirt.

For car lovers, the word GT-R has become a word that is synonymous with speed. It started with the Nissan Skyline GT-R which is indeed one of the legendary JDM cars that has no doubt about its performance. This series is increasingly known to the world thanks to its popular trio, Skyline R32, R33, and R34 GT-R.

GT-R itself is an acronym for Gran Turismo Racer. This name code is used by Nissan for the highest caste of the Skyline model. In addition, the name also aims to lift sales where western producers began giving special name codes for their car’s performance series.

Nissan did make the GT-R series a series of their flagship performance. Hakosuka was included in the touring car racing championship. The results are amazing. This classic Japanese car won 49 times in a row. An achievement that carved out early history for the big name of the GT-R. The victory also makes Hakosuka as one of the legendary classic car icons in Japanese automotive history. Unfortunately, in the 50th championship this car surrendered to the Mazda RX 3 which was reportedly caused by a mechanical error.

Apart from all that, Autoart apparently also wants to revive the glory of the Hakosuka Nissan GTR through its collection which is ready to be released. This Casting Modeling Car is amazing when viewed from front to back. It is not necessary for us to talk about looking for negative value gaps from this product, but it’s best to talk about the uniqueness of the 18-scale Autoart Model Cars Nissan GTR.

The uniqueness lies in the trunk of the Nissan GTR Hakosuka. How not unique, if the baggage is usually to fill equipment items and even tires. But not for this Autoart Model Nissan GTR Hakosuka version. That is, there is a box that looks like a fuel tank and also a hose next to the rear glass follows the groove.

Plus the muffler is directed out sideways in the middle body, where the original I know Nissan GTR muffler appears on the back. Then the location of the radiator installation is hung in front so that the naked looks look cool and finally the dunlop on all the wheels is yellow, so that it can become a breaker of the color composition of the Autoartuka Nissan GTR Hakosuka models.

For you Skyline lovers, I take your advice and make it your collection. Do not be late.

Ignition Models Honda Civic EG6 Pandem New Colours

Good news is that you are coming back for you JDM lovers, especially with Pandem modifications, now the Ignition Model is revealing itself with Honda EG6 Pandem products with resin-based casting models.

Honda Civic EG6 Pandem from Igntion this model shows 4 color casting models and 2 color wheels. What makes it cool is that besides you get the Honda Civic EG6 Pandem car model which in fact is in the retro car category, you also get a neat and harmonious look at the JDM retro 90’s wheels. This is truly the perfect package. Display Model Cars Honda Civic EG6 is also very charming with retro and neo collaboration.

The distinctive feature of the Pandem modification is very thick when presenting this Honda Civic EG6 Pandem. A wide body kit that is very cool and looks very harmonious is able to create a dashing but still flowing character. A wide and challenging spoiler like a scorpion adds strength to fill the back of the Honda Civic EG6 hatchback.

The display of delinquents was slightly shown on the front by intentionally removing the fog lamp so that it looked hollow in that section, coupled with the manufacture of a grill for radiator ventilation and also the front winglet made the front display fierce but smooth.

In the interior there seemed to be seen using a racing seat from the bride brand while for the roll bar it was still vague, but if it turns out the roll bar isn’t there, as usual you can still modify it to make it more stable and according to taste.

Overall, the Ignition Model Honda Civic EG6 Pandem model cars have been very extraordinary. And there is only one word for you JDM retro lovers to get this collection secure in your storefront.

The warning should not be too long to think, because this model car is in demand. If it was too late, the hopes of collecting the Ignition cars model Honda Civic EG6 Pandem vanished

Ignition Model Mazda Savanna RX3 Scale 18

JDM lover’s let’s all come here, there is a Diecast that you need to collect. JDM retro that can make life more passionate and shaking-shaking. This diecast is perfect for JDM fans and Retro fans.

But it needs to be underlined first, this diecast comes on a 1/18 scale, sorry for 1/64 scale fans. This product from the Ignition model comes with a 1/18 Mazda Savanna scale. For fans of Mazda this must be a breath of fresh air because indeed all this time that has always been released by Mazda RX7, so the desire to add to your diecast collection must be fasting long.

The 1974 1/18 Scale Savanna Mazda model comes with 4 colors, namely orange, black, matte black, and orange.

Mazda Savanna. Basic machines are the same as RX2 only with different packages. RX3 is also quite outstanding where Mazda was able to win the Fuji 500, the 1972 Japanese Grand Prix and claimed to have won more than 500 titles until 1976 and competed with the Nissan Skyline. In Australia, the RX3 is very well known on racing tracks whether it’s a circuit or Drag Race Track. In many RX3 classes it dominates the kangaroo country.

Two types of engines were created for RX3 namely 12A, with a performance of 120 hp and 10 seconds for 0-100 km / h and 12B with optimal power of 198 hp for the racing version. In addition to Australia his achievements are quite brilliant also in America where he won the IMSA and Road Atlanta.

For those who have more money want to buy the original, there is a whisper from the coffee shop next door if the Mazda RX3 car can be fitted with the Mazda RX7 Car engine. Extraordinary steady is certainly not right, the feel of retro power can be savage.

For me, if I told you to buy the original one, I immediately lifted the white flag from the beginning, the outlet was obviously buying diecast for collection. Moreover, this product from the Ignition Model should not be missed to be collected. How about you guys, bro? Let’s get the 1/18 scale product from Ignition Mazda Savanna RX3.

Ignition Model Nissan 180SX Rocket Bunny

Talking about Nissan Sport sports cars is always very cool when modified. Even the character of this car is able to come out and be well exposed, especially if it is grounded in a superior modification house. Now this time the Ignition model is replicating the Rocket Bunny car model, Nissan 180SX Hatchback Sports Car.

The original version of the Nissan 180SX was actually pretty good for that year’s sports car. But thanks to the Rocket Bunny body kit this car has become a true character that should have existed when he was born.

Nissan 180SX comes in three main iterations: first released in 1989, the second from 1991 to 1995, and the third which ended production in December 1998.

The first 180SX iteration comes in two versions called Type I (standard type) and Type II (advanced type). The Nissan HICAS II four-wheel steering system is optional only on Type II 180SX. All versions have a CA18DET engine with 175 hp. The 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmission are available in all types.

The second 180SX iteration was released in January 1991 and included several major changes from the first model. This includes the SR20DET engine with 202 hp. Although the engine is bigger than the previous CA18DET engine, the ‘180SX’ nomenclature still exists. The brakes are enlarged and the limited slip differential is added. The front bumper and interior are also redesigned. Type I and Type II are once again offered with different trims that only separate the two. The 15-inch alloy wheels also changed in the design of the first model. Super HICAS Nissan four-wheel drive is an option on all models such as 5-speed manual transmission and 4-speed automatic.

The facelifted second iteration in January 1992. Although most cars remained unchanged visually and mechanically, an additional trim level called Type III was added. Electronic climate control and audio CDs are also added as options.

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Auto World Diecast Ghostbuster

Do you still remember ghost films that are very legendary, even the cartoon films are always awaited every evening in front of the TV screen. Films that are very popular with children throughout the world, especially if it’s not Ghosbuster.

Ghostbusters film was released first in 1984 written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis and gain success and praise. With a budget of US $ 30 million, the film will gain a box office of up to US $ 242 million.

In addition, the film ‘Ghostbusters’ (1984) managed to get two 57th Academy Awards nominations for the category of Best Visual Effects and Best Original Song for the theme song.

The success of ‘Ghostbusters’ (1984) was repeated in the sequel, ‘Ghostbusters II’ (1989) which was still played and worked on by the first film crew. The film consumes a budget of US $ 35 million and gets a box office of up to US $ 215.4 million.

The next sequel, ‘Ghostbusters III: Hellbent’ had wanted to be worked on in 1999 with Dan Aykroyd returning to the writing desk. But the project was never completed and realized.

Moreover, Bill Murray admitted in 2004 that he was reluctant to return to ‘Ghostbusters III’. Plus, in 2014, Ivan Reitman resigned from the project after Harold Ramis died.

In 2016, a re-project from Ghostbusters was released by replacing all ghost hunters to become women. The film with a budget of US $ 144 million, which was worked on by Paul Feig, earned a US $ 229.1 million box office with the original players becoming fame.

Very amazing movie right, bro? Wait, have you watched yet the Ghosbuster Film released in 2016 yesterday? Certainly, a movie that is very difficult to forget.

Like the Ghosbuster film, the vehicle for its operation is also not easy to forget especially if it is not the Cadillac Eldorado in 1959, this car is one of the iconic cars on Hollywood Film. For those of you who want to collect it, the Autoworld brand has prepared it for you, 1/18 vintage scale Cadillac Eldorado Ghosbuster.

Whatever is presented by Autoworld for this Iconic car, it turns out Autoworld presents the Cadillac Eldorado Diecast as follows:

  1. Opening door, hood, rear hatch
  2. Detailed Engine
  3. Detailed Interior
  4. Steerable Front Wheels
  5. Detailed Exterior
  6. Precise Accuracy to the Original Ghosbusters Movie.

That’s enough info from the Cadillac Eldorado Ghostbuster scale 1/18 Autoworld Diecast products, happy hunting, and bye-bye …

Autoart Bugatti Chiron 1/18

Happy Satnight for Diecast lovers, especially those who want to date. Prepare yourself from the start especially if this is your first date night, appear as perfect as possible but still be yourself. Take care of your confidence, consider just meeting an old friend.

Invite to talk as relaxed as possible do not be too panic, use his favorite point in the conversation especially if it turns out he is a diecast enthusiast. That’s very suitable because, there is a new unit release from Autoart Models, the Bugatti Chiron scale of 18.

Premium cars released by premium car model brands too. Autoart Models has been famous for making model cars in detail, there is nothing to escape from Autoart’s detailed targets. In releasing Bugatti Chiron too, all aspects are very calculated. Starting from knick-knacks, accessories, parts, the functionality is all perfectly presented.

The Bugatti Chiron product you really see Bugatti in front of you without having to drive. You could say you have Bugatti Chiron from Autoart which means you already have half a Bugatti Chiron spirit. The difference is this just can’t be climbed, that’s all.

What else do you want to tell if all the details look real. The paint also looks perfect, the grill, aerodynamics are perfectly formed. Even when the front luggage is opened you will see the real baggage of Bugatti. Even crazier is the interior, you guys are here seeing the luxury of the bugatti interior. All knick-knacks throughout the cabin are worked out so detailed and perfect. None of the defects were visible.

For the engine sector is quite slick, but the engine cover from Bugatti makes the engine sector does not look fierce like the Pagani Zonda engine that appears naked. So when the engine stamp is opened prepare to be amazed.

The fun thing for us to buy products from Autoart is that we get a certificate where the serial number is listed, besides that we also get brochures like if we want to buy a real car, where each corner highlighted by the product is photographed in the brochure.

For you, Bugatti Hypercar enthusiasts, be prepared to reduce your savings to redeem the Autoart Model Bugatti Chiron.

Ignition Model Nissan Skyline GTR Top Secret Japan Diecast

There are cool and very special things for this year’s Diecast Ignition Model products. IG Model collaborates with a home that is very legendary in Japan. This Modified House has a long history with real stories in the world of street racing, and it has been filmed a little picture of their world in the film Legend of Speed ​​starring Ekin Cheng.

The modification house was named Top Secret Japan, Kazuhiko Smokey Nagata is the owner. Ignition Model introduces 2 Skyline products that are collaborated with Top Secret Japan, namely Nissan Skyline R34 with a scale of 43, and Nissan Skyline R35 with a scale of 18. Obviously it will be an extraordinary honor if you can have one of these collections.

The colors that were presented were 2 colors which were very meaningful for Top Secret Japan, namely white and gold. White is used for cars that are being worked on and contested, while gold is the color for cars that have proven their performance.

Want to know the history of Kazuhiko Smokey Nagata’s Top Secret? Prepare black coffee first bro, this story will be more cool with gulps of black coffee. Ok, go back to Top Secret Japan story.

As the beginning of our story, we will first recognize Kazuhiko Smokey Nagata, she is a member of the Mid Night Club, while Mid Night Club itself is the pioneer of street racing in Wangan. The location taken is Shuto Expressway which has the landmarks of Rainbow Brigde and passes through the artificial island of Odaiba in Tokyo.

to become a member of the Mid Night Club, one of the conditions is that drivers must have a modified car that can speed up to 250 km / hr. The choice of the car was not playful, starting from Nissan Fairlady, Skyline GT-R, to the Porsche 930 Turbo. So it’s not surprising that only the middle-upper class can become members. Reportedly the “snapper” businessmen to the Yakuza, become part of this mysterious group of fans.

It is said that only 10% of the members of the Mid Night Club can be honorary members, which is marked by sticking club stickers on the windshield. If there are non-official members who use similar stickers, the car is guaranteed to be burned immediately!

Even though the street racers are against the law, in fact they have basic rules that must be kept. If the race carried out by members of Mid Night Club causes victims of public road users, then this group will be dissolved forever.

Finally, what is not expected happens. Even though Mid Night Club members were not directly involved in the accident that injured 6 road users, this group had to be warrior-minded to disband themselves as a basic rule. Because at that time, one member of the Mid Nigt Club was involved in a race with members of the Bosozoku (enthusiasts of extreme modification) who were drunk.

Until now, Mid Night Club continues to be a legend. And only Smokey and Isami, who dared to open the story of his past as a former Wangan racer.

Then when does Top Secret stand? Top Secret Japan was founded in 1990 with its vision of making the best cars, whether it’s in Wangan, Drift, Drag, Rally, Mods, Circuits, and all lines of motorsport. Here are the Top Secret creations that are very extraordinary.

  1. GT300 Supra
  2. Celica GT, 1975
  3. Nissan Skyline GTR 32-35
  4. Nissan Silvia
  5. Nissan Fairlady
  6. Porsche 911
    And there are many more super awesome creations from Top Secret.

Well how about that, bro? Want to have one of the collections of cars from this Japanese Legend Tuner? So immediately follow the pre order from the Ignition Model, please check local IG dealers in your area.