Military Diecast Perfect Model Set

If when the countries in the world show the greatness of their defense equipment there is nothing in your mind to have and collect it? I think it must be there, especially if you have so much money to buy it. But even though we are rich in imagination to have it, it is certainly impossible to do it. Yes, because of the different uses. The state defense equipment can only be owned by the state to support its military power.

And to satisfy the desire to have defense equipment the only way is to collect military diecast, such as panzers, tanks, helicopters, planes, trucks, submarines, aircraft carriers and so on. Even many artist dioramas are focused on military matters, and the works are extraordinary. Many are able to apply their imagination in real works with the support of military diecast.

But do you know what the military defense system is, Alutsista is the main tool of the Army weapons system that is used for the purposes of national defense determined by the Minister of Defense based on input from the Army Commander.

Procurement of defense equipment is carried out by the defense industry, defense equipment industry and the domestic almatsus industry. Procurement of defense equipment as much as possible directly from trusted manufacturers and cooperating with industry and or domestic research institutions.
Further provisions regarding guidelines and procedures for procurement of defense equipment are regulated by the Minister of Defense while remaining guided by procurement values ​​as stipulated in the Presidential Regulation.

In implementing Alutsista Procurement, the Minister of Defense can form a coordination team consisting of elements of the Ministry of Defense.

And to just know the 5 great Alutsista forces that exist in the world today

  1. Sukhoi SU 35 Flanker
    Sukhoi SU-35 itself is a multiplane and heavyweight fighter that can travel long distances. This aircraft is owned and produced by Russia
  2. Leopard 2 tanks
    Leopard 2 tank which is an Alutsista made by Rheimentall Germany. Leopard 2 is the main military-owned battle tank that was developed since 1970 and was used in 1979.

This tank has a 120mm L44 cannon weapon system that was owned in the previous tank, except that it has air conditioning behind the bustle.

  1. Submarine 209
    The 209/1400 class submarine that was built in South Korea, the great thing is that this ship is capable of sailing more than 50 days and accommodates 40 crew, and is armed with Italian Black Shark torpedoes.

This submarine weighs 1,280 tons when diving and weighs 1,400 tons when it appears on the surface.

  1. Apache helicopter
    The Apache 64 EE helicopter is considered one of the helicopters that has sophisticated features. One unit of the helicopter costs 41 million US dollars

The greatness of this helicopter is to have an extended-range fuel tank that makes it have mileage and endurance.

  1. Anoa Panzer
    This armored vehicle is an Indonesian Pindad Production Equipment. In fact, Malaysia has purchased 32 defense equipment.

The Panzer is a Renault engine that has been tested for quality by NATO, which is included in its advanced level III defense equipment.