Chevy Stingray 63 by JADA toys

The sexy ass of the shoes is bling-bling, which guy is not tempted. Moreover, already sexy hardiness is not spoiled, ouuhhh the dreams of men. Just like the Chevy Stingray 67 body on the buttocks that make the men bite the fingers, bite his fingers if it turns out that Letty Ortis came out hahaha …

Before I also did not know Chevy Stingray, he was born I was made up yet. It’s because of the Fast Furious movie that I know the Cepi Caplin oh that’s Charlie Chaplin hehe …

When I saw it, I was immediately stunned by the butt of this car, the Chevy car remembered, not Letty Ortis. Finally asked the grandparent Google and as always grandparents are really clever, he immediately answered the grandparent. Maybe the grandchild’s intent is nananinini. Yeah that’s right, Chevy Stingray 67.

And finally, I found it the full metal diecast model with 64 from JADA Toys. And this is very suitable because the character of JADA Toys is able to translate well in American Muscle cars. The American Muscle car has a strong character, its body is iron, the engine power must also be strong. And Jada Toys was created in Full Metal, so this is very synchronous. You can compare bringing the JADA diecast scale 64 with the diecast scale model 64 other cars clearly very different in weight, where the JADA Toys are much heavier and also look bigger than the others so the impression of the American music is so impressive. Try to imagine the American muscle iron is thin, the body is small, it’s weird.

For the foot sector, it has become a typical JADA Toys BigTime Muscle version using Lower Offset wheels and large size and this is very cool to add a dashing and elegant impression. The wheels are also wrapped with rubber tires and all four can rotate.

The brush watercolor motif flared with an orange chrome base and the black flame. For the interior sector, it is pretty cool, the classic nuance is seen here with black and gray wrapping.

Diecast model car Chevy Stingray 63 from JADA Toys was released in 2005 entered in the second wave. In the second wave, this Chevy Stingray was released together with Chevy Camaro 69, Chevy Chevelle SS 69, Chevy Nova SS 67, Shelby GT-500KR 67, Plymouth Cuda 70.

Review of Jada Toys Pontiac GTO 71

Like my promise yesterday, if the Widow had come surely would be immediately peeled completely how to enjoy caressing each curve of his metal body. Well, the ups are wrong, Jada toys means bro, not the widow of the next door neighbor. If that is not what I tell you, it can be dangerous and arise that is not desirable.

The feeling of wanting to have the Jada Pontiac GTO 71 Toys is actually very long, you could say that the yearly desire arises. But somehow I always fail to have it. Even before this, I tried to have it with auction entertainment, but it failed. Because it turns out that at the time of closing, I don’t monitor it because I feel confident about getting it, but it turns out there is a sniper, and the results are shot by him with a higher value in the final seconds. And I had to give up the Diecast Pontiac GTO 71 from Jada Toys in the hands of someone else.

And yesterday I saw someone selling, the price was much cheaper than the auction that I followed if I was the winner. So without many questions, I’m just asking Ready? And immediately deal. I got it even in the blister condition and it was still yellowish, because this is an old item.

The Pontiac GTO 71 was released in 2006 to the 6th wave along with the Chevy Camaro 67 & 71, Pontiac Firebird 70, Ford Mustang 65, Shelby Cobra 427 S / C 65.

Comes in yellow and Lower Offset foot style. This is very special for Jada Toys, the Big Time Muscle version, plus the characteristic decal installation that year. This is clearly reminiscent of the Need For Speed ​​Underground 2 game. Actually not only the wheels are Lower Offset but also a large Ring that can give the impression this car is Lower.

Since it was the first time I had a collection from JADA Toys, the thing that made me shocked was that the weight of this model car was much heavier than the brands I had for scale 64. Maybe the comparison could be 2-3 times that of hot wheels. Indeed the information in the blister, there is written 100% Diecast Metal Body & chassis, Yess Steady bro.

The details are much better compared to Hotwheels. You could say it approaches the M2 Machines but the superiority is JADA The iron toys look much more sturdy. Sure this is diecast if it’s thrown and because people can bump and make it stagger, but don’t try it bro hahaha …

The disadvantage is that there are lamp accents, JADA does not use mica glass like M2 Machines, Tarmac or Lb Performance. But it is played with paint, but this is for the version I bought, I don’t know for other versions with different genres.

The wheels are wrapped with a rubber material so that it looks like real, the wheels can rotate well and smoothly, so this diecast can be run. But for the door, hood, or the characteristic of Tomica products is the shock, at JADA toys the value is zero. If I personally prefer the appearance of a body that is detailed, rather than a variety of functional, but the workmanship of the details of the body is not good.

Pontiac GTO 71 JADA Toys that I have is actually a defect on the left front near the main light and also near the fog lamp, like paint peeling. But that I’m sure doesn’t exist on all products, it’s just a coincidence that I got something like that.

And finally I retired first, these eyes were tired and wanted to immediately meet with a mattress, moreover the pillow I had waved told me to approach in his arms. Ok for those of you who have to work, congratulations to work, those who want to take a break please, and who want to come with me to sleep, please go to each room to close the door and count three, one, two, three, SLEEP.