Fuelme Models Newcomers Diecast Cars 1/64 Resin Models

Hi, friend diecast lover who I always miss, how was your weekend? I hope you enjoy a great weekend and can make you happy.

Let me be happy, I have new information for lovers of diecast model cars, especially diecast cars 1/64. Reportedly this diecast model cars will become a killer resin for car models that have come out before.

I myself have never had one because it is quite new, and I just found out last weekend. What is meant by killer resin is how I’m curious. Killer as a killer or killer detail in the price. Because so far we know that products from China are usually able to create the same goods but at a much cheaper selling price.

Even their latest product that will be released is the Porsche RWB 993 Martini, this can be said to be an amazing breakthrough beside Liberty Walk and Rocket Bunny. It seems that a new brand from China is directly cooperating with the Japanese modifiers. But it’s not a strange thing because if I were a sniper, this brand new diecast model cars are basically car modifiers.

New brand in the world of car models is called Fuelme Models. Scale made by Fuelme Models for a while diecast cars 1/64 and also 1/43. When viewed in the gallery Fuelme Models detail this car model is very good both on a scale of 1/64 and 1/43.

If it is true that Fuelme Models will sell diecast model cars at very low prices, this will be dangerous for competitors who have played earlier. Price war will definitely occur here, and I didn’t know this issue would be Fairplay or not.

For the colonization of the market, what techniques are used by Fuelme Models? Let the marketing think. We as the most important consumers are just the level of detail and price.

For those of you who are curious to see a more complete gallery of Fuelme Models just visit the IG at @fuelmechina get ready to scratch and shake his head.

Because the diecast car models from Fuelme Models are visible there are Lamborghini Liberty Walk Liberty Walks, Porsche RWB, Mazda Rx 7 Pandem, Toyota GT 86 Rocket Bunny.

See for yourself, bro, the collection is in the IG Fuelme Models gallery, or want to ask, just go ahead. Ok I resign first because my stomach is hungry I want to eat

The Beatles Hot wheels Premium Series rare collection

Today I want to greet the Beatles lovers before diecast lovers. I did this because there was indeed a hot wheels collection product with the legendary Beatles livery band.

The Beatles Hot wheels Premium Series, there are five items produced by hot wheels cars set, namely the Volkswagen T1 Panel Bus, Deco Delivery, Combat Medic, Custom GMC Panel Bus, and finally the Quick D-Livery.

Of the 5 items, the most interesting and most likely can be rare hot wheels, the diecast hot wheels VW T1 Panel. Because the basic diecast hot wheels from VW that have become a habit of this item are able and often the target of the diecast collector, and strong supporters or the key is the legendary band attached to the diecast model of VW cars. Moreover, the picture attached to the Hot Wheels Diecast of this model is an image that has become iconic and often we see on posters of The Beatles.

Referring to all of that, then I speculate that the hot items diecast Hot wheels are able to become hot wheels treasure hunt. We all know that the hot wheels items are expensive not because of the level of detail of the diecast model but because of the level of the rare hot wheels.

If the other car models prices can be high because of the very slick level of detail, that does not apply to the Hot Wheels Cars diecast. This is possible for you to become a hot wheels treasure hunt investment price guide. And this year is included in the 2019 rare hot wheels.

I myself for The Beatles music that I know only or familiar to the ear, Hey Jude & Let it be. Because indeed I was not born during the heyday of the Beatles. But maybe for big fans of The Beatles band, surely know a lot about The Beatles songs that are cool and easy listening.

If someone asks how many scales are released for hot wheels diecast models, then the answer is 90% are diecast cars 1/64. Because the majority of these diecast models Hot wheels play on diecast cars 1/64.

How do you diecast lovers and the Beatles fans, will you collect this hot wheels collection? I think it’s mandatory for you to have guys. Therefore, get ready to hunt for City Mart’s hot wheels soon, instead of just remaining hangers.

Jada Toys Chevy Master Deluxe 1939 Scale 1/24 Bonus Sets Betty Boop

Tired of coming up to me it feels like to go to sleep when I see a pillow on the mattress, but I’m far away for you for the sake of you diecast lovers especially JADA lovers.

There are appearances that are sexy, beautiful, and classic. There was also a 1939 chevy master deluxe toy diecast with a very iconic cartoon figure stand, Betty Boop.

Do you think we will talk about the Betty Boop or the Chevy Master Deluxe? Talk to the Betty Boop. Because it might be a bit useless when I talk about the Jada Toys Chevy Master Deluxe 1939 Review of Diecast because I’m sure this item will definitely be hunted by JADA lovers and collectors.

Betty Boop, a cartoon character made by Max Fleischer was launched for the first time in an animated film titled Dizzy Dishes.

The figure of Grim Natwick, senior animator who works for the Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks studios, was instrumental in creating a figure whose model was taken from Helen Kane – singer and performer contracted by Paramount Pictures, a studio that also distributes Fleischer cartoons.

Before Helen Kane, Clara Bow was first made a model of Betty Boop. Citing the July 1, 2009 New York Times, Betty Boop was once considered one of the first and most famous sex symbols on the animated screen. He is a symbol of the Depression-era and a reminder of the happier days of Jazz Age flappers.

Its popularity is largely taken from the adult audience, and its cartoons contain many sexual and psychological elements especially in the “Talkartoon” Minnie the Moocher in 1932 – which features the Calloway Cab and its orchestras.

Minnie the Moocher defines Betty’s character as a modern-day teenager, contrary to her parents’ conservative upbringing.

Betty Boop appeared unique among female cartoon characters, representing her figure as a woman with sexual attraction.

Generally, other female cartoon characters are just clones of their male characters, with costume changes, the addition of eyelashes, and female voices. While Betty Boop appeared different, wearing a short dress, high heels, garters, and a low cleavage wrapped in a corset.

Previously, Betty Boop was designed with an ugly face. In 1932, the character was redesigned to make it look more real like humans.

Betty Boop’s ears, which initially drooped like a dog’s, were turned into rounded and decorated earrings. His hair was cut bob.

That’s the story of the cartoon character Betty Boop who made a bonus set in the 1939 Jada Toys Chevy Master Deluxe Diecast. As a reference for the price of the 1939 Jada Toys Chevy Master Deluxe Diecast is at US $ 32.95.

That is all our story today, I must withdraw immediately, because these eyes are tired and the body cannot be compromised, wanting to lie down on the bed right away.

Hot Wheels Photoshop Editing Blister Package

Happy weekend for all my brothers diecast lover’s wherever you are, wherever your country is. If indeed you already have a family, give a chance for a vacation together with the family. Because the warmth with them obviously can not be replaced by anything in this world.

This time the thread has no newcomer info, not even new items, not hot wheels modification but about photoshop editing works. Photoshop hot wheels editing work is very cool and looks real. So when you first see it will definitely assume that this diecast hot wheels really, even though only fake.

And if only the hot wheels spawned their products as detailed as this photoshop artist’s editing, surely the market power would be even more extraordinary and powerful. I hope hot wheels do or want to apply the reality of the works toycarsaddict_daily.

The work is very extraordinary in my opinion. And this work can I say as his identity or iconic, so when everyone knows the results of editing photoshop hot wheels like this, means it’s definitely him.

This toycarsaddict_daily deviated from the usual diecast photo editing habits. If most retailers edit diecast photoshop so that they appear real in real life, some are fantasy, some highlight the diecast side, some apply as product photos, and so on.

But toyscarsaddict_daily chose a simple concept but it also requires extraordinary skill to edit so the diecast looks real inside the blister hot wheels, and this is to my knowledge a fresh and super unique idea.

If judging from his IG, this toycarsaddict_daily lives in Asia, in the country of Taiwan. The country is very well known for its Kungfu films. And also a very popular film in its time about 4 men “and 1 girl, especially if it’s not Meteor Garden.

You are impatient, would you like to see a collection of works that are very extraordinary hot wheels photoshop editing, works from toycarsaddict_daily? Here I have a collection of photoshop works and if you want to be more complete, just go to the IG at @toycarsaddict_daily.

Hot Wheels Packaging Design

Through the years, Hot Wheels cars have been composed mostly by litter, but since the late 1990s, there has been an increase in the number of adult collectors. Mattel appreciate that 41 million children grew up playing with the toys, the average toll gatherer has over 1,550 railcar, and litter between the epoch of 5 and 15 have an run of 41 motor. Most think the congregate fad startle with the Treasure Hunts in 1995.

Mike Strauss has been appeal to the father of Hot Wheels gather; he has organic two collectors’ events each year in some form since 1986. The first consequence was the Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention, normally held each year in the fall. The convention occurred in diverse locations around the rude until 2001, when the first Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals was put together. Since then, the Conventions area unit command every year in southern CA.

The Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals revolve among cities outside of California during the spring. Strauss has also reveal the quarterly Hot Wheels Newsletter since 1986 and was one of the first to coalesce collectors all over the Earth. He also writes the Tomart’s Price Guide To Hot Wheels, a list listing tale, car descriptions and import, which is necessity by almost every collector to study more about the hobby and their congregation. Strauss sold his collection in 2011 and private from the Hot Wheels Newsletter.

In 1981, Hot Ones wheels were introduced, which had gold-painted hubs, and assert to have thinner axles for more success, along with additional delay yielding that older composition Hot Wheels lacked. Ultra Hot Wheels were introduced in 1984, and face something liking the cast fineness wheels found on a 1980s-dispensation high-balance Renault Fuego or a Mazda 626, with three parallel dark lines biting diagonally across the destroyed chrome face of the wheel, all three uneven in the center to shapeliness six individual shorter lines. These new “Ultra Hots” maintain further speed impro.

Hot Wheels started gift models based on 1980s-era sports and parsimony auto, like the Pontiac Fiero or Dodge Omni 024, in increase to their model ‘hot rod’ and muscle car style offerings. In 1983, a renovated manner of gyrate warn Real Riders were induce, which displayed true condom apparel.

Despite the occurrence that they were very ordinary, the Real Riders rope was inadequate-lived, that of hie product charge. In the late 1980s, the so-called Blue Card vesicatory gang color design was introduced, which would become the basis of Hot Wheels colors still used today (original vesicatory packs were red and cream.

Hot Wheels RLC Exclusive 55 ‘Chevy Bell Air Gesser Flying Tigers

Shhh there is an item that should not be missed this from Hotwheels especially this from RLC. Always neat and hot treasure hunt items. Obviously this item will be hunted by gesser car collectors.

Yes, it looks like the official Hot Wheel has the appearance of a Chevy Bell Air Gesser 55 ‘, and appears with an exclusive and elegant look.

There are even several online shops that dare open POs for Hot Wheels RLC Exclusive 55 ‘Chevy Bell Air Gesser items.

The plan was released in September 2019. If you are interested just try contacting your online subscription site to join PO. But if you have a RLC member then just go ahead and invite any friend who wants to join.

I myself do not know how many Hot Wheels RLC Exclusive 55 ‘Chevy Bell Air Gesser is produced.

It looks very stunning with 2 tones, as the base color is dark green chrome and black doft for the roof. The livery uses WWII Flying Tigers. This is what makes the appearance of the Hot Wheels RLC Exclusive 55 ‘Chevy Bell Air Gesser has a fierce impression in its Exclusive.

We need to know that the Flying Tigers WWII Livery is an American Aircraft Livery during World War II. Installing this decal on a Chevy Bell Air item might mean that this item is ready to fight in a race for speed.

The packaging for the Hot Wheels RLC Exclusive 55 ‘Chevy Bell Air Gesser is also very solid, cool. It really looks really that this item is truly an exclusive item. Still added Arcilik for packaging on his car. So it’s very complete the cool item Hot Wheels RLC Exclusive 55 ‘Chevy Bell Air Gesser.

Let’s set aside your money to take a super steady and super rare collection from the Hot Wheels RLC Exclusive 55 ‘Chevy Bell Air Gesser.

Hot Wheels Rarity Collecting

The real AMX street car was a deficient-lived two-seater show by AMC that, like most thew cars, goods a full-powered motor into a midsize frame. For the sporty 1969 vanish-cast Hot Wheels version, most (probable the one above) trade for hundreds of dollars, with obdurate-to-find colors preference salmon pink and antifreeze fetching on the higher issue. But in bound of thinness, the most valuable by far is the slightly later gloom “Ed Shaver” translation.

Shaver was a driver on the first Hot Wheels-sponsored attract-racing brood in the U.K., and the particularity-done up Ed Shaver AMX motor (which included a sail of decals twinned those on his dragster) were diversified at race events.

According to Hot Wheels scavenger, historiographer and appraiser Mike Zarnock, they were also effectual through a cereal tappal-in and by sending in Proof-of-Purchase points from the backs of U.K. Hot Wheels cars. With very few of these vehicle around now, Zarnock values them at over of $4,000, unconnected (not in the vesication deck).

It interest to be that when we decree Hot Wheels cart sitting around, we supposition going the virtuous clock we had crashing them mercilessly into each other off of bright orange ramps.

Now we’re thinking a little variously, and after you learned this list, you might be, too. Now you can repeat your boyfriend your vast crowd of Hot Wheels isn’t just infection over a lodge in your tribe — it’s an vestment cast attendance to be cashed in. Not all Hot Wheels are betide coin, but if you occur to be auspicious enough to have any of the rarest Hot Wheels cars, we have some excellent report. You could be rich!

The so-invoke “Cheetah” Base Python also earns its spot in the pantheon of uncommon, high-value Hot Wheels that of a appellation snafu. One of the first 16 Hot Wheels colloquial ever make, it mimicked a custom “Dream Rod” designed and constructed in 1963 by Bill Cushenberry for Car Craft magazine that creatively Frankenstein’d custom ability from a ’60 Pontiac, ’53 Studebaker and a ’61 Corvair, among others.

A fistful of betimes versions of the toy, mostly kermes, were generate with the Cheetah name stamped on the base—until it was discovered that General Motors pioneer-schemer Bill Thomas had claimed that name for his “Cobra Killer” breed vehicle. So the toy was renamed Python. Hot Wheels manufactured Pythons in both the U.S. and Hong Kong, while the Cheetahs were generate just in Hong Kong.

Cheetah and Python case made there have smaller front orb, melancholy-tinted windows and greater detail on the lowly and in the interior. One tassel Cheetah on the degraded could be worth in the proximity of $10,000, accordingly to Zarnock.

Ken Block’s Ford Mustang Hoonicorn 65 by YM Models scale 1/64

Hoooiiiii here come together to gather here bro lovers diecast scale 64, there is super hot info. Hot items that are very rare, rare treasure hunt. You must really crave this item especially those who really like the world of drifting.

This rare treasure hunt hot item is attached to the world of drifting, an American muscle car that is so shocking with its amazing drift action. Even before, according to me, the Mustang American Muscle was less popular until finally this one Mustang was made a modified media and looked so rocky, the power displayed.

The logo that is so clearly visible and already known to Hoonigan. How do you know yet what hot items are meant? Still confused, ok I mentioned the name of the drifter. Ken Block already know right? Oh yess Ford Mustang Fastback Hoonicorn Ken Block car which is used for its drifting action which is very powerful and superior.

If as long as what has emerged is a scale of 1/18 of Top Marques, now comes with a small scale of 1/64 of YM Model Cars. The base material of this model car is from Resin with very fine details. The livery is also the same as the original version. For the wheel alloy wheels also the same as the classic patterned gold color.

What really stands out is that the head valve that protrudes upward is formed not original and reckless, but is made neatly and in detail. For functional problems I don’t know yet, because I have never had a collection of YM Models.

But if I were to cast a 1/64 scale functional model I would never mind. If the functionality is running well it is a plus.

According to information, Ken Block’s Ford Mustang Hoonicorn 65 by YM Models will be released on October 2019 with a total production of 1500. And starting today, there are many who have opened PO for this item. for those of you who want to do PO, I give you a price leak. That is around the price of US $ 44.65 but that also depends on where the PO is, sometimes the price can be a difference above or below.

But in my opinion there is no need to care for the price, the most important thing is how to get this item. Because obviously this item is included in a rare treasure hunt. If you don’t get it, don’t regret it later.

Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Mazda 787B Legend of Rotary Machines

The hero will always be remembered, but the legend is never dead … That is the exact expression of the Mazda 787B, the first Japanese racing car to conquer the Le Mans circuit, France, in a 24-hour endurance race in 1991. Unfortunately after becoming champions, the committee banned the use of machinery rotary used 787B in the following season.

Behind the story of the controversy over the ban that happened to, Mazda 787B, now the Legend gets a respectable position as the legend of the manufacturer from Hiroshima and gets a special “throne” at the Mazda Museum in Hiroshima.

If you visit the Mazda museum we will see the 787B which is displayed along with its controversial engine. Controversial because some people believe that the ban is a conspiracy because the Mazda 787B is too strong so it is difficult to beat.

What is clear, in 1991 Mazda became the first Japanese manufacturer to win Le Mans, although two other Japanese manufacturers were actually more favored. History also notes, the 787B became the first racing car to win Le Mans using a rotary engine by completing a distance of 4923.2 km with an average speed of 205.1 kph.

The 787B victory story is no less interesting. Driven alternately by three drivers, Johnny Herbert from England, Bertrand Gachot from France, and Volker Weidler from Germany, the number 55 car started at number 19. Two other 787B Mazdas with numbers 18 and 56 were in the order of 23 and 30.

At the beginning of the race, the car with number 55 has been thrust into third position. A few rounds later, it was in second place behind the Mercedes-Benz C11 driven by Michael Schumacher, Fritz Kreutzpointner and Karl Wendlinger. When the race lasted 22 hours, C11 was forced to enter the pit due to engine problems.

In the final pit stop, Herbert asked to keep driving the car and take the 787B past the finish line as champions. But at the end of the race, Herbert experienced fatigue and dehydration so he did not take the podium with Weidler and Gachot.

Now, the story of the race is always remembered at the Mazda Museum. The legend of the 787B gets its throne as the pride of the country of the Rising Sun.

For those of you who want to have the legend of the Mazda 787B, there is now a collection from Tomica Limited Vintage Neo with a scale of 64. Get the collection immediately before it runs out, because I’m sure this will be a Super Treasure Hunt item. For the price, if it’s not mistaken, it’s at US $ 72.

And for those of you who are Hot Wheels lovers, you can also get it on the Hot Wheels Circuit Legend series. You will get Hot Wheels Mazda 787B with white race number 18, the details are also quite good for Hot Wheels. You could say this is the best diecast from Hot Wheels for the level of detailing in the racing car version.

but it is indeed a big difference compared to Tomica Limited Vintage Neo, but if you really want to collect Mazda 787B collections and budget is minimal, Hot Wheels can be a solution. But if you really don’t care about the budget and are more concerned with the level of detail and good packaging, then the most appropriate choice for the scale of 64 falls on Neo Tomica Limited Vintage Mazda 787B Legend of Rotary Machines.

Porsche RWB 993 Rough Rhythm RSR by Tarmac Works

For Porsche lovers, especially the work of Akira Nakai RWB, it appears that the sightings of Tarmac works Porsche RWB can be seen with Martini livery. This livery had already been on the original RWB Porsche. And now it is applied in casting 64 scale Tarmac Works cars models.

The color is not white but grayscale looks pretty calm, so it’s nice to see. For the original version, RWB993 Rough Rhythm RSR was titled by RWB official and appeared at Osaka Auto Messe 2019 in February.

At first glance it seems that camouflage overfender style is not, still with a style that is identical to RWB when approached. The spoiler uses a model that has an air funnel that is intended for its aerodynamics. And it is very effective to increase the downforce in the rear sector.

The plan for the Porsche RWB993 Rough Rhythm RSR from Tarmac Works will be released in October, there will still be a time spent of 2 months to save before this item is completely released. What should you wait for what packaging will be like? Will it be like the RWB artos Porsche which is black? At that time the packaging was very cool and exclusive because of the plus gold-colored container.

You also need to know that it’s not just colored but until the shape is made exactly the same as the mini scale to the original version. Which is very prominent in the wheels and also on the spoilers that have airscoop. And don’t need to worry about using the iron for RWB 993 Rough Rhythm RSR Porsche.

How about your friend Diecast Lover’s not to miss this cool collection of Porsche RWB 993 Rough Rhythm RSR right? Give a reminder on your cellphone in October, and keep watching your subscription shop. Remember the release in October. This is a mandatory collection that you must have if you are a Porsche lover and the work of Akira Nakai RWB