Hot Wheels Batmobile Batman Collection

If all this time we always discuss diecast based on cars on the market or custom cars from the Liberty Walk, RWB, etc. We are used to seeing and hearing JDM, American Muscle, and Euro cars. And I’m very sure of all the brands that are attached to each collector, whether it’s JADA Toys, Hot Wheels, M2 Machines, LB, etc.

But what about fantasy cars, like the Batmobile, is there a complete collection of all the versions? Actually, this diecast or casting model is able to penetrate in 2 markets, namely for action figure and diecast model cars lovers.

But why until now I rarely see anyone collecting diecast Batmobile. Even though this casting model is cool and has strong character. Is it because this car is considered to be in the fantasy category so it is less attractive to lovers of diecast model cars?

For action figure lovers, there is no need to ask, because you could say this is a package. Batman, the car is Batmobile.

Actually, if you want to collect batmobile, the item is not too much and can be obtained all. Starting from batmobile, which still uses the basic Lincoln Futura car, the look is still seen as a modified street car, then the Tim Burton Batmobile concocted the first live action on the big screen. Then the Batmobile from the Batman Forever Film, Batmobile from Batman & Robin Film, Continues to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy film, Batman Dark Knight, and the last is Batman vs Superman.

And for the Batman v Superman diecast series the output of Hotwheels is very cool and I think it is the first time Hotwheels has released a collection that is very extraordinary. And I can say the Hot collection of Batman v Superman Batmobile wheels; This Dawn of Justice has no opponent. The way to package it is amazing is very beautiful and it is mandatory to collect it for sure for Batman lovers, action figures and model cars.

This car if he said the maker, was made with a base farming truck obtained in Israel. And the manufacture itself takes 5 months. That’s for the original version, now for us it doesn’t need to have the original version. Just by buying a diecast model car, it’s easy to save.

Review of Hotwheels Car Culture Team Transport Black Hole series 7

Hotwheels Car Culture Team Transport began to appear if it wasn’t wrong one year ago. And I have not been interested in taking it, even though it was tempting when the Greedy truck containing the Nissan Laurel 2000 SGX.

But for those of the 7 series I fought initially at the auction, for some reason in the middle of the auction time I felt challenged to always be above, trying to end my auction up the value was a bit far away. And at that time, if there was someone who was higher than me, then I intended to stop, right, yes, like someone who was indecisive. And it turned out that nothing else was above me until the close time arrived.

At that time I was full of hesitation, was it really the way I had done? But everything is already done, and I have to be responsible. Yes, because not all hotwheels products are able to show off a good level of detail, that makes me doubt. Ok, if the level of detail is not good, it will be paid at a low price, but this is Hotwheels Premium which has a fairly high price different from the regular one.

Now the Hotwheels item has arrived at home, and I have opened it. And it wasn’t too disappointing for the level of detail. Much better than regular Hotwheels.

Let’s peel Hotwheels Car Culture Team Transport.

Speaking of the diecast base, this item is very good. The powder is quite heavy, the level of detail is smooth and neat. The curves are very clear and firm with synchronous scale precision, especially for the truck.

On the wheels, I really like it. Because the character of the Gasser can be translated very well, especially the rear tires that are the hallmark of a gasser car that is much larger than the front tire. The character that makes it strong in the rear tires is using the lower offset alloy wheels and on the rubber tires there are godyear writings.

Even more exciting and very rarely found is this model car item has rollbar on the gasser car, this is definitely extraordinary. Then on the lights we usually have to paint ourselves to show this stop lamp and head lamp. For this item, we don’t need to bother doing the detailing of the paint, because it has been done by the hotwheels themselves, even for truck items the turn signal is also available. Actually it would be much better if this accent uses mica glass.

The disadvantages of this item are in the front sector for the gasser car, which is on the grill and bumper, please value yourself and comment yourself. But this is still helpful because the concept of this car is gasser, so even if it is messy it looks pleasing to the eye, if this is not a gasser car ?? Oh No.

I think we have discussed all the items in the Hotwheels Car Culture Team Transport series 7 Black Hole section. Oh yeah, this item is made in Thailand, bro. The basic gasser car is the Chevy ’66 Super Nova.

Hotwheels Porsche RWB Red Line Club Akira Nakai Figure Hot Issue

There is a hot issue for you RWB Porsche lovers, especially hotwheels maniac. But this issue will only be available later for HotWheels RLC members.

So if you really want to get a RWB Porsche you have to join RLC members first. In the RLC timeline itself there is no information about the presence of Porsche RWB, this product is a collaboration between Hotwheels x RWB.

RWB Porsche that will come out is very different from the previous silhoute. The custom RWB characters are very close here, especially coupled with the RWB Akira Nakai figure, obviously this is a very extraordinary collection that you must have. I think this item will be a fight between Tarmac and Hotwheels fans. Because we know for ourselves, RWB products have always been launched by Tarmac. But so far Tarmac Works has never released RWB products with the Akira Nakai figure. The most recent exclusive item released by Tarmac Works for Porsche RWB is the Porsche RWB Stella Artois plus a Container Display Case Model and Porsche RWB 930 Southern Cross plus a Owner Club Card.

The design packaging is also cool, able to show a fierce & exclusive mix, still added an archery box in it. This time the style of the Porsche RWB 930 is with naked mode and also the position of Akira Nakai is squatting, as if he has just monitored his work. Anyway, cool, bro.

For functional problems such as wheels, engine hoods, and doors that can be opened or not, what I know is that the door can only be opened and a naked bumper can be seen so that the grooves and muffler pipes appear.

I was still thinking hard about why this was not taken by the Tarmac Works, instead he had been producing Porsche for a long time, why why ??? Maybe the Tarmac Works was so bad that the potential market was snatched by Hot Wheels with its Red Line Club.

It is okay for everything to happen, just awaiting when the collaboration item RWB x HW RLC is released. And I don’t know myself later, will I take it or not? Because I also haven’t joined HotWheels RLC myself.

Please see the RWB x HW RLC leaked picture that I got from the Christiancoujin IG hahaha … when will we talk about the human figure of Christiancoujin who is so humble, but that if I can have RWB x HW RLC haha, mode on

Nissan Skyline Super Silhouette Metal Diecast 64

Somehow this month there were 2 brands plus 1 brand in the previous month issued the same product, the Tomica Nissan Skyline RS 3 Super Silhouette. Namely Autoart with a scale of 18 in January, Hot Wheels super silhouette series, and Tomica with its premium edition.

And the most recent Tomica has just been released and many are opening PO. In fact, if you think about this model of the car, the original version was named Tomica, but instead Tomica made the latest model of the car. Maybe Tomica just realized that his car in the 80’s had a lot of fans, and was even considered a Beast Legend. Plus for the version of the car model, it was also in demand and many wanted to collect it. So that Tomica helped reduce it with premium wrapping.

If you are truly a true fan of the skyline I think the choice of Tomica is far more appropriate. Tomica’s Diecast, the original version of the Tomica Nissan Skyline RS 3 Super Silhouette is just synchronous. For the tomica version released on a scale of 64, the diecast metal body base. Tomica Premium Skyline Turbo Silhouette is produced in the amount of 5.555 pcs.

Let’s flashback the story of the Tomica Nissan Skyline Turbo Super Silhouette triumph. But Before reviewing this “devil” car, it’s better if we know about the Super Silhouette first. The Super Silhouette competition is actually a sportcar class with the same regulations as Group.5 from the FIA, which was famous in the 80s throughout the world.

In Japan alone, the Super Silhouette is a special class at the Fuji Grand Championship Series championship, which began from 1979 to 1984, and the Super Silhouette is the most famous & popular class for racing fans in Japan. Want to know the reason?

Super Silhouette, which has regulations, namely the race car used, must have the same silhouette and chassis as the factory version of the car that follows it. The rest? Free! Because of that, monsters were born with designs that were brutal & excessive, in order to pursue maximum speed!

The base of the Nissan Skyline Super Silhouette is Skyline R30 from the 1982 Group.C class, which has a regulation similar to the Super Silhouette and is dubbed Tekkamen (Iron Mask). Finally, Nissan and Hasemi Motorsport rebuilt the Skyline, using a very large body kit, in pursuit of high press power. This body kit design is also the inspiration for the Bosozoku gang to modify their car to resemble the “Granchan” / Grand Champion.

Hasemi Motorsport, uses a chassis with a pipe frame made by Nova Engineering for Group.5, which makes the size of the Skyline much larger than the standard version. The body kit constructor is Mooncraft, the name behind Japanese famous supercars & racing cars such as Mooncraft Shiden & Yamaha OX9-11. The design does look primitive compared to modern racing cars, but it looks more frightening & frightening, even when compared to modern Nissan racing cars such as the GT-R.

There is also a unique modification of this car, which is on the wheels, the design of this alloy itself is quite unique, because the ventilation plate is installed, which (at that time) is considered capable of flowing the wind to the brake device so that the temperature is better maintained.

The uniqueness of the body and wheel design, of course, comes from the engine used. Relying on the LZ20B inline engine that is installed the “hardcore” T05B turbo from Garrett AiResearch, the engine based on the L20B’s Datsun 200SX engine, is capable of spouting power of 570hp @ 7600rpm, aka higher than Formula 1 cars in the 80s.

How was Hasemi-san’s achievement with Nissan Skyline Turbo Super Silhouette? Like this appearance
2 wins in the 1982 season,
5 wins in 1983,
and 2 wins in 1984,

even though they have to compete with legendary racers like H. Yanagida, and K.Hoshino. This car is always brought by Nismo to every festival and becomes a resident of the Nissan Museum.

Hot Wheels SUPREME Car Culture Team Transport

Hot Wheels X SUPREME collaboration is very special for lovers of hot wheels and supreme lovers. The collaboration resulted in the SUPREME label on Hot Wheels Car Culture Team Transport with the contents of 2 metal diecast packages, namely Fleet Flyer Truck & BMW M3.

For clear business plus collectors this is a very special investment, because we know SUPREME’s branding is able to increase the fantastic prices on every market item. Let alone diecast, just the brick that has SUPREME logo can be sold expensive. Sometimes I scratch my head, what you want to do with the brick.

Another case if the clothes are not what brand is there, but there is a signature of a possible Hamilton racer, or Marquez. This is only the SUPREME brand, so you want to appear to exist and be praised in cyberspace. Sorry not to defame the SUPREME brand, because SUPREME itself is not wrong, but the human factor itself. And the SUPREME brand itself only uses that situation. If only the human factor is normal, SUPREME will also be present in the business world just naturally.

But I am full respect for the basic concepts and SUPREME marketing that are very extraordinary, obviously this is not easy and very observant to see these opportunities.

Okay, we go back to diecast, this SUPREME Hot wheels Car Culture Team Transport is now translucent to the figure of US $ 179, but this is crazy for a 64-scale hot wheels product, the number can penetrate hundreds of dollars. For me ohh no, unless SUPREME collaborates with other brands that are able to display detailed diecast. Or specifically for this SUPREME collaboration Hot Wheels wants to print the diecast in detail and neatly like the next stall. And I prefer to take the Hot Wheels Car Culture Team Transport 66 Super Nova Retro Rig. Because the price is reasonable and it is normal to diecast a 64 scale with a medium level of detail.

But if you talk about the value of investment is obviously zero, because it will not produce points, because in my opinion this is not a rare item. It’s different if SUPREME’s Hot Wheels Car Culture Team Transport can go up 3-5 times, YESS all because of SUPREME.

Who are these diecast lovers who already have a SUPREME Hot Wheels Car Culture Team Transport collection? Save your assets well, you can become a god of help in the future from Thanos’s attack hahaha.

Review of the Hot Wheels Custom Porsche 911 GT3

Hot Wheels Custom The first Porsche 911 GT3 model car diecast DiecastOraSambat has from a local production house called Planet Diecast with the Japan style overfender flow.

If all this time, Diecast OraSambat has several diecast overfender styles from Japan directly from the manufacturer, this is the first time trying to recognize the potential of the work of the nation’s children in the field of custom diecast. And it turned out that their potential and skills were extraordinary in modifying a 64-scale diecast.

For current modification, the Hot Wheels Porsche 911 GT3 product is available. Modification inspiration from the modification house RWB (Rauh Welt Begriff). The application is in overfenders, and the results are very neat and detailed, the painting sector is very good. Functional wheels are also capable of spinning well, even though for this wheel sector Planet Diecast modifies it instead of buying it, and the results are very charming. I can say the modification results are as good as the manufacturer and even this car model can be seen instead of Hot Wheels.

If all this time, DiecastOraSambat sees the Diecast modification as just paste, cut, in its application. And it does look cool when photographed but not when closely watched. It turned out that the game was not far enough to discover the extraordinary potential of the nation’s children’s work.

And from the work of Planet Diecast, it seems that DiecastOraSambat will begin to hunt down the results of the Custom Model Car home-produced by the nation’s children. Obviously this is an amazing experience and made DiecastOraSambat excited to collect Custom Diecast. But don’t worry for your Diecast Lovers friends who always want to know about the latest Diecast info and also the Manufacturer Diecast Review, because it will still be there and DiecastOraSambat presents.

The Diecast Custom category will be an addition to this article and can also be a reference for Diecast Lovers if you want to modify it. Because each production house must have their respective expertise in their fields. Hopefully, with this additional category, it will further enliven the production house and also the Diecast collector to prefer local production houses.

Hot Wheels Collectors Porsche 964 Magnus Walker

Regret always comes late, this is only experienced by DiecastOraSambat. All of that is because I rarely pay attention to new release products from Hot Wheels. All of that is also without reason, because indeed the hot wheels product is in the premium class, it is still not 100%, all the products are worked out in detail. Except indeed as material for Custom, both lightweight custom classes to extreem.

Today DiecastOraSambat turns out there are Hot Wheels Products that are very solid, special plus figures. Namely the Hot Wheels Collectors Porsche 964 Magnus Walker. Honestly, I swear that this time DiecastOraSambat saw Hot Wheels products being taken seriously with attention to detail. I don’t know what made Hot Wheels think of making a car model diecast neatly and in detail. Is this because he carried the figure of Magnus Walker? Then who is Magnus Walker?

But before talking a lot about Magnus Walker, DiecastOraSambat want to give info, that is to get the Hot Wheels Collectors Porsche 964 Magnus Walker collection you have to enter as the Hot Wheels Red Line Club Member. But if you are interested, you will be late, just like DiecastOraSambat. Because the product was released on March 26, 2019 and at that time it also seemed to have been sold out. Because the information from the comment dated March 27, 2019 has been sold.

Ok, now it’s time for us to investigate who Magnus Walker is, until Hot Wheels made a Porsche 964 Model Cars Diecast neatly and in detail.

Magnus Walker is a way dressmaker, style icon, car fanatic—and owner of 1 of the world’s most surprising collections of Porsches, housed in an old factory building in los angeles. How he made his means from the blue-collar British city of Sheffield to glitzy southern California is recounted in his autobiography, urban Outlaw. The booklet exudes the identical principle that has run through his life itself—speed is of the essence! Walker’s story also tells its readers the way to keep their love of riding alive in an age of gridlock. For the primary law of urban Outlaw is right here: “drive daily like a race—if want be, against your self.”

He fell in love with a 911 with pink and blue stripes
When Walker speaks of his first come upon with a Porsche 911, his British accent enlivened with West Coast slang, his voice softens. In 1977 he accompanied his father to the Earls courtroom Motor exhibit in London—and promptly fell in love with a 911 with purple and blue stripes. “I knew appropriate away that it was my dream vehicle.” In Sheffield motorized automobiles tended to be trucks, tractors, and different work-connected ability of transport. “I’d under no circumstances considered a activities automobile there,” he says. Sitting in front of the television set, he grew to be enthralled with racing, gazing method One races along with his father and cheering on James Hunt and different legendary British race-vehicle drivers. “I sensed that it had to do with freedom and individual expression,” he says. but driving in Sheffield? no longer value the trouble. Walker didn’t get his driver’s license except the age of twenty-one, in l. a.. four years later he purchased his first Porsche 911 for 7,500 dollars—an act that he calls an “large personal success” to this present day.

It’s tempting to searching for the key to Walker’s miraculous lifestyles in his childhood—in the gray colours of Sheffield. He dropped out of school in 1982, went to the us for a summer season job, and stayed on in California, pushed via the will to make his desires come proper. “The concept of returning to England as a failure changed into unbearable.” He all started through selling self-designed punk fashion in Venice seaside, then entered the real estate business with his spouse, Karen. The 2nd legislation of urban Outlaw is: “If it feels respectable, just do it.”

Hot Wheels The Gulf Racing Series 2019

This Friday Diecast OraSambat is quite busy with real-world activities, almost forgetting to greet and accompany Diecast Lovers who are hungry for new product info and diecast issues. Calm down, DiecastOraSambat still has the remaining energy to inform all of you about diecast.

The current info is on Hot Wheels, because Hot Wheels has a new Diecast release with the Hot Wheels Car Culture Mix 2019 theme The Gulf Racing Series. This is very suitable for all of you who have a focus on the Gulf Racing Series collection.

This time the Hot Wheels Car Culture Mix 2019 The Gulf Racing Series spawns 4 Diecast units, namely the Mustang Boss, McLaren F1, Nissan Laurel, Fiat 500 & VW golf wrapped in the Gulf Racing livery. Indeed, since the initial presence of Hot Wheels collaborated with The Gulf Racing Series, this product has always been the target of diecast collectors and focuses.

It seems that we also need to know the history of the Gulf Racing Team and its work in the world of racing.

headquartered in 1901 at Spindletop, Texas, Gulf promptly grew to become certainly one of america’s oil giants, involved in all aspects of the business, from exploration, through refining, to providing the realm’s first drive-in provider station (in 1911).

From across the Thirties, the company begun dabbling in motorsport sponsorship, a advertising and marketing strategy that, for a lot of, reached a high element within the Sixties, when British racer and engineer John Wyer led the area sportscar championship successful Ford GT40-based Mirage task.

while these enormous-killers grew to become bedroom wall pin-united statesfor a generation of stripling petrol heads, a young German fan grew to be passionate about the theory of going one up on his mates’ scale fashions, and one day owning the precise issue.

while we might commit a complete difficulty to the whole collection, we’ve drawn the road at eight machines that optimum embody the Gulf Racing spirit, including the customized constructed.