Custom Diecast Hot wheels BMW E92 Overfender Style

How are you guys, bro? I hope all is well & healthy. Forgive me for a few days break writing articles about diecast. I hope you forgive me, because now I come with a new article, the Custom Diecast Tutorial Hotwheels.

For this Custom Diecast Hotwheels Tutorial article I will try to be present 2x a week, at least 1x a week, What do you think? For the first article we will discuss about the BMW E92 Custom Diecast Hotwheels.

Here I will show you the basic model of the BMW E92 diecast that we will custom, you can see how the basic model is standard and looks ordinary and nothing special.

This Custom Diecast uses a flow of overfender modifications that are currently only hits. As a first step we will boor the rivet first so that it can be separated between the body and the rivet, to make it easier when custom diecast models.

After the body and rivet separate, then the next step we mark the body using markers to facilitate the work of cutting and thinning the body.

Thinning of the body is aimed at under the front and rear wheels. While cutting is aimed at the front and rear bumpers
After cutting is complete, then it’s time to peel the base paint from the BMW E92 using a paint remover liquid. Use a brush to sweep the entire body of the BMW E92. Allow a few moments until the paint blisters, if it’s peeling, use the same brush to clean the paint from the body of the BMW E92.

If the paint is peeled clean to see the metallic body, then the next step we wipe maximally with sandpaper eyeballs, until the metal body looks shiny.

The next challenge is to apply the putty holder under the wheel. You can use material from soda cans to make it. Install under the four wheels.

The next step is to make an overfender using Epo Putty. In this section, it requires tenacity and expertise of your fingers. Honestly in this section is very complicated and requires considerable practice. Failure does not matter, try again until you want.
If it’s dry, you can take off the tin plate that was helped by the wheel, then start the overfender sandpaper until it’s smooth.

The easiest custom is to make a muffler, you can use an iron pen tip, and just stick it on the rear rivet.

To make a custom splitter, diffuser, rear view mirror and spoiler you can use PLA Plate, and to make an intercoler just use staples.
After everything is finished, all that remains is the problem of painting and installing the decal. So the BMW E92 was born very cool and has no normal face. It’s time for Diecast Hot wheels BMW E92 to appear custom overfender and ready to be invited to take photos and become a collection of cool and charming custom hotwheels.