Top Fuel Dragster Autoworld Diecast New arrivals

Are any of you who like the collection of diecast typecast drag cars? If you really can see the Autoworld brand, because this week Autoworld has shown several diecast images from Top Fuel Dragster several times.

In fact, not only three elements of drivers Terry McMillen, Leah Pritchett and Antron Brown are seen, shown by Diecast Autoworld on a scale of 64.

I never had it, being the top dragster fuel model. But my brother has it and I am not interested in that model. At that time I was in elementary school, which was around 1992. I also didn’t know what the brand was at that time.

This diecast model is clearly very segmented and limited to attraction lovers, because not everyone knows it and is used to it. But for people in America, running a maximum fuel dragster can be an entertainment show.

Now, for those of you who don’t know which race with the strongest fuel, I will try to give a little explanation, who knows after seeing a number of diecast galleries, the maximum fuel dragster model that you are interested in.

So the highest fuel dragster race is the highest caste racing engine in the world of endurance racing on planet Earth, with the fastest record ever reached at 539 kilometers per hour (335 mph) and capable of opening 305 meters (1,000 feet) in just 3.64 seconds only

The car is rather fun because of its long and sharp dimensions armed with a V8 engine equipped with a compressor plus the love of drinking nitro mhetane, this machine can produce very crazy power, 10000 hp, brother. The top fuel dragster does not have a transmission system like most cars, maybe because the driver is so fast that there is no time to play the broadcast.

Due to its high speed, high class dragster fuel race is only 305 meters and not standard 402 meters. This rule was revised in 2008 by the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) after the fatal accident of Scott Kalitta’s funny car pilot during a qualifying session at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey, USA.

Shortening spacing has been used in FIA in some lines, and is now the highest standard of FIA fuel distance. The International Hot Rod Association reduced its range in September 2017 after Santo Rapisarda, a car owner who often joined the NHRA race in the United States, pushed for change. The Australian National Heroes Racing Association is an internationally accredited tester organization with a maximum power of 402 meters (1.320 ft). The standard distance is usually used for spending durability.

Before starting the race, the drivers are often out of energy to clean and warm tires. Additionally, burnout can attach new rubber lining to the surface of the track, which can add ban viscosity in the race.