Suzuki Jimny Sierra 2019 Diecast Model Era Car

Hi bro, do you know yet about the Era brand? This is a new brand, Era Car which also plays on a scale of 64, and the initial collaboration seems to be with Suzuki. If usually a new brand releases a new model with a sports car or supercar, the Era model plays in an SUV, the Suzuki Jimny Sierra car model.

For me this is really an introduction that is quite unique for introduction. Moreover, not many model cars have released the Suzuki Jimny Sierra. If what I know for the Suzuki Jimny Sierra is the new Tomica. But for the details of the leaked images it seems the new era is far better than Tomica. Even if you think of the scale of the New Era there is a scale of 64 while the Tomica on a scale of 57. And cool again for the Suzuki Jimny Sierra from the Era Car overvender wrapped in black and the top is also wrapped in black so it looks fierce as an SUV but looks soft not shifted .

Suzuki Jimny Sierra Era Car appears with 4 colors Yellow, White, Dark Green, Blue and Cream. For the functional seen here is in the engine hood that can be opened. Even for Limited Edition there is a bonus of outdoor tents and ducks.

But this product must compete strongly for now with the senior brand Johnny Lightning who released a variety of clothes with the production base of the Toyota Land Cruiser Classic. The truth is that there are already a lot of fans themselves. But still it is possible to collect Suzuki Jimny Sierra from the Era Car because it has the same character, only different generations.

In my opinion, in addition to the SUV Era Car model collection, I think it is necessary to complete the storefront garage at home, but if I will first. Although actually I was recently coded by the next door neighbor about Johnny Lightning Toyota Land Cruiser. Because tomorrow I want to take Model Cars Pontiac 71 from JADA first, hopefully not yet another person. Tomorrow, until you get the Pontiac, JADA, you don’t need to worry and you don’t need to be long, I will definitely review it for all of you Diecast Lover’s.