Porsche RWB 993 Rough Rhythm RSR by Tarmac Works

For Porsche lovers, especially the work of Akira Nakai RWB, it appears that the sightings of Tarmac works Porsche RWB can be seen with Martini livery. This livery had already been on the original RWB Porsche. And now it is applied in casting 64 scale Tarmac Works cars models.

The color is not white but grayscale looks pretty calm, so it’s nice to see. For the original version, RWB993 Rough Rhythm RSR was titled by RWB official and appeared at Osaka Auto Messe 2019 in February.

At first glance it seems that camouflage overfender style is not, still with a style that is identical to RWB when approached. The spoiler uses a model that has an air funnel that is intended for its aerodynamics. And it is very effective to increase the downforce in the rear sector.

The plan for the Porsche RWB993 Rough Rhythm RSR from Tarmac Works will be released in October, there will still be a time spent of 2 months to save before this item is completely released. What should you wait for what packaging will be like? Will it be like the RWB artos Porsche which is black? At that time the packaging was very cool and exclusive because of the plus gold-colored container.

You also need to know that it’s not just colored but until the shape is made exactly the same as the mini scale to the original version. Which is very prominent in the wheels and also on the spoilers that have airscoop. And don’t need to worry about using the iron for RWB 993 Rough Rhythm RSR Porsche.

How about your friend Diecast Lover’s not to miss this cool collection of Porsche RWB 993 Rough Rhythm RSR right? Give a reminder on your cellphone in October, and keep watching your subscription shop. Remember the release in October. This is a mandatory collection that you must have if you are a Porsche lover and the work of Akira Nakai RWB

Koenigsegg Agera RS Tarmac Works 64

Accompanying your weekend, today there is an interesting leak for you hypercar lovers, especially those on the scale of 64. Yes it looks clearly visible Koenigsegg Agera RS model cars from Tarmac Works.

This model of the car has actually been seen during the expo in Japan. But this time the model cars began to be immortalized in a frame camera with cool dioramas with Japanese nuances. Shown with modern steel color castings and yellow accents make elegant and sporty shades appear and live.

Enchanting base body curves can be translated quite well. For spoilers it’s also ok, but don’t expect hide and appear to function. Position can only appear, and it is not bad. Even for the wheel parts can approach the real.

Indeed, for 64-scale diecast metal prints there will always be a lack or miss detail in certain parts, because it’s indeed a small size so it’s quite difficult. Moreover, the character of the car now is very much curved in the body, both soft and sharp curves.

The deficiency in the production of the Koenigsegg Agera RS in the Tarmac Works is located in the diffuser section and the yellow paint accent details, if only the Tarmac Works wants to put or combine plastic material on the diffuser, I am sure this product will appear perfect for 64 scale.

But don’t know too later when the release turns out to perform better. Because maybe the photos that came out right now are just a sample to introduce that the Tarmac Works will soon release the model of the 64-scale Koenigsegg Agera hyper car cars.

But these shortcomings can be covered with the hood engine can be removed, and as far as I know this is the first product if it really can be opened as seen in the exhibition window yesterday in Japan. Because we know all the functional doors, hoods, luggage has never functioned properly

Speaking of prices, I’m sorry I myself haven’t gotten a whisper from the next neighbor. Want to be priced at what price and produced in how many units. For now there is no, because it also doesn’t know when it’s released.

Tarmac Works Mercedes AMG GT3 Boxset reckon off

Are there Mercedes AMG GT3 lovers here? There’s the latest news from Tarmac works bro. The Mercedes AMG GT3 like Black Boxset which was released in 2018 in December has now dropped in price.

The most down is just how many digits are still expensive, yeah right it’s still expensive. But the digit drop is quite significant bro, if in the past when the initial release price was at US $ 258 now at US $ 199. It’s really far down.

This product is also included in the limited edition, so you don’t worry. For Tarmac Works Mercedes AMG GT3 like Black Boxset products only 999 sets are produced. Indeed, for this product, the sales are quite slow. Even though this package consists of 4 AMG GT3 units, 3 non driver units, and one unit plus drivers in it.

There are still 6 container boxes, 3 mini figures, accessories diorama pit lane consisting of barrier yellow & black, 2 granstand seats, 3x pit roads. If it is assembled, it can produce cool dioramas, especially if you have additional accessories and other mini figures that you can combine in the package and you can make decorations in your living room.

But maybe a little analysis of why this product is slow in sales and has to cut prices quite a lot. The first thing to come is not from the price but in the livery of each model car from the Mercedes AMG GT3, that is in my opinion. If only the use of the livery uses several existing and different series for each car, maybe people will think hard and try to have it faster. The second is new on the price issue, we will see how after the cut price can give effect? If only moving slowly means the possibility that is closest is my first analysis. Haha why do I even look like a political person, oh no … no …

But if I myself do not take it because it is indeed the model livery car, if I force it I would definitely have to spend more money on custom in the livery section. Then what about you bro?

After seeing the downward price, what is your reaction, will you take it or just ignore it while waiting for the Tarmac Works to release the model car hypercar Koenigsegg Agera RS ??

Mitsubishi Evo X Tarmac Works Super Taikyu Series 2008

The last legend that was suspended animation, did not budge towards renewal. Silence goes in place. Every generation of yours is always awaited, every generation of yours is always engraved in the hearts of young people. You came with 3 diamonds and you came to echo Evolution.

Please ignore the poem above, because it can make you feverishly acute hahaha. It’s been a long time since this eye didn’t see the appearance of a Mitsubishi Evo on the road, but it doesn’t know why, this past week the eye saw the appearance of 2 Evo units. The first when trying to find the way of mice to avoid congestion, accidentally saw the appearance of the Mitsubishi Evo 3 which still looks pretty good, only the paint is rather faded.

And the second appearance is Misubishi Evo X when I come home from dinner. For this one the body is still yess and the paint is still very good. Very clearly the Evo X is very well cared for by the owner.

And it turns out the two sightings that took place within this week signaled the presence of the Evo X Super Taikyu Series 2008 tarmac products with a very well-known livery brand shock breaker, Ohlins, which was washed in yellow and blue. Comes on a scale of 64 which is so adorable and ready to make us have to break into our savings.

Today I actually want to swear at Tarmac why launching Evo X this month, even though I plan to stop this month first to buy diecast. How about this? My faith is faltering for now, still holding back or being tempted by the Legend Evo X.

A little explanation, tarmac products still remain with diecast, but have not replaced their model cars with resin, the wheels can still rotate even though they are not as hot as the wheels. The level of detail is very good for the 1/64 model car size. Display using archives is still well maintained.

How to Diecast Lovers? Purchased to be a collection or not is the Mitsubishi Evo X Ohlins Livery Tarmac product?

Review of Nissan GTR Nismo GT 300 Gainer Tanax 2015

Good night bro Diecast OraSambat Diecast lovers will review products from the Nissan GTR Nismo GT3 Gainer Tanax 2015. This 64-scale diecast product is very cool and fleeting according to the original car. Because we really know that the focus of TarmacWork products is to make miniature sports cars in competition. First, seeing this product, this heart immediately fell in love.
We need to know beforehand that the Super GT Race began to compete since 1993 with the initial name JGTC (Japan Grand Touring Championship). Now, the championship has a special place among motorsport lovers, both inside and outside Japan. Initially, JGTC was held as a substitute for the Japanese Sports Prototype Championship and the Japan Tour Car Championship, a championship that competed in sports cars and cars Group C touring Group A.

In order not to dominate and swell the cost of the participants, the Japanese Automotive Federation (JAF) regulatory body through its GT Association subsidiary provided engine limits and heavy penalties for winning cars. It aims to keep the competition competitive. The opening season participants came from the JGTC class, which was a modification of the Group A car and the Japanese Super Sport Sedan.

In the 1994 season, JGTC competed in the GT1 and GT2 classes simultaneously. The cars used are increasingly varied, such as the Toyota Supra, Ferrari F40, until the Group C Porsche 962. Although at a glance the cars have different strengths, through the hands of the JGTC GT Association can still compete, without the dominance of one car.

Even so, the GT1 and GT2 classes were replaced by GT500 and GT300 in the 1996 season due to increased costs to compete in the GT1 class. Both of these classes are the beginning of JGTC’s recognition among motorsport lovers, both inside and outside Japan, thanks to the appearance of these cars in the Gran Turismo video game.

Just like the previous two classes, European cars were also enlivened, such as the McLaren F1 GTR and Porsche 911 GT2 (GT500), as well as the BMW M3 and Porsche 964 (GT300). Especially for the GT500 class, interest in European cars is not as much as the GT300. Noted, the last European car used was the Aston Martin DBR9 used by the Nova 2009 team. As a result, the choice of GT500 cars remained in the constructors of Toyota, Nissan and Honda the following season.

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Tarmac Works Subaru WRX STI All Japan Rally Championship 2016

My friend Diecast Lover’s for you diecast lovers Rally Car, Tarmac Works on March 29, 2019 released the Car Rally Model, the Subaru WRX STI 2016 All Japan Rally Championship, won by driver Toshihiro Arai.

The Diecast model car of the Subaru WRX STi All Japan Rally Championship was actually introduced at the Singapore Diecast Expo 2019 but was only released on March 29, 2019. The uniqueness and beauty of collecting tarmac works products is that we are also able to recognize more in car figures, car history, race , even up to the racer.

This time Diecast OraSambat will tell about driver Toshihiro Arai the driver from Arai Team with the Subaru WRX STi All Japan Rally Championship.

Toshihiro Arai is a japanese veteran rally driver and team owner who remains energetic in the japanese rally championship at the age fifty one. Most these days, he won countrywide rally title in 2018.
previous in a career, he recorded 89 begins within the World Rally Championship between 1997 and 2010, profitable the production WRC titles in 2005 and 2007. right through his whole profession, Arai become using Subaru rally cars.

Toshi Arai made WRC debut in 1997
Toshi Arai started his rally career in 1987. Ten years later, he made his foreign debut on this planet Rally Championship, taking part at 1997 Rally Australia. He turned into using community N-spec Subaru Impreza 555 for Subaru Rally group Japan, finishing 16th universal and fourth in group N classification.
In 1998, he accelerated his schedule to 3 WRC movements, using a Subaru Impreza WRX in New Zealand, Australia and extraordinary Britain. Arai’s navigator in 1998 became Roger Freeman, who stayed with him unless the conclusion of 2000.

Seven WRC begins in 1999, seven extra in 2000 WRC season
In 1999, Arai recorded seven starts on the planet Rally Championship, the first 4 in a Subaru Impreza S4 WRC and then three begins with Subaru Impreza WRX N4 motor vehicle in a production class. He scored two PWRC victories, at China Rally and Rally Australia, completing third in the last PWRC standings.
In 2000, Arai spent the lots of the season in a Subaru Impreza S5 WRC, riding that car in six WRC events and one ERC circular. His most effective outcomes have been fourth region at Acropolis Rally and victory at Tour de Luxembourg. At Rally Australia, he changed into 2nd in creation category in a Subaru Impreza WRX.

Ten begins with Subaru World Rally group in 2001
In 2001, Toshi Arai changed into a member of the Subaru World Rally group, alongside full-time drivers Richard Burns and Petter Solberg. Arai turned into riding a Subaru Impreza S7 WRC in ten events, completing top-rated in the fourth place at Cyprus Rally. His navigator in nine rallies turned into Glenn Macneall and he changed into changed by using Tony Sircombe in the ultimate round.
Sircombe stayed with Arai in 2002, recording eight begins on the earth championship, six of them in PWRC class and two in a world Rally automobile. Arai was a PWRC winner at Rally Australia, completing the season fourth in PWRC aspects.

PWRC vice-champion for two years in a row
In 2003, Arai became a member of Subaru production Rally team, scoring four wins in six PWRC begins and completing 2d in the points, dropping a title to Martin Rowe.
In 2004, Toshi established his own team Subaru team Arai, continuing to race with Subaru Impreza in the production WRC. He scored no wins, just two podiums, completing again as a PWRC vice-champion. This time, a champion was Niall McShea.

production category world champion in 2005
In 2005, Toshi Arai and Tony Sircombe reached the height in a construction classification of the area Rally Championship, scoring 4 wins and taking the championship title. They have been rally winners in Sweden, Turkey, Japan and Australia. backyard WRC, Arai additionally participated in the Asia-Pacific Rally Championship, scoring two wins and finishing 2nd in the features.
In 2006, Arai all started a season with a PWRC victory in Mexico. Later within the season, he scored no wins or podium, completing sixth in the PWRC points. He also joined Subaru World Rally group in his domestic experience, using a Subaru Impreza S12 WRC at Rally Japan and taking some features with the sixth region.

an extra championship title in 2007
In 2007, Toshi Arai and Tony Sircombe claimed their 2d PWRC championship title. In six movements, they were rally winners at Acropolis Rally and Rally New Zealand.
The subsequent season turned into disappointing for Arai because he scored only one podium in six PWRC makes an attempt. That year, Glenn Macneall grew to be his navigator once more. The outcomes were slightly more desirable in 2009 when Arai and Macneall scored three PWRC podiums to finish fifth within the points.
ultimate WRC attempt in 2010
Arai was fifth in the PWRC standings once more in 2010, sharing a Subaru Impreza STi N15 with Daniel Barritt. They have been on podiums two times, at Rally Mexico and Rally de France.
That changed into the closing season for Toshi Arai in the world Rally Championship. He spent the subsequent two seasons in the Intercontinental Rally problem, using a Subaru Impreza STi R4. His finest consequences had been the seventh vicinity at Cyprus Rally in 2011 after which the third location at Cyprus Rally in 2012.

Seven victories at Rally Hokkaido
he received that event in 2010, 2008, 2006 and 2003. Later in a career, he received one other time at Rally Hokkaido in 2016.
In 2013, Arai joined Stohl Racing to power a Subaru Impreza STi R4 in 4 rounds of the European Rally Championship, finishing premier within the third region at Sibiu Rally Romania.
jap rally champion in 2015 and 2018
Toshi Arai closed his foreign career on the end of 2013, switching a focus to national rallying from 2014. He gained only 1 rally that year in a Subaru Impreza STi, finishing third in type. next 12 months, he was a rally winner five instances, taking the championship title in the right classification JN-6.

In 2016, Arai brought three greater wins in national rallies to his account and then three extra in 2017, finishing third in elements in 2016 and second in the features in 2017. In 2018, Arai dominated within the japanese rally championship, scoring six victories and taking his second championship title. His navigator in each championship-successful seasons was Naoya Tanaka.

Honda Civic EG6 Spoon Japan N1 Endurance series 1993 Limited edition

2 Today is a happy day for Diecast Lover’s, yes because indeed these two days are right for Singapore Diecast Expo 2019, starting from yesterday on March 22, 2019.

All hunters around the world gather at this annual event. In addition, in this event, the companies released some of their newest products and also introduced any new products that will be released in the near future.

At the Singapore event, the Diecast Expo introduced two products at once from Honda, namely
1. Honda Civic EG6 Spoon | Japan N1 Endurance series 1993 | Limited edition

2. Honda Civic EK9 Shell | FARA; Homestead II 2016 | Limited edition 1920 pcs

But sorry for the 2 Honda Civic EG6 products and also EK9 already sold out 6 hours ago. Don’t be disappointed, Diecast Lover’s if the hunters are evil. Stay calm among those who buy when not all collectors, there are also sellers. You can still get it either by direct purchase or auction system.
To treat your disappointment, we should tell a little story of the two Honda Civic.

Honda Civic EG6 First appeared in 1992 with the characteristic of full orange front turn signal, side lights near fenders, original alloy wheels with 5 bars and still using 1 ply radiator. In 1994 a facelift appeared with a difference in the form of a fog lamp, a twilight lamp, no side lights and a 2 ply radiator. The features available on this car are quite complete. Power steering, power windows, central lock and electric mirrors already exist. For entertainment facilities a radio / tape cassette is available. The safety features are quite good with the seat belt in the back seat and rear brakes that have been using discs even though they have not been ventilated.

The advantages of the Honda Civic Estilo are the impression of sportiness and body models that are timeless. The handling of this car is very good thanks to being supported by an independent front rear double wishbone suspension and stabilizer.

As for the Honda Civic EK9 you can check here. Ok, this is the news today from DiecastOraSambat, tomorrow we will continue to go back still about Singapore Diecast Expo 2019

Review Diecast Honda Civic Type R FK8 Tarmac Works

Review Diecast Honda Civic Type R FK8 Tarmac Works – Greetings, for all of us, friend, Diecast Lover’s. DiecastOraSambat today will review the Diecast Honda Civic Type R FK8 Tarmac Works with NASA Livery 25 hours of Thunderhill 2017.

Diecast Honda Civic Type R FK8 has a scale of 1/64 with a metal base, rubber wheels, glass and lights from mica materials. This diecast is miniature from the Honda Civic Type R FK8 for the 24-hour race at Thunderhill Raceway Park in 2017. And released in December 2018 yesterday.

Diecast from Tarmac Works has never been doubted for the quality of the model. For this FK8 Honda Civic Type R Product DiecastOraSambat can say perfect. There are no mistakes, all presented well, from the modeling, painting, decalement, wheels, mirrors, even to the interior. If in the previous review Mercedez Benz GT3 there was a slight error in the front winglet aerodynamics that were less synchronous in scale, then on the Honda Civic Type R FK8 all accessories were installed synchronously without any miss scale.

But if you collect Tarmac Work products do not think getting functional car functions, such as doors and hood can be opened. The only thing that is functional is on the wheels and not too well. Because Tarmac Work’s focus is on the perfection of the model and the Livery Team Racing.

For DiecastOraSambat functional problems on a 1/64 scale are actually bonuses, more important is the level of modeling detail. Because we buy diecast, it is indeed used as a collection not for toys that can be collided, thrown, or pushed back and forth.

For those of you who are still hesitant to bring Diecast Honda Civic Type R FK8 Tarmac Works do not need to hesitate anymore, Diecast OraSambat is highly recommended for this product. You can check the details on Youtube.

Isn’t it cool, bro, if we don’t know about the specifications of this car. This Honda Civic Type R is claimed to be able to produce a maximum power of up to 320 Ps in rotation to 6,500 rpm and capable of reaching a torque point of up to 400 Nm at a rotation to 2,500 rpm. Well, this hot hatch with a sporty appearance will later channel the burst of power produced by the engine through a 6-speed manual transmission system with a control system that will maximize the performance of the Honda Civic Type R engine to suit the driver’s wants and needs.

On the other hand, this car also has engine supporting features that are quite sophisticated and functional, such as the drive mode feature which consists of Comfort mode for more relaxed driving and Sport or + R for those who like to drive at super high speeds. In fact, this Honda Civic Type R also has an adaptive damper system feature that can be integrated into four car wheels which are also supported by + R mode. Thus, this car is equipped with a reliable and sturdy engine components with super awesome power.

Mercedes Benz AMG GT3 Linkin Park Tarmac Works Review

Mercedes Benz AMG GT3 Linkin ParkTarmac Works Review – Linkin Park is my favorite band DiecastOraSambat from the first. When first the Linkin Park Music Band appeared on MTV at that time I immediately fell in love, Hybrid Theory’s first music album in the form of a cassette I immediately bought.

And when I got word the vocalist Chester Bennington died of suicide, I immediately got sad. But the sadness was quite remedied by Tarmac Works products, namely Mercedes Benz AMG GT3 with stripin Linkin Park.

The Mercedes AMG GT3 with striping Linkin Park appeared in 2016 and was used by the Black Falcon Team in the 24 hours endurance racing championship in Belgium. And indeed to make this Striping the Mercedes teamed up with Linkin Park.

DiecastOraSambat buying this diecast is actually not long ago in 2018. When I first saw this product the feeling was the same when I first heard Linkin Park’s music. Immediately without thinking, I bought this little diecast.

The Tarmac Works product is always special to collect. Viewed from the front, side, back, top, the Linkin Park Mercedes Benz AMG GT3 product is arguably 99% perfect.

Starting from the Front Grill, Engine Hood, front & rear lights, the spoiler has no error. For details of painting and striping it is also perfect. 1% The data is that the front winglets are too thick for 1/64 diecast. But even then it is installed neatly & real precision. So for the Tarmac Work Mercedes AMG GT3 product Linkin Park DiecastOraSambat there can’t be too many comments, only what history and passion can make it want to have it.

Isn’t it cool, bro, if we don’t know about the specifications of this car. Mercedez-AMG GT R uses a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine with Direct Injection fuel supply system. The engine on this car in the test is capable of removing maximum power of 585 hp and maximum torque at 700 Nm. The power produced by the engine in this car is the strongest in the Mercedez-AMG GT series. It only takes 3.6 seconds to accelerate from 0-100 km. The overall power of the car is also channeled through a 7- speed double clutch automatic transmission.