Nissan NV350 Liberty Walk Model Cars Scale 1/64

Talking about car modification and also in the world of car models, both diecast model cars or resin model cars, the name of Liberty Walk is ingrained, and everyone knows him as a modifier with style over fender.

If we usually know that the modification of the Liberty Walk is only on sports cars to hypercars. It turned out that the Liberty Walk classmate had also played modifications to the MPess Passenger Car segment, the Nissan NV350.

I believe this is clearly a very rare thing. Especially in the world of diecast model cars. This is a super rare hot treasure hunt. If until the other manufacturers do not come into play here, then prepare you who have Car Models NV 350 Liberty Walk in the future to be the target of first-time collectors.

I think maybe not too much is informed about Nissan NV 350 Liberty Walk Car Models, and be happy for my disasters who are always loyal and still loyal readers in this blog stall. Yes because if you respond quickly, hurry up hunting and get the Nissan NV 350 Liberty Walk Scale 1/64 immediately.

If you buy the Nissan NV350 Liberty Walk Cars Models, you have 4 kinds of color choices, namely Red, Silver, White & Baby Blue. And for the case when viewed from its base, it can be ascertained that this case has an acrylic box.

For the price it is also still affordable actually for you, but not for myself now. That is at the price of US $ 30-32 it will depend on what side you get it from? Because we know that getting too long-handed will make the price more expensive, especially the Nissan NV350 Liberty Walk produced by Super Limited Edition.

I certainly don’t know, but referring to previous models of cars that only have limited edition produced as many as 999 items. But this is written Super Limited Edition, then we can be sure that these Car Models are produced far below the 999 numbers. 299 items worldwide

Actually I also want to review this car model to be able to show more about what details you can get if you have this item, but sorry my economic situation worsened so that I could not afford to buy car models that only cost US $ 30.

Yes, so far, for the diecast model car items that I reviewed, I purely bought with my own money, not a loan item from the seller. So I dare say this is good and not in some sectors or as a whole if that’s what has to be said.

Sorry I was even off-topic, carried away bro. Ok, so my friend was recently cast on the new issue of the item from Liberty Walk, the Nissan NV350 Liberty Walk Model Cars Scale 1/64

Fuelme Models Car Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk 50th Limited Edition 1/43 scale

Fuelme Models now appear and come with a 1/43 scale Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk 50th Limited Edition. Obviously this is a model that must be collected, why? Because this is a model that might be the exclusive right of the Fuelme Model so it won’t be available to other brands.

You all already know that if an item becomes an exclusive right, it will obviously become the target of heavy collectors, and if you miss it, be prepared to get it another time at a much higher price.

The 1/43 scale car model is also very cool collected by you guys. The size is much bigger than the 1/64 diecast cars but much smaller than the 1/32 diecast model cars let alone the 1/24 diecast cars. With a scale of 1/43 the detailed diecast models are able to translate well and look much more realistic when compared to 1/64 diecast cars.

And for you lovers of 1/43 scale model cars, it is much easier to photograph and still be pleasant to carry around without bother, it still feels the same as 1/64 diecast cars.

Fuelme Models Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk 50th Limited Edition is intriguing with a combination of colors that are bright but gripping. This is produced from a combination of colors Orange, Red and Black. And it seems that there are lots of hands for this small model, as Fuelme Models explained that this car model is designed by K.S supports, there are Benz Daemon, Infinite Motorsport and Wrap Icon.

The base display is also very exclusive with the double layer, the base layer uses the transparent acrylic and the second layer uses the acrylic milk. So that it can look clean and elegant. Only the shortcomings in the name tag, if only Fuelme wants to use an iron plate or anything that can look like an iron plate then the impression of elegance will be much stronger.

What still makes me curious is why it’s said to be a bull from Thailand? Are these diecast models cars made in Thailand or are the real owners of this Thai Aventador Lamborghini, if anyone knows, may you comment below.

Nissan GTR R35 Liberty Walk Advan Livery Model Cars Scale 43

There is a super special appearance from the Liberty Walk, looking so dashing Nissan GTR R35 with Advan livery in front of the garage. The colors are very identical black and red so fierce shows the ferocity of the GTR R35.

But don’t fall asleep with the beautiful Nissan GTR R35 Liberty Walk wrapped in the Advan livery, keep an eye on your steps not to step on the baby Nissan GTR R35 Liberty Walk Livery Advan. The little one who is gahar also doesn’t want to miss showing off his full appearance. It comes with a scale of 43 with a level of detail that doesn’t need to be asked, because every appearance of the Model Cars Lb Performance is almost always present with perfection.

Unique and a power of interest in the Nissan GTR R35 The Liberty Walk Advan Livery is in two sectors, namely the front diffuser and hood engine. If in the previous series the hood engine sector was not touched with modification, it was left with the factory base, both for Lb Performance and Mini GT, for which the hood engine was touched to be modified to make the R35 GTR character look macho, plus the front diffuser with iron scraping accents , then the macho and fierce appearance can be combined nicely and smoothly. Smooth effect can be produced because the colors are not overlapped and left to breathe between the bumper and diffuser even all sectors in front.

Flowing towards the back all seemed to be aligned without any distance separating or happening the gab, everything looked natural, even though bad scratches were hit hard with the rear over fender able to strengthen the macho feel. The spoiler is also different from before, this time equated with the Lamborghini version.

I don’t know for the basic material for this version 43, if previously on the scale of 64 the materials were basically diecast, plastic & rubber. We recommend that we wait patiently for this model to be released and who will get the license.

I myself don’t know, I want to buy a scale of 43 or 64? All depends on the amount of production. Because if the production is below 1000, then tet tott … only time is talking hahaha …

Review of Nissan GT-R R35 Liberty Walk Zero Fighter

Yess’s Zero Zero Zero Fighter finally the long wait has ended, patience is paying off. You can also finally the Nissan GTR R35 Liberty Walk Zero Fighter products from Lb Performance instead of Mini GT, diecast scale 64.

Yess Nissan GTR R35 The Liberty Walk Zero Fighter is made in diecast instead of resin where the models of cars I previously bought like 2 Lamborghini Aventador & Lamborghini Huracan made with resin. So it’s very prone. I was really surprised when I was unboxing. My initial suspicion was that the burden was heavier than the previous LB performance product. Then I chose a wide field and without accessories, the top car I held felt hard. To make sure I try to pat the index finger with the rhythm of 1/1 slowly then increase until finally, I use the finger joint to pat it, and yess in my heart that the model of this car is diecast.

Indeed the details have dropped by around 10-20%. But maybe this can be fatal if it is applied to the Lamborghini Aventador because indeed sculpting for the Nissan GTR R35 is not as complicated as the Lamborghini Aventador. But to be honest I am more stable if made diecast because I am not too worried when invited to a road trip.

The negative value of the Nissan GTR R35 Liberty Walk Zero Fighter product, which is the first in the box, looks unusual, not exclusively box Lamborghini huracan, which until now still holds the record as the best model car packaging for 64 scales, as well as the base display. The second is the lack of sharp indentation in certain parts that are indeed difficult to apply to models of cars with diecast methods, which is quite reasonable. But when compared to fellow 64-scale diecasters, this product is in the best category.

There is one unique feature here that I have never met, namely in the part of the mirror part the material is made of rubber and it is well formed. Though this part is included in a small part but is able to look different. But there is a part that must be sacrificed, namely in the rearview mirror which finally has to be gone.

Overall product Lb Performance of the Nissan GTR R35 Liberty Walk Zero Fighter is a very good, minor error. And tomorrow I will paste it on my car Dashboard so that he will gather with fellow Liberty Walk, the Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk, Monster Energy, and the Lamborghini Huracan Liberty Walk.

How about you already have a collection of Nissan GTR R35 Liberty Walk Zero Fighter yet? Or still hesitant to buy it? Hopefully, after reading my thread, the heart is more determined to buy a Cars Model Diecast Nissan GTR R35 Liberty Walk Zero Fighter from Lb Performance.

review of Lamborghini Aventador Monster Energy Lb works

According to my promise yesterday that today we will review the Lamborghini Aventador Monster Energy Lb Works, a product that is only produced limited to 999, made handmade with basic resin materials, scale 64.

For this time, I got a serial number of 256, it’s fine than not getting it. This model of the car lamborghini aventador monster energy lb works is very impressive to me, because the level of detail is very good and almost I can’t find a negative side gap. There are only a few questions in this model car, which is the livery.

What exactly is in the mind of the makers of this model cars, why are the livery parts not made in water slide decal, but ordinary decals. Is it possible to catch up to look like the real one using a decal? But what happened a little seemed less integrated with the overall body. More looks sticked to the body. If you just use a water slide decal like in the previous version, I think this model of cars will be even better. And it can be categorized as a perfect 64 scale car model.

The second is on the seat, indeed the seat looks sporty but the unfortunate one is not shown a color combination, here it just looks all black. So that the level of detail of the seat is blurred and neglected. Why not give a little color composition breaker like in the previous series. But this can be used by custom diecast activists to modify the seat sector.

If in the previous thread someone asked the wheel to spin or not? I will answer for lb works on scale 64 there are no wheels that can rotate. And that did not affect me, because what I was looking for was the level of detail in collecting model cars. For what wheels can rotate and the door can be opened if the details are not worked out nicely. An example is a diecast product that is much older and has a lot of known brands, even the premium class is not able to approach the level of detail.

There is one more question, if anyone knows, please scribble in the comments column. Whose work is made by, is it ok? For the scale of 18, Masahiro is sure to work, because he uploaded himself on his Instagram, from the process to finishing. But whoever created it, I salute you and I raise 4 thumbs up for you.

If there are still those who open a PO or sell it and you really want to have it, you don’t need to hesitate to have it to be collected. I myself have collected lb products works Lamborghini Aventador and lamborghini huracan. How about you?

Lamborghini Huracan Lb Performance 1/64

Lamborghini Huracan Lb Performance 1/64 – Hi, friend, Diecast Lover’s, today I’m really happy, you know, why aren’t you happy? That’s because diecast Lamborghini Huracan LB Performance 1/64 which has long been awaited finally arrived too. It takes patience in waiting this time, imagine 3 months of indent term. And when I arrived at home it turned out that the item was exclusively exclusive.

Lamborghini Huracan Lb Performance is a miniature that makes your heart melt and awe. This diecast is so perfect and exclusive, plus this product is only produced 999 handmade, this is definitely extraordinary. Costs incurred are balanced with goods received.

What’s so special about this Lamborghini Huracan Lb Performance 1/64? The answer is to have a super special level of detail for diecast size 64, both from the exterior and interior. We start from the exterior, all the curves of the diecast lamborghini huracan are really neat, detailed and precise. This is because the base resin is not diecast so it is able to create details in each part. Only the weakness is not hardiness. All the settings are really the same as the size of the real. Starting from widebody, spoiler, decal, diffuser, none of the paintings fail in progress.

Although actually until now there hasn’t been a baby blue color for Lamborghini Huracan. Work on the Liberty Walk for Lamborghini Huracan is actually red. But DiecastOraSambat felt that the baby blue color was identical to the Liberty Walk Lb Performance. So when there are open PO 2 in red and baby blue, DiecastOraSambat chooses the baby blue color.

Not in vain and not disappointed indent period 3 months to diecast Lamborghini Huracan paid off and satisfied. Also check out the DiecastOraSambat story on the Youtube Channel   

Isn’t it cool, bro, if we don’t know about the specifications of this car. Lamborghini Huracan handed over to the engine capacity of 5204 cc which can be driven to penetrate the maximum speed of more than 325 km / h or equivalent to 202 mph. The acceleration that can be achieved by this supercar is 3.2 seconds from speeds of 0 to 100 km / h and just 9.9 seconds to reach speeds of 200 km / h from the stop position. Lamborghini Huracan is also equipped with a type of V10 engine with a capacity of 5.2 liters and produces up to 449 KW of horsepower that you can use in 7 double clutch acceleration transmissions titled “Lamborghini Doppia Frizione” present in the motion of all wheels.

Review Lamborghini Aventador scale 64 by LB Work

Lamborghini Aventador scale 64 by LB Work – Hallo Diecast Lover’s this time DiecastOraSambat will review the new Diecast released by LB. Scale 64, which is the Lamborghini Aventador which he said only produced 999.

This Lamborghini Aventador product is made from resin. If seen written in the box, it is written very clearly handmade. Here the question arises, are these products really handmade one by one? If indeed yes, then it is true if in the production there are some that fail. One example is mine.

The obvious disadvantages are in the rear sector, precisely in the rear grill under the lights. There is a file in detailing painting, which is quite unfortunate for highend products, there are errors in detailing painting, especially this product is only produced 999.

The advantages of the Lamborghini Aventador scale 64 products from LB.Work are in the detailing model. Obviously this product is very superior when compared to the competitors who first fought in the diecast world. Plus the workmanship in the decimal sector can I say perfect. Interior matters are also very special, even this Lamborghini Aventador seat is the same as the Origin Seat.

Indeed the superiority of products made from resin is in the detailing of the model and coloring. I can say 90% is like 1: 1. Overall the 64 scale Lamborghini Aventador product from LB.Work is very good and worthy of being a collection. For more details, please go to the Youtube channel 

A little extra let me add more interest, which is about the Lamborghini Aventador kitchen. This car is equipped with a L539, 4VALVE, DOHC engine with a step x diameter of 95.0 mm x 76.4 mm which has a compression ratio of 11.8: 1. This engine can issue maximum power reaching 552 KW at 8400 rpm, while for torque reaching 90 Nm at engine speed 5,500 rpm.

The performance produced by the engine is channeled with a full injectio fuel system so that the supercar can produce energy that is so perfect. And the resulting acceleration is 0-100km / h in just 2.9 seconds the steering system gearbox with 7 speed automatic.