Photo Contest Diecast Photography Ignition Model

The Best Photography Contest, congratulation shumsphotography

Sorry for those of you lovers of diecast photography if I give very late info. It turned out that on May 1-5 2019 there was a photo contest held by the Ignition Model. I just found out after there were some very cool shoot results, there was an announcement of the winner.

The photo contest is specifically for casting Ignition Model models with various scales and types of models. Even though it’s late, there is still value that can be learned, namely learning from the results that have become candidates and also the winners of the photo contest this year. At least we can learn to imitate technique, angle, and composition first. Only then will we develop our imagination to make improvisations. Later on, we can release our work for the next diecast photo contest. It doesn’t have to be an Ignition Model but it can also be for other brands.

We do have to collect a lot of portfolio for learning, and the source of inspiration in photographing diecast. Especially when photographing casting models of cars with a scale of 64, the challenge is far more complicated because the small scale level is quite difficult to reach by the camera in terms of focus.

The very difficult challenge of photographing diecast is how we can display the casting model of this car that looks real, not as a toy, especially with the effects that make nuances come alive.

I myself am still in the process of learning at the level of technique and composition, so I still need a lot of references from the candidates and winners of the diecast photo contest. Want to actually follow but still far away to get there. Only to compete who are not nominated are very difficult especially with those who have been nominated. What is important to me and all of us who are still beginners in the world of photography are diecasting lots of references and exercises.

We also need to follow the event held by the community, which usually gives give away diecast awards. Do not see what give away diecast items, but how we can achieve a better level by getting give away. Because we must train our abilities first of these small events to improve performance and hone our own skills and imagination. It was able to measure where our level of performance in the world of diecast photography.

And here I show the results of the photo diecast contest held by the Ignition Model, both from the nominees and also the champions. Congratulations to the Champion of Diecast Photography Ignition Model contest, Full respect for your Champion is indeed the best. Greetings.

Diecast Flame Phonegraphy

by: ack twentyfour

The last day we work, tomorrow is the holiday time bro. Don’t need to go too far, because Monday you have to work again, don’t let the picnic make your body not fit.

Next Sunday DiecastOraSambat farewell resign first bro, there is a free ticket to the zoo, and when I can meet my beautiful daughter. So I want to spend the day off tomorrow with him.

For today’s thread, we play photography again bro. This time with the DiecastFlame theme. Not diecast photo with fire and burn effect but only diecast with fire livery.

Here really only speaks of simplicity that is able to arouse enthusiasm without knowing the glitter of the world. Wild imagination in the limitation of breaking through the establishment out there.

There are various works from our friends who might be able to inspire us all how to create simplicity and limitations that invite beauty to come and welcome warmth with all of us when we see.

There are many brands and also the motives presented by them. Not only that, many photos here are produced from phonegraph, namely photography generated from cellphones. Because the camera’s camera capabilities are now quite good and good enough to produce a work.

Especially in 2019 there are lots of mobile phones that are released with amazing camera capabilities and features. Even from one of the cellphone brands there are 3 lenses to make one frame. Obviously this is a tremendous surge for the cellphone camera class. Indeed, I have never tried it, because it is so expensive.

All right, let’s just see with the Diecast Photography gallery with the theme Diecast Flame Photography.

Diecast Photography Dodge American Muscle Themes

Before tomorrow we review the Lamborghini Aventador Monster Energy Lb Works which is currently on its way to the garage DiecastOraSambat, today we wash our eyes first bro.

We first enjoy the results of our friends, all of us who are carrying the Diecast Photograhy with the Dodge Diecast Photography theme. Cool and amazing photos have been produced by all of us. Their work is very worthy of appreciation and recognition throughout the world.

In this photo we can also get to know more about dodge cars. Because if you talk about a Dodge car then the first thing in our mind is all the car that is driven by Dom Toreto. Like the Dodge Charger R / T, Challenger, plymouth daytona, even Dodge Viper.

But it turned out that Dodge’s car was a pickup class and Van also existed and existed in his year. Just peel the American Muscle car, bro, including Dodge in it. American Muscle is a type of American-made car that has a large cylinder capacity (CC) and power (BHP). No wonder, even though the car is old but the engine performance of this car dares to be pitted against younger cars. And even though it looks old but that’s what people like most about this car, because it seems classic and antique.

Muscle cars usually refer to high-performance cars, usually in the form of a mid-size 2-door sedan with a V8 engine and rear-wheel drive. This car is not too concerned with features, but prioritizes the engine power. Some opinions say that muscle cars were mostly produced in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Most of these cars are marketed by well-known manufacturers such as Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Pontiac, Plymouth, etc.

Chrysler is one of the first few car manufacturers to popularize the muscle car (American muscle). This company came with the C-300 in 1955, which not only became the latest attraction in America, but one of the best-selling cars of the century. Offering a horse-powered car with 300 hp, this car can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph, in 9.8 seconds. The C-300 is indeed the most powerful car in America.

During the 1960s, muscle cars gained enormous popularity. Many companies such as Plymouth, Chrysler, Ford and Dodge race on the drag track. The 1962 Dodge Dart Max Wedge is capable of running more than 110 mph or 170 kph. In 1964, other muscle cars, such as the Pontiac GTO, Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird, appeared. And Dodge is under the auspices of the Chrysaler.

But if in the past the Dodge brothers, especially John Dodge, did not decide to stop as a Ford stockist, maybe until now we will not know the Dodge Car’s magnitude and Muscle.

Diecast Photography Rally Racing Theme

photo by: danz ramli

It’s been a long time since Diecast Lovers didn’t talk about Diecast Thema Photography. It can be said that for almost a month the contents of the thread discussed new realease and diecast profiles. I’m sure of seeing the diecast photography gallery.

Ok today we will fill in Diecast Photography with Diecast Photography Rally Racing Theme. Here you will see diecast rallies and also concept photo rally races. Maybe for those of you who don’t have a diecast rally collection, start poisoning days and make a list to buy Diecast Car Rally, Heavy Poison ni bro haha ​​…

To take shoot Rally Photo you must be prepared to be dirty, but not obligatory. In a clean place it’s also ok, but obviously it will feel more cool if it’s dirty, so the soul can get and the results are also cool. Later you can see which ones are much cooler than the take shoot results of our friends, who are clean or dirty, but that still depends on taste.

Even my own friend after seeing the results of the Photo Diecast Rally Race, he was poisoned. But on the basis of people having money, today he immediately hunted the rally wheels. He will modify the car to be a rally look. I can only shake my head, not half-hearted white Sparco is his choice. It’s cool but I can’t afford to buy it haha ​​… it’s better to save to buy a diecast car rally collection.

But actually to modify the racing car look is not too expensive. Because only by replacing the wheel, the fog lights, and playing the cutting sticker of your car are able to display the impression of a rally car.

photo by: robby

Back to the theme, to take a shoot at the Diecast Rally Race you can take advantage of locations that can describe the atmosphere of the rally. You can also use dioramas, dioramas combined with nature, or combine them with wallpaper. All of that can be done according to your taste and what concept you will display.

You can also use several effects such as dust, splashes of water, mud and so on. The problem is only one, please or not to pollute your collection in that way. I can talk about the real effects that can be produced but I can’t bear my favorite collection to be treated like that hehe …

Ok, so it’s not too long, let’s look at the results of take shoots from our friends who took part in the Diecast Photography Rally Racing Theme, survived poisoning, Diecast Car Rally, Diecast Lovers, Yeahh

Behind The Scenes Vatsal Kataria Photography

by; Vatsal Kataria

Vatsal Kataria is a new photographer and creative director in Delhi. She likes taking conceptual and unique photography on a mini-photo. These photographs appear in exotic places with the high price range, but clearly there are models and landscapes on the lower scale to look good.

Katarian does not use props or dioramas. He created all series by using minimal resources. She uses Paris plaster to make mountains and ancient stones and paper to make the main shape of the mountain. Use styrofoam sheets and orange lime and paint to make way. Snow is made of polystyrene sheets, round leaves, yeast and paint. Kataria also uses Photoshop to add and enhance images. each challenge takes 3-15 days of planning to implement. try the work below.
This is a statement from Vatsal Katarya “I am a living photographer, but I enjoy miniature photography and I love art, they can transform my fantasy into reality, as a mini-photographer, I always think about new things and everything.

I do not use the proportions and expensive ones that are ready for use. I did everything with minimal resources. I usually use a plaster underneath the mountain. I mainly use a polystyrene sheet and mix plaster and black paint to make way. The other I use is a polystyrene sheet, artificial leaves, yeast for snow and some paints. I use the basic supply so if people want to try, they can do it. I also use Photoshop to bring beauty. It’s so simple and interesting. Usually, it takes 3 or 15 days of planning to do an idea.

It’s just a myth that you do not have good photography without great props and accessories and needs. It’s not limited to what you can do and you want.
And this is an example of a photographic work of Vatsal Katalis, you can learn to imitate it before applying it to another style. Please learn about begin, light, effects, and more.

Diecast Photography Ideas

The world of photography is fun and everyone has their own passion in photography. There are those whose passion is model, fashion, journalism, food, auto, weeding, etc.


But have you ever thought that photography or diecast toys are just as fun? Playing with diecast photography is very dangerous, because it has heavy opium. This opium is also very difficult to eliminate, once tried there is no guarantee to be able to return again, especially if each of the works that we make are well appreciated by the community.

by: fendie

The desire to buy diecast becomes uncontrolled especially if the date is young after payday, in the brain just want to shop diecast and can cause damage if it is not fulfilled. Especially if the diecast is collected on a small scale such as 64 or 43. Because almost all places can be explored for the shoot shoot with the mini car.

by: Aan berant

When your feeling and Instinct have mastered half your life, you can even make the image look real like capturing the original car. Many of the techniques used to capture photos, made us thirsty to learn from senior photographers, and photographers in other fields who would later combine each of these ideas into photography works in one beautiful, cool and interesting frame.

by: tung subagiyo

In the world of Diecast Photography you will find all photography techniques, starting from composition techniques that have such elements

  1. Rule of third
  2. Golden Shape
  3. Center composition
  4. Repetition and Pattern
  5. Perspective
  6. Frame in Frame
  7. Leading Line
  8. Negative Space
  9. Element Balance
  10. Golden Spiral
  11. Reflection
    And many more, it’s still about lighting, there are
  12. Front light
  13. Backlight
  14. Rim light
  15. Sidelight
  16. Available light
  17. Artificial light
  18. Mix light
  19. And many more, and each of these techniques can be explored widely and sometimes overlap. Because the power of creativity is unlimited.
by: reza
by: trista

So I hope to keep the diecast and photography hobby if you don’t want to be addicted, before that happens keep it all out of your mind.

by: Ricky Ferdie

Diecast Photography Movie Cars

Diecast Photography Movie Cars – Weekend is a day for vacation or just a family gathering after 6 days of hard and tiring work, vacation and family gathering is indeed a powerful medicine. Whereas for lovers of diecast and photography it is usually spent on hunting or making works.

photo by: Agil Corazon

photo by: Brandy

Today Diecast OraSambat will present works that can bridge diecast, photography and movie lovers. Because today’s inspiration is Diecast Photography Movie Car. Because indeed some well-known Diecast brands release Movie Car themes such as Ghostbuster, Batman, The Cars, Herbie, Scooby-doo, Fast Farious, James Bond, Back to the Future etc. It is usually for theme themes like this, the leading Hot wheels.

photo by: Hanz Van Hanhan

Packaging unique and funny works can indeed make us smile on our own when we see it or during the process. Because imagined or remembered the silliness of the film scene, or remembered the tension because the action scenes were so stunning.

photo by: Sukma Bajuben

If DiecastOraSambat has never bought a Diecast Movie Car, if you find it on the road ever and that’s a Cars movie whose main character is Lightning Mc Queen. But DiecastOraSambat finds the character Luigi who has a tire shop on Route 66. Route 66 has a long history and is very iconic as road in America. Many films, music, bands inspired by this historic road. Like the film The Cars that raised the city of Springfield.

photo by: Noval Niam

Route 66 was inaugurated on November 11, 1926 and was deactivated June 27, 1985. Why did it discuss The Mother Road Route 66 in this focus?

photo by: Rudi Ariz

Diecast OraSambat, seems to be wiped out by The Cars so it gets lost in its world Lightning Mc Queen, Why is it almost the same as Si The Mc Queen truck is sleepy and makes Mc Queen get out of the truck then gets lost. Ok, we’re back on the main topic of Diecast Photography Movie Cars.

photo by: Dimas Wega

How can’t you wait to see the results of a camera shoot from our Diecast Photography lovers who have a Movie Cars collection, the following Diecast Inspiration Gallery Photography Movie Cars.

photo by: Chrizt azza

photo by: Moch Nda

Low Key Photography Diecast

photo by: Udi saint

Low Key Photography Diecast – Maybe for some of my brothers the term Low Key Photography sounds strange, but not for some of my brothers who are close to the world of photography. Well DiecastOraSambat this time will present the work of Diecast Lover’s brothers about Low Key Photography Diecast.

For those of you who don’t know the term Low Key Photography DiecastOraSambat will explain a bit, so it won’t roaming. Low Key Photography is a style of photography that utilizes dark tones so photos look dramatic. This low key lighting intensifies the contrast in the image by reducing the intensity of the lighting.

photo by: Ricky twentyfour

The key here is not only to produce dark images, but to use lighting very selectively so that only certain parts of the image are illuminated.

photo by: Erlangga

This low key photography style makes you free to play with shadows, even shadows can be something special. It might be considered as the main element of the composition, namely the one that defines the atmosphere of the entire photo. You can manipulate the lighting and subject position, so that the shadow falls only in the right place to create the desired image appearance.

photo by: Ivan Novendi Yakuza

That is a little picture of Low Key Photography, then we apply this technique to Diecast Photography to be able to produce artistic and dramatic diecast photos.

photo by: saputra didik

Diecast OraSambat has collected several works from Diecast Lover’s brothers in the Low Key Photography Diecast theme. Hopefully some of these examples can make inspiration and lessons for diecast & toy’s photography friends to later be able to produce photographic works with a low key style. No need to linger, please take a look at photography works with a Low Key Photography Diecast style.

photo by: jacksimobilkecil

photo by: jacksimobilkecil

photo by: jacksimobilkecil

photo by: jacksimobilkecil

Behind the Scene Diecast Photography

This Weekend DiecastOraSambat actually wants to attend the bazaar and diecast custom competition with the theme of Migunani Diecast. But because it’s still late in the afternoon, Diecast OraSambat took the time to write an article for Diecast Lover’s.

photo by: nanang effendi

This time DiecastOraSambat wants to reveal the uniqueness, humor, photographer’s diecast kitchen in creating works and able to produce extraordinary works. Maybe all this time we have assumed that to make diecast photography work, the photographer has the war equipment of a professional cameraman and also a professional crew team. Oh no, keep all those thoughts out of your brain.

photo by: andi oxide

What is needed to make the main diecast photography work is
1. Have a Diecast
2. Imagination
3. Don’t have shame.

photo by: deka prianda

For number 3, it is mandatory for those who prefer pic capture in outdoor. Because when you start the action in outdoor especially in the crowd, you will definitely be the center of attention of the surrounding community. Plus those photographed miniature cars with a size of 1/64.

photo by: rahmat wedw

The most commonly heard words when they mumble are
1. Lack of work
2. It’s still a hotwheel toy
3. Childhood is less happy

photo by: yuke aiko

For diecast photography or toys photography it has no effect. Because these people are used to normal or normal life. So that something they don’t think is normal will certainly cause a strange feeling for them.

photo by: kurnia bontot

Yes, that is indeed the risk for creating other diecast and toys. Talking about how they take pictures in order to produce cool works, surely it will make us laugh and also make us aware, if in fact we are also the same as them during take shoot with such circumstances & angles.

photo by: adpri abdulrahman

Here you can also know sometimes the ingredients around are able to help produce works, makeshift lighting, used goods can also help. Ok, it’s time to Diecast OraSambat to show the pose of the diecast photographer models in action.

photo by: leon prasetya

photo by: djacz

Diecast and Coffee Photography

Diecast and Coffee Photography – Hi Lur how are the weather conditions in your city now, hot or rainy? In my city it’s cloudy and drizzling. It is very suitable for the weather like this accompanied by a cup or 2 cups of coffee, it is really delicious it feels good.

photo by: handy fach

Talking about coffee, how about today we all talk about the concept of photography with the theme Diecast and Coffee? Agree, Lur … ok, we go on with creamy coffee to make it soft to enjoy the diecast.

photo by: yudriansyah

Photography coffee itself is so cool and fun to make, everyone has their own imagination of coffee according to their coffee tastes. Some like black coffee, milk coffee, cream coffee, coffee makers or local coffee concoctions. From the love of coffee, it is able to produce extraordinary works in the field of photography, both for professional and amateur classes.

photo by: aditya teguh

Likewise with diecast photography, even in the world of diecast, each collector has his own love for his diecast collection. Some like JDM, American Muscle, European, Classic, Vintage, Retro, Sport, etc. They also recognize each other’s characters properly. So as to be able to aim at the diecast collection well to highlight the features of each diecast character itself.

photo by: wiki wirawan

Therefore the combination of Diecast and Coffee will be able to produce cool and extraordinary photography works. Coffee is able to excite passion in the work, Diecast which is able to climax the theme combination of Photography Diecast and Coffee.

photo by: achadi pujo

Like drinking coffee, how to enjoy it by gently sipping it, then enjoy the photography Diecast and Coffee theme works slowly & deeply.

photo by: araya basema

Hopefully the Photography Diecast and Coffee gallery from the brothers DiecastOraSambat is able to inspire all of you. Especially for those of you who might be working on TA and are confused about what theme for the TA. Hopefully by reading the DiecastOraSambat article to get ideas & inspiration for a photo concept and still of life photography, Happy working on art.

photo by: pasundan diecast

photo by: aji mei

photo by: jacksimobilkecil