Ken Block’s Ford Mustang Hoonicorn 65 by YM Models scale 1/64

Hoooiiiii here come together to gather here bro lovers diecast scale 64, there is super hot info. Hot items that are very rare, rare treasure hunt. You must really crave this item especially those who really like the world of drifting.

This rare treasure hunt hot item is attached to the world of drifting, an American muscle car that is so shocking with its amazing drift action. Even before, according to me, the Mustang American Muscle was less popular until finally this one Mustang was made a modified media and looked so rocky, the power displayed.

The logo that is so clearly visible and already known to Hoonigan. How do you know yet what hot items are meant? Still confused, ok I mentioned the name of the drifter. Ken Block already know right? Oh yess Ford Mustang Fastback Hoonicorn Ken Block car which is used for its drifting action which is very powerful and superior.

If as long as what has emerged is a scale of 1/18 of Top Marques, now comes with a small scale of 1/64 of YM Model Cars. The base material of this model car is from Resin with very fine details. The livery is also the same as the original version. For the wheel alloy wheels also the same as the classic patterned gold color.

What really stands out is that the head valve that protrudes upward is formed not original and reckless, but is made neatly and in detail. For functional problems I don’t know yet, because I have never had a collection of YM Models.

But if I were to cast a 1/64 scale functional model I would never mind. If the functionality is running well it is a plus.

According to information, Ken Block’s Ford Mustang Hoonicorn 65 by YM Models will be released on October 2019 with a total production of 1500. And starting today, there are many who have opened PO for this item. for those of you who want to do PO, I give you a price leak. That is around the price of US $ 44.65 but that also depends on where the PO is, sometimes the price can be a difference above or below.

But in my opinion there is no need to care for the price, the most important thing is how to get this item. Because obviously this item is included in a rare treasure hunt. If you don’t get it, don’t regret it later.