Johnny Lightning Off-Road Toyota Land Cruiser and Jeep Cherokee

Johnny Lightning has often issued 4×4 offroad products, and many have played on the Toyota Land Cruiser. And this time there is a cool package released by Johny Lightning namely the Toyota Land Cruiser and the Cherokee Jeep in one blister.

This Toyota Land Cruiser and Cherokee Jeep Blister package uses the same uniform, which is white-blue-red. And all of them are also equipped with roof bars with tire equipment and a gas tank. You can also add some items if you want to look full on the roof bars.

There are 2 package items offered by Johnny Lightning for this off-road version, the rubber tires. Some are black and some are white and all look cool, for the casting hood this model can be opened, the wheels can rotate well, the details are very good, the base casting is diecast, and this is in accordance with the original version of iron which is strong and sturdy unlike now the iron car is like a wafer can 😅

Casting this model is really a lot of fans, and now you can say it’s just a trend. For those of you who also want to collect it, it should be rather quick to collect it, because each item is produced as many as 2400 items for global.

And your part is fans of diecast photography and creator dioramas don’t miss it too to collect it because this will definitely add beauty and also generate wild creative power.

For the problem of casting prices of the off-road models from Johnny Lightning, it is still very affordable, although there are some shops that dare to sell high prices for the white tire version, the value even translates to US $ 70,69.

Let me add more interest to love the Johnny Lightning Off-Road Toyota Land Cruiser gallery and the Cherokee Jeep, here it is.