Diecast Models Hot Rods

Every collector always has his own passion for his collection. Some have a passion for supercar, sport, classic, vintage, and so on. But there are also those who like collecting diecast outside the habits of many people, such as Monster Jam, Gasser or Hot Rod.

Our chat now leads to the passion of Diecast Model Car Hot Rods collectors. This model is indeed sometimes issued by big brands such as Hot Wheels, Maisto, JohnyLightning etc. But usually only limited and rarely, not necessarily in one year of release. The existing Diecast unit was actually unable to provide maximum satisfaction for the Diecast Hot Rods collection.

Finally, creative hands are intervening to give a strong character to Hot Rods Diecast Models, starting from the scale of 64 – 18. For those of you who have never bought Hot Rod Diecast Models, you should try to collect it, feel the sensation and test yourself you think- I think it will not itch to nosy with Hot Rod Diecast Models.

But before you try to collect it, it’s also a good idea if you first know what Hot Rods really is, so that it is more interesting to collect it. So the Hot Rods actually appeared between the era of the 1930-1040s. Hmm, that time before the World War (PD) II. Before the term hot rod appeared this style of modification is still known as ‘gow-jobs’ or ‘soup-ups’. These cars are standard cars that are modified to be ready to jump into a race whose trajectory is a dry lake in northeast Los Angeles. This race was held by the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) to gather young people who like racing.

Well, don’t imagine that the car that was modified at that time had a standard race engine. It turns out that the modified cars are daily cars at low prices. Actually, the term ‘hot rod’ itself is not clear who named it and popularized it. the term appeared probably because of the replacement of the car’s camshaft for the race with the ‘hotter’ version.

Cars that are modified to form hot rods are mostly Ford type A and type T because the price is cheap and easy to find. Understandably, the cars became a ‘million people’ car in his day. A major overhaul was carried out on these cars by removing all components that were deemed unnecessary. One of them, disappearing the body on the engine that became one of the forerunners of the birth of a chop shop or naked machine. Here is the most important part of the modification of the hot rod model. They apply the concept of aerodynamics by installing small tires on the front and large at the rear.

Unfortunately, the era of hot rod racing around the 1940s had to stop temporarily. You see, the young people of the United States must go to war in the era of World War II. The situation worsened after car manufacturers were directed to make military vehicles. Most car manufacturers start making planes and tanks instead of cars. In addition, the government also limits the amount of fuel for the community. But finally hot rod began to return accompanied by the return of the youth from the war around 1946.

But in the 1940s the car used was different from the previous one. At that time they modified cars like the Chevrolet Sedan, or Ford Model B. They also used new places as racing venues like the abandoned military base at that time. Over time, because of the popularity of Hot Rod increasingly rampant, the National Hot Rod Association was formed in 1951. The goal was for their racing to be more formal, targeted and avoid wild races on public roads.

Through these associations, several branches of hot rod racing emerged, such as street rods, and there were also straight track drags. But even though in the past year’s hot rods have returned to crowded, the ups and downs of the hot rod trend have not been finished. In the 1960s hot rod also began to dim because it slowly began to be replaced with more modern machines. Ford’s flathead engine began to switch to Chrysler’s engine. In addition, the emergence of the ‘muscle car’ in the 1970s also began to shift the era of hot rod, because without the engine cracking this car already has tremendous power, plus more expensive fuel and the economic decline of the United States, hot rod-style cars are increasingly abandoned . But hot rods lovers never run out of ideas. Modifications that were previously focused on racing needs, were transferred to the body design of the car.

Modern era Hot-Rods
Hot rods lovers finally began to modify the old cars produced in the 1920s and 1940s. In the 1980s the hot rod era faded but was not completely gone. Yes, only some people have more money who want to maintain this type of car, bro. At that time the hot rod was divided into two groups. The first is those who focus on nostalgia for cars in the 1950s, and the second group is those who focus more on modifying the exterior of the car. Now, getting here, hot rods are indeed increasingly recognized by many people, especially in the custom world. But in contrast to the initial birth when the hot rod was identical to the race, now they are more focused on the outside appearance.

That’s the history of the Hot Rods Style Car, how do you start thinking of collecting Hot Rods Diecast Models in your window, don’t hesitate to try to act. Ouh yeah, so that you can watch Fast Furious 8 film, at that time the Dom Toretto drove a Hot Rods car that caught fire.

Review of the Hot Wheels Custom Porsche 911 GT3

Hot Wheels Custom The first Porsche 911 GT3 model car diecast DiecastOraSambat has from a local production house called Planet Diecast with the Japan style overfender flow.

If all this time, Diecast OraSambat has several diecast overfender styles from Japan directly from the manufacturer, this is the first time trying to recognize the potential of the work of the nation’s children in the field of custom diecast. And it turned out that their potential and skills were extraordinary in modifying a 64-scale diecast.

For current modification, the Hot Wheels Porsche 911 GT3 product is available. Modification inspiration from the modification house RWB (Rauh Welt Begriff). The application is in overfenders, and the results are very neat and detailed, the painting sector is very good. Functional wheels are also capable of spinning well, even though for this wheel sector Planet Diecast modifies it instead of buying it, and the results are very charming. I can say the modification results are as good as the manufacturer and even this car model can be seen instead of Hot Wheels.

If all this time, DiecastOraSambat sees the Diecast modification as just paste, cut, in its application. And it does look cool when photographed but not when closely watched. It turned out that the game was not far enough to discover the extraordinary potential of the nation’s children’s work.

And from the work of Planet Diecast, it seems that DiecastOraSambat will begin to hunt down the results of the Custom Model Car home-produced by the nation’s children. Obviously this is an amazing experience and made DiecastOraSambat excited to collect Custom Diecast. But don’t worry for your Diecast Lovers friends who always want to know about the latest Diecast info and also the Manufacturer Diecast Review, because it will still be there and DiecastOraSambat presents.

The Diecast Custom category will be an addition to this article and can also be a reference for Diecast Lovers if you want to modify it. Because each production house must have their respective expertise in their fields. Hopefully, with this additional category, it will further enliven the production house and also the Diecast collector to prefer local production houses.

Diecast Diorama Hot Wheels DIY

Diecast Diorama Hot Wheels DIY – Collecting Diecast is almost certainly also inseparable from Diorama, because it does have attachments. And from these two things must create beautiful photography that is able to impress people who see it.

Some dioramas are from producers such as greenlight or tomica, some are from producers, specifically dioramas. Or from craftsmen dioramas per person not a company. Each person usually has their own needs for dioramas, so it is not possible from the company or production house to be able to give satisfaction to the wishes of many people.

There are indeed those who are satisfied with the finished goods because the focus is probably only on the diecast so that the diorama is only used as a sweetener. Some also focus on both diecast and diorama, and are usually the type of people who are not satisfied with the basic diorama. So what happens is that he will definitely custom the dioramas that have and also add to the accessories or combined with the concept. And this type is so much that he usually buys the parts needed for the concept of dioramanya.

There are also types of people who are like DiecastOraSambat short type pockets. So DIY Diorama is the only choice. Indeed, little can be produced, and the materials used are only used goods. Some of the baskets from cardboard or from the boarding board of a boarding house that had left. Anyway, whatever used goods can be used as bases or support bases are collected and used.

There are several Dioramas that are Diecast OraSambat making DIY that have been photographed together with diecast. From Diorama garage, Diorama street, Front yard Diorama, Diorama Street Food. And all that is made simply and from used goods. Hopefully the work diorama from DiecastOraSambat can foster enthusiasm for those of you who want diorama but short pockets. Here’s the Creative Inspection Gallery Diecast Diorama of the Hot Wheels Recycle

Diecast Custom Hot Wheels Apocalypse Mad Max

Diecast Custom Hot Wheels Apocalypse Mad Max – If you hear the word apocalypse, what do you think in your mind? World War, Zombie, natural disasters, chaos, or what ?? What is imagined by DiecastOraSambat now is chaos & zombies.

Wow, really horrifying when it happens, just seeing chaotic countries in the Middle East are horrified and concerned. But in this horror and concern it turned out to be able to provide ideas and inspiration in creating a creative world, both creative to face the reality of chaotic conditions or for works of fiction.

As with the Diecast OraSambat, it will be poured right now, namely Diecast Custom Hot Wheels Apocalypse. For now, the easiest picture to see from an apocalypse is from Mad Max, Dead Race & Resident Evil. Dead Race & Mad Max vehicles look really good and are very inspiring for chaos while the Resident Evil Vehicle for Survival Needs.

And it turns out there are also diecast artists who take this apocalypse theme. Although not too many and maybe not many communities at this time. The first impression when I saw Diecast Custom Hotwheels Apocalypse was extraordinarily super creative. Many aspects are combined in one diecast that is collected from many part toys and other parts which are able to support the concept made.

The usual diecast base is regular hot wheels. Why use hot wheels? It’s clear because diecast is the cheapest and easily available anywhere with various models available, ranging from sports cars, off road, monster jam, fantasy, family, van, etc. So that makes it easier for us to determine what type will be made as a basis and also not hesitate to ‘damage’.

For Diecast Lover’s friends who also want to try making their own Diecast Apocalypse Mad Max, as always DiecastOraSambat will show you gallery creative inspiration to create Custom Diecast Apocalypse Mad Max. And get ready for shopping for hot wheels, and robot toys, war toys, contractor toys and also use tools that you can take as part of supporting accessories. Ok this is the Creative Inspiration Gallery from DiecastOraSambat with the Diecast Custom Hotwheels Apocalypse Mad Max theme

Diecast Custom Gasser

Diecast Custom Gasser – What Diecast Custom Gasser is a gasser, obviously this question will definitely be on us who don’t know what a gasser is. How do you want to imagine Custom Gasser if the meaning of the Gasser itself doesn’t know. So before talking about Diecast Custom Gasser, it’s good to know first what Gasser is.

Gasser was part of the Hot Rod culture for drag race cars between the 1930s and the mid-1960s in Uncle Sam’s country. Gasser himself has quite a lot of fans. The look looks up to make the car look frightening. In addition to vintage style, Gasser is often contested both in official events and wild racing in the United States. Wait wait what is Hot Rod?

Hot Rod originated from the movement of young people in California before World War 2 (1930s – 1940s) who like to use four-cylinder cars for racing. Although, at that time the term ‘Hot Rod’ itself did not appear and the movement is still known as ‘gow-jobs’ or ‘soup-ups’.

Four-cylinder engine cars such as the Ford Model T which was then followed by the presence of Model A were quite popular during the emergence of the Hot Rod. Because the car is relatively cheap and easy to pick. Moreover, the flow of modification of Hot Rod not only prioritizes cosmetic polish but also increases engine power.

Rules for limiting the performance of the kitchen runway had become a collision for those who wrestled the flow of Hot Rod modifications. So, to outsmart these young people choosing to check the components of a car that is not so essential. For example, windshield. In hopes of making the car lighter and running faster.

There are also those who try further by removing certain parts of the vehicle body. Which later became the forerunner of the ‘chop-shop’ style with the characteristics of bare machines. Still part of the effort to increase speed, large sized tires are used on the back of the calculation of the final gear ratio. As for the front tires, it uses a much smaller size to pursue aerodynamics.
That’s the understanding of Gasser and Hot Rod even though it’s a little but at least it can also add to our knowledge.

In the world of Diecast Gasser cars for the time being are still dominated by Hotwheels and the last release was included in the Hotwheels Premium category in 2018 yesterday in the final quarter. And from the output of Hotwheels, the custom diecast artists were born for Gasser. Even today there are already several Diecast Gasser communities.

DiecastOraSambat originally didn’t really like the gasser flow, but DiecastOraSambat didn’t turn a blind eye to this segment. So DiecastOraSambat tried to write this article to force to understand and like the Gasser flow. The quickest thing to poison yourself is to see the results of the Custom Diecast Gasser. And for you, Gasser lovers can hopefully be an inspiration in modifying and also adding to the Gasser collection.

Next, in DiecastOraSambat try to collect the results of the modification of the Diecast Custom Gasser artists. Hopefully this gallery can be useful and toxic for all of us.