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How are you guys today? Keep the spirit to live your activities, hopefully the fortune will remain smooth, always healthy. Somehow from last night this thought was haunted by Hollywood words. Yes, instead of getting dizzy, it’s better. I pour it here, talk casually with the Diecast Lovers. Talking about Hollywood is definitely not separated from the world-class cinema film world. There have been many films produced and received a very extraordinary welcome.

Hollywood itself began in 1853, when a brick hut was built in Nopalera (Nopal Field, whose name was taken from the name of the Mexican cactus which is native to this region). In 1870, a farming community grew and developed. This area became known as Cahuenga Valley, where the area covers the pass in the Santa Monica Mountains to the north.

The one who gave the name Hollywood is H.J. Whitley which later was referred to as ‘Father of Hollywood’. Mr. Whitley bought a farm and farm E.C. Hurd covers 232.3 hectares and explains the plan to the land owner. They then agreed after the proposed price was appropriate and the landowner named Hurd agreed to sell the land on the specified date. But apparently the news was widespread and heard by Harvey H. Wilcox.

Harvey was interested in this city of Hollywood. He then filled out the notary deed and he wanted to be the first person to register it on the notary deed. Shortly after, the real-estate area soon mushroomed in this new area, but Hollywood itself developed slowly.

In 1900 the Hollywood Hotel was built by Mr. Whitley himself who was indeed the president of the Los Pacific Boulevard and Development Company. After finally having the Hurd farm, Mr. Whitley built a hotel with the aim of attracting land buyers. This land flanks the west side of Highland Avenue to the front of Prospect Avenue which is still dusty with rocky roads. The Hollywood Hotel has finally evolved and is known to many people from all over the world and has grown to become the center of people’s lives and home to stars for years.

The Whitley company continues to grow and then sells the residential area of ​​Ocean View Tract. To promote this new city, Mr. Whitley is willing to pay a lot of money. He spent thousands of dollars to pay for electric lights, including building power plants and banks and roads to the Cahuenga Pass. Electric lights are lit on the streets of Prospect Avenue. The center of Pak Whitley’s land was on Highland Avenue.

On November 4, 1903, Hollywood became a municipality after a vote was held in which there were 88 pros and 77 cons. Then interestingly, on January 30, 1904, Hollywood city residents agreed to ban the sale and purchase of liquor except for medical purposes.

Furthermore, in 1910 the townspeople resumed voting to combine Hollywood into a part of Los Angeles in order to secure water supplies and gain access to LA. With this merger, the name Prospect Avenue changed to Hollywood Boulevard and all street numbers in the new district also changed.

The Birth of the Hollywood Film Industry

The beginning of Hollywood being a city of entertainment industry was in 1911. It was director D.W. Griffith made the first film in Hollywood. The first film to take place in Hollywood was a short film titled In Old California and produced for Biograph Company.

At that time Hollywood banned the production of films, before then there was a merger with Los Angeles which allowed it. The first film made by a Hollywood film studio, Nestor Motion Picture Company, was made on October 26, 1911. The area owned by Mr. Whitley was used as the setting. This untitled film was filmed on a small forest on the corner of Whitley Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard.

Now, 4 of the world’s major film studios — Paramount, Warner Bros., RKO, and Columbia — have studios in Hollywood. And there are still many smaller film studios scattered throughout the city that has now become one of the most respected cities in Los Angeles. The title of Tinseltown and the Biz City Movie embedded in Hollywood refers to the glitter of the film industry based in this city.

So big is the name of Hollywood thanks to its extraordinary Industry Film, so almost every Hollywood film that penetrates the Box Office is always diecasted. Both of them work together, and diecast branding like Greenlight and Hotwheels often collaborate.

Then what collections do you have from Greenlight Diecast Hollywood guys? Moments and memories that make collecting Greenlight Diecast Hollywood have its own spirit. Ok, then, safe hunting and get a Greenlight Diecast line in your collection room.

Diecast Models Hot Rods

Every collector always has his own passion for his collection. Some have a passion for supercar, sport, classic, vintage, and so on. But there are also those who like collecting diecast outside the habits of many people, such as Monster Jam, Gasser or Hot Rod.

Our chat now leads to the passion of Diecast Model Car Hot Rods collectors. This model is indeed sometimes issued by big brands such as Hot Wheels, Maisto, JohnyLightning etc. But usually only limited and rarely, not necessarily in one year of release. The existing Diecast unit was actually unable to provide maximum satisfaction for the Diecast Hot Rods collection.

Finally, creative hands are intervening to give a strong character to Hot Rods Diecast Models, starting from the scale of 64 – 18. For those of you who have never bought Hot Rod Diecast Models, you should try to collect it, feel the sensation and test yourself you think- I think it will not itch to nosy with Hot Rod Diecast Models.

But before you try to collect it, it’s also a good idea if you first know what Hot Rods really is, so that it is more interesting to collect it. So the Hot Rods actually appeared between the era of the 1930-1040s. Hmm, that time before the World War (PD) II. Before the term hot rod appeared this style of modification is still known as ‘gow-jobs’ or ‘soup-ups’. These cars are standard cars that are modified to be ready to jump into a race whose trajectory is a dry lake in northeast Los Angeles. This race was held by the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) to gather young people who like racing.

Well, don’t imagine that the car that was modified at that time had a standard race engine. It turns out that the modified cars are daily cars at low prices. Actually, the term ‘hot rod’ itself is not clear who named it and popularized it. the term appeared probably because of the replacement of the car’s camshaft for the race with the ‘hotter’ version.

Cars that are modified to form hot rods are mostly Ford type A and type T because the price is cheap and easy to find. Understandably, the cars became a ‘million people’ car in his day. A major overhaul was carried out on these cars by removing all components that were deemed unnecessary. One of them, disappearing the body on the engine that became one of the forerunners of the birth of a chop shop or naked machine. Here is the most important part of the modification of the hot rod model. They apply the concept of aerodynamics by installing small tires on the front and large at the rear.

Unfortunately, the era of hot rod racing around the 1940s had to stop temporarily. You see, the young people of the United States must go to war in the era of World War II. The situation worsened after car manufacturers were directed to make military vehicles. Most car manufacturers start making planes and tanks instead of cars. In addition, the government also limits the amount of fuel for the community. But finally hot rod began to return accompanied by the return of the youth from the war around 1946.

But in the 1940s the car used was different from the previous one. At that time they modified cars like the Chevrolet Sedan, or Ford Model B. They also used new places as racing venues like the abandoned military base at that time. Over time, because of the popularity of Hot Rod increasingly rampant, the National Hot Rod Association was formed in 1951. The goal was for their racing to be more formal, targeted and avoid wild races on public roads.

Through these associations, several branches of hot rod racing emerged, such as street rods, and there were also straight track drags. But even though in the past year’s hot rods have returned to crowded, the ups and downs of the hot rod trend have not been finished. In the 1960s hot rod also began to dim because it slowly began to be replaced with more modern machines. Ford’s flathead engine began to switch to Chrysler’s engine. In addition, the emergence of the ‘muscle car’ in the 1970s also began to shift the era of hot rod, because without the engine cracking this car already has tremendous power, plus more expensive fuel and the economic decline of the United States, hot rod-style cars are increasingly abandoned . But hot rods lovers never run out of ideas. Modifications that were previously focused on racing needs, were transferred to the body design of the car.

Modern era Hot-Rods
Hot rods lovers finally began to modify the old cars produced in the 1920s and 1940s. In the 1980s the hot rod era faded but was not completely gone. Yes, only some people have more money who want to maintain this type of car, bro. At that time the hot rod was divided into two groups. The first is those who focus on nostalgia for cars in the 1950s, and the second group is those who focus more on modifying the exterior of the car. Now, getting here, hot rods are indeed increasingly recognized by many people, especially in the custom world. But in contrast to the initial birth when the hot rod was identical to the race, now they are more focused on the outside appearance.

That’s the history of the Hot Rods Style Car, how do you start thinking of collecting Hot Rods Diecast Models in your window, don’t hesitate to try to act. Ouh yeah, so that you can watch Fast Furious 8 film, at that time the Dom Toretto drove a Hot Rods car that caught fire.

NASCAR Diecast Cars

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, also abbreviated as NASCAR, is a family company founded in 1947-48 by Bill France, which has held various races. Now the grandson, Brian France is the organizer of the largest car racing series in the United States. The three racing series that represent it are the Cup Series, the Xfinity Series, and the Truck Series. In addition to organizing races in the United States, NASCAR has also expanded to surrounding countries such as Canada, Mexico and even Europe. In Asia, NASCAR also places its races at Suzuka and Motegi in Japan. On the continent of Australia itself, NASCAR is held at Calder Park Raceway.

NASCAR listed itself as the most watched sport on television in the United States. Despite the fact, it’s still the National Football League that has a lot of viewers compared to NASCAR, but outside the US NASCAR is broadcast to 150 countries. No half-hearted, sponsorship money from the company flowed to NASCAR beyond other famous racing events such as Formula One or MotoGP. What is unique about NASCAR racing, racers are allowed to buy their own cars from the NASCAR company. Nascar companies will provide racing cars for racers according to their requests. This car is certainly designed from the best materials in the best way.

However, behind the glamor of NASCAR racing, apparently this typical American race has a history adjacent to criminality. Initially, NASCAR drivers in the 1920s were distributors of illegal liquor. Entrepreneurs and liquor makers at that time looked for ways to distribute their products so that in the end they made creative but illegal steps. By smuggling these products to vehicles (in this case cars) that have been modified so that they are fast but stable so they can pass through the hillsides while avoiding police checks / chases. Starting from the competition between liquor businessmen, car owners claim each other over and over that each has a great driver and a fast car.

Changes to the rules regarding the ban on the distribution of liquor in 1933 stopped the illegal distribution efforts which at the same time made the entrepreneurs and drivers who had already modified cars to look for other ways so that what they had done to their cars did not end in vain. In the end at the beginning of the 1940s car modification continued and this time they made a kind of small race event with prize money. This race successfully attracted the attention of the audience and became a new trend in the South of the United States with associations close to the Wilkes County region in North Carolina. The majority of the races that are held race the modified road car.

That’s the history of NASCAR and NASCAR fans can also have NASCAR Diecast from various brands. Diecast OraSambat itself also really likes Diecast NASCAR, but it’s very difficult to get a NASCAR Diecast collection. for you NASCAR enthusiasts and focus players on NASCAR Diecast.
The following are references from the Diecast NASCAR cars model who knows if there is something targeted or want to be used as a reference for custom Diecast.

MINI GT Mclaren Senna Diecast 64

On May 1, 1994, the world lost one of its greatest riders, Ayrton Senna, in the San Marino Grand Prix (GP) title at the Imola Circuit, Italy. dear bad luck befalls Senna’s life had to be lost when leading the race at the San Marino GP Imola Circuit. Being the greatest driver at that time, news of Senna’s death was like lightning in broad daylight for Brazilians, the racer’s home country. A very fatal accident at the corner of Tamburello, one of the corners at the Imola Circuit made Senna’s life helpless.

The tragic accident of the Brazilian proud driver took place when the race took place on the seventh lap. Near the corner of Tamburello, the car that Senna drove out of the track and hit a concrete fence without borders. Middle of speeding with his car, Senna was off the track at 310 km / hour.

However, two seconds before crashing into the concrete fence, the driver had tried to slow down the car to 218 km / hour. No doubt, the FW16 chassis number 02 car that Senna carried was badly damaged on the right side until it finally stopped spinning. It was the last car that drove Senna to the place she loved, the race track.

Senna himself was an F1 world champion in 1988, 1990 and 1991. Ayrton Senna da Silva – his full name – died at the age of 34 as a phenomenal racer with various fantastic achievements. He managed to become the first world champion when defending the McLaren Team. At the 1988 GP, he competed with his teammate, Alain Prost, who was also remembered as one of the greatest duels in the history of F1.

And to recall the glory of McLaren with Aryton Senna, McLaren launched the McLaren Senna Hypercar with a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged engine capacity. Transmission of 7-Speed ​​dual-clutch gearbox. McLaren Senna can reach speeds of 0-200 kilometers per hour in just 6.8 seconds and a quarter mile in just 9.9 seconds with a maximum speed of 340 kilometers per hour. Which makes Mclaren Senna’s more exotic Mclaren Senna cars sold limited to only 500 units, which were assembled by hand in a 300-hour process at the McLaren Production Center in Woking, Surrey, England.

And it turned out that the Diecast Mini GT did not miss to pay homage to MClaren and Aryton Senna, by producing a 64-scale Mclaren Senna scale diecast. And this is the first production of the Mini GT for the Car Hypercar Model, which previously we were more familiar with the Mini GT with its Liberty Work R35 Nissan GTR. For the McLaren Senna Diecast Model Car the Mini GT provides 3 color choices, namely: Red, White and Blue.

So what do you think about Diecast Lovers will this Mini GT Mclaren Senna product be worth collecting ?? If it is tested by DiecastOraSambat it is very clear that this product is worth collecting, because it is indeed DiecastOraSambat always trying to collect Diecast Model Cars that have History.

M2 Machines Hooker Diecast New Product

A full day on the road, turn around and around with coffee and bread. Seeing buses, cars and motorcycles without stopping, finally arrived at home with my beloved family, and now is the time to greet Diecast lovers who are hungry for info about new products.

How are you guys, I hope you stay healthy and always make it easy for the fortune. Ok DiecastOraSambat has a Diecast info that is cool, cool and has character. What’s the diecast ?? This is Diecast from M2 Machines, so M2 Machines released Diecast in collaboration with Gary Hooker Exhaust. This Diecast display is wrapped in the color of Black Pearl Metallic. And he said it was only produced 750 all over the world, so don’t miss it to collect Diecast M2 Machines Gary Hooker.

There are 6 types of diecast that will be released, namely:

  1. Custom 1949 Mercury
  2. Ford Fairlane 500 in 1957
  3. GMC 100 Stepside in 1958
  4. Dodge Charger Daytona Hemi 1969
  5. Chevrolet Camaro SS 396 in 1971
  6. Dodge Charger R / T 440 in 1971
    The six types are wrapped in Black Pearl Mettalic, Red Interior, Black Rims.

As for the chase car, there is purple mettalic.

But you are curious not, by the name of Hooker? What is Hooker? Until M2 Machines connects it to 64 diecast products? Why do you need to know? Let it be great for collecting Hooker’s Diecast M2 Machines models.

Become Hooker In 1962, point of entry Hooker designed a header for his new 409 Chevrolet. He soon found a request for this header from other racers in the area. Not long after Gary had hired employees and operated Hooker Headers from a building in Southern Ontario, CA.Hooker’s philosophy is simple – make it a real power that can be used by balancing incoming and outgoing pressure waves. This efficiently removes all burning gas while drawing the maximum fresh load of fuel and air. The Hooker team sometimes spends twice as much on developing headers to find 10% better performance. Slogans like “Hooker – When Only The Best Will Do” or Hooker Headers – Do It Right The 1st Time “are often used.In the late Sixties and throughout the Seventies Hooker dominated the drag race scene with most NHRA® professional Stock (Super Stock) racers winning with Hooker Headers. Famous racers like Bill “Grumpy” Jenkins, Bob Glidden and Sox & Martin are regular visitors to the Hooker publicity campaign. The straight-thru glass pack muffler was also launched in the early 70s, known as “Hookermuffler”.

Review of the Hot Wheels Custom Porsche 911 GT3

Hot Wheels Custom The first Porsche 911 GT3 model car diecast DiecastOraSambat has from a local production house called Planet Diecast with the Japan style overfender flow.

If all this time, Diecast OraSambat has several diecast overfender styles from Japan directly from the manufacturer, this is the first time trying to recognize the potential of the work of the nation’s children in the field of custom diecast. And it turned out that their potential and skills were extraordinary in modifying a 64-scale diecast.

For current modification, the Hot Wheels Porsche 911 GT3 product is available. Modification inspiration from the modification house RWB (Rauh Welt Begriff). The application is in overfenders, and the results are very neat and detailed, the painting sector is very good. Functional wheels are also capable of spinning well, even though for this wheel sector Planet Diecast modifies it instead of buying it, and the results are very charming. I can say the modification results are as good as the manufacturer and even this car model can be seen instead of Hot Wheels.

If all this time, DiecastOraSambat sees the Diecast modification as just paste, cut, in its application. And it does look cool when photographed but not when closely watched. It turned out that the game was not far enough to discover the extraordinary potential of the nation’s children’s work.

And from the work of Planet Diecast, it seems that DiecastOraSambat will begin to hunt down the results of the Custom Model Car home-produced by the nation’s children. Obviously this is an amazing experience and made DiecastOraSambat excited to collect Custom Diecast. But don’t worry for your Diecast Lovers friends who always want to know about the latest Diecast info and also the Manufacturer Diecast Review, because it will still be there and DiecastOraSambat presents.

The Diecast Custom category will be an addition to this article and can also be a reference for Diecast Lovers if you want to modify it. Because each production house must have their respective expertise in their fields. Hopefully, with this additional category, it will further enliven the production house and also the Diecast collector to prefer local production houses.

Hot Wheels Collectors Porsche 964 Magnus Walker

Regret always comes late, this is only experienced by DiecastOraSambat. All of that is because I rarely pay attention to new release products from Hot Wheels. All of that is also without reason, because indeed the hot wheels product is in the premium class, it is still not 100%, all the products are worked out in detail. Except indeed as material for Custom, both lightweight custom classes to extreem.

Today DiecastOraSambat turns out there are Hot Wheels Products that are very solid, special plus figures. Namely the Hot Wheels Collectors Porsche 964 Magnus Walker. Honestly, I swear that this time DiecastOraSambat saw Hot Wheels products being taken seriously with attention to detail. I don’t know what made Hot Wheels think of making a car model diecast neatly and in detail. Is this because he carried the figure of Magnus Walker? Then who is Magnus Walker?

But before talking a lot about Magnus Walker, DiecastOraSambat want to give info, that is to get the Hot Wheels Collectors Porsche 964 Magnus Walker collection you have to enter as the Hot Wheels Red Line Club Member. But if you are interested, you will be late, just like DiecastOraSambat. Because the product was released on March 26, 2019 and at that time it also seemed to have been sold out. Because the information from the comment dated March 27, 2019 has been sold.

Ok, now it’s time for us to investigate who Magnus Walker is, until Hot Wheels made a Porsche 964 Model Cars Diecast neatly and in detail.

Magnus Walker is a way dressmaker, style icon, car fanatic—and owner of 1 of the world’s most surprising collections of Porsches, housed in an old factory building in los angeles. How he made his means from the blue-collar British city of Sheffield to glitzy southern California is recounted in his autobiography, urban Outlaw. The booklet exudes the identical principle that has run through his life itself—speed is of the essence! Walker’s story also tells its readers the way to keep their love of riding alive in an age of gridlock. For the primary law of urban Outlaw is right here: “drive daily like a race—if want be, against your self.”

He fell in love with a 911 with pink and blue stripes
When Walker speaks of his first come upon with a Porsche 911, his British accent enlivened with West Coast slang, his voice softens. In 1977 he accompanied his father to the Earls courtroom Motor exhibit in London—and promptly fell in love with a 911 with purple and blue stripes. “I knew appropriate away that it was my dream vehicle.” In Sheffield motorized automobiles tended to be trucks, tractors, and different work-connected ability of transport. “I’d under no circumstances considered a activities automobile there,” he says. Sitting in front of the television set, he grew to be enthralled with racing, gazing method One races along with his father and cheering on James Hunt and different legendary British race-vehicle drivers. “I sensed that it had to do with freedom and individual expression,” he says. but driving in Sheffield? no longer value the trouble. Walker didn’t get his driver’s license except the age of twenty-one, in l. a.. four years later he purchased his first Porsche 911 for 7,500 dollars—an act that he calls an “large personal success” to this present day.

It’s tempting to searching for the key to Walker’s miraculous lifestyles in his childhood—in the gray colours of Sheffield. He dropped out of school in 1982, went to the us for a summer season job, and stayed on in California, pushed via the will to make his desires come proper. “The concept of returning to England as a failure changed into unbearable.” He all started through selling self-designed punk fashion in Venice seaside, then entered the real estate business with his spouse, Karen. The 2nd legislation of urban Outlaw is: “If it feels respectable, just do it.”

Tarmac Works Subaru WRX STI All Japan Rally Championship 2016

My friend Diecast Lover’s for you diecast lovers Rally Car, Tarmac Works on March 29, 2019 released the Car Rally Model, the Subaru WRX STI 2016 All Japan Rally Championship, won by driver Toshihiro Arai.

The Diecast model car of the Subaru WRX STi All Japan Rally Championship was actually introduced at the Singapore Diecast Expo 2019 but was only released on March 29, 2019. The uniqueness and beauty of collecting tarmac works products is that we are also able to recognize more in car figures, car history, race , even up to the racer.

This time Diecast OraSambat will tell about driver Toshihiro Arai the driver from Arai Team with the Subaru WRX STi All Japan Rally Championship.

Toshihiro Arai is a japanese veteran rally driver and team owner who remains energetic in the japanese rally championship at the age fifty one. Most these days, he won countrywide rally title in 2018.
previous in a career, he recorded 89 begins within the World Rally Championship between 1997 and 2010, profitable the production WRC titles in 2005 and 2007. right through his whole profession, Arai become using Subaru rally cars.

Toshi Arai made WRC debut in 1997
Toshi Arai started his rally career in 1987. Ten years later, he made his foreign debut on this planet Rally Championship, taking part at 1997 Rally Australia. He turned into using community N-spec Subaru Impreza 555 for Subaru Rally group Japan, finishing 16th universal and fourth in group N classification.
In 1998, he accelerated his schedule to 3 WRC movements, using a Subaru Impreza WRX in New Zealand, Australia and extraordinary Britain. Arai’s navigator in 1998 became Roger Freeman, who stayed with him unless the conclusion of 2000.

Seven WRC begins in 1999, seven extra in 2000 WRC season
In 1999, Arai recorded seven starts on the planet Rally Championship, the first 4 in a Subaru Impreza S4 WRC and then three begins with Subaru Impreza WRX N4 motor vehicle in a production class. He scored two PWRC victories, at China Rally and Rally Australia, completing third in the last PWRC standings.
In 2000, Arai spent the lots of the season in a Subaru Impreza S5 WRC, riding that car in six WRC events and one ERC circular. His most effective outcomes have been fourth region at Acropolis Rally and victory at Tour de Luxembourg. At Rally Australia, he changed into 2nd in creation category in a Subaru Impreza WRX.

Ten begins with Subaru World Rally group in 2001
In 2001, Toshi Arai changed into a member of the Subaru World Rally group, alongside full-time drivers Richard Burns and Petter Solberg. Arai turned into riding a Subaru Impreza S7 WRC in ten events, completing top-rated in the fourth place at Cyprus Rally. His navigator in nine rallies turned into Glenn Macneall and he changed into changed by using Tony Sircombe in the ultimate round.
Sircombe stayed with Arai in 2002, recording eight begins on the earth championship, six of them in PWRC class and two in a world Rally automobile. Arai was a PWRC winner at Rally Australia, completing the season fourth in PWRC aspects.

PWRC vice-champion for two years in a row
In 2003, Arai became a member of Subaru production Rally team, scoring four wins in six PWRC begins and completing 2d in the points, dropping a title to Martin Rowe.
In 2004, Toshi established his own team Subaru team Arai, continuing to race with Subaru Impreza in the production WRC. He scored no wins, just two podiums, completing again as a PWRC vice-champion. This time, a champion was Niall McShea.

production category world champion in 2005
In 2005, Toshi Arai and Tony Sircombe reached the height in a construction classification of the area Rally Championship, scoring 4 wins and taking the championship title. They have been rally winners in Sweden, Turkey, Japan and Australia. backyard WRC, Arai additionally participated in the Asia-Pacific Rally Championship, scoring two wins and finishing 2nd in the features.
In 2006, Arai all started a season with a PWRC victory in Mexico. Later within the season, he scored no wins or podium, completing sixth in the PWRC points. He also joined Subaru World Rally group in his domestic experience, using a Subaru Impreza S12 WRC at Rally Japan and taking some features with the sixth region.

an extra championship title in 2007
In 2007, Toshi Arai and Tony Sircombe claimed their 2d PWRC championship title. In six movements, they were rally winners at Acropolis Rally and Rally New Zealand.
The subsequent season turned into disappointing for Arai because he scored only one podium in six PWRC makes an attempt. That year, Glenn Macneall grew to be his navigator once more. The outcomes were slightly more desirable in 2009 when Arai and Macneall scored three PWRC podiums to finish fifth within the points.
ultimate WRC attempt in 2010
Arai was fifth in the PWRC standings once more in 2010, sharing a Subaru Impreza STi N15 with Daniel Barritt. They have been on podiums two times, at Rally Mexico and Rally de France.
That changed into the closing season for Toshi Arai in the world Rally Championship. He spent the subsequent two seasons in the Intercontinental Rally problem, using a Subaru Impreza STi R4. His finest consequences had been the seventh vicinity at Cyprus Rally in 2011 after which the third location at Cyprus Rally in 2012.

Seven victories at Rally Hokkaido
he received that event in 2010, 2008, 2006 and 2003. Later in a career, he received one other time at Rally Hokkaido in 2016.
In 2013, Arai joined Stohl Racing to power a Subaru Impreza STi R4 in 4 rounds of the European Rally Championship, finishing premier within the third region at Sibiu Rally Romania.
jap rally champion in 2015 and 2018
Toshi Arai closed his foreign career on the end of 2013, switching a focus to national rallying from 2014. He gained only 1 rally that year in a Subaru Impreza STi, finishing third in type. next 12 months, he was a rally winner five instances, taking the championship title in the right classification JN-6.

In 2016, Arai brought three greater wins in national rallies to his account and then three extra in 2017, finishing third in elements in 2016 and second in the features in 2017. In 2018, Arai dominated within the japanese rally championship, scoring six victories and taking his second championship title. His navigator in each championship-successful seasons was Naoya Tanaka.

Ignition Model Exclusive Diecast Collection at Singapore Diecast Expo 2019

Hi buddy, Diecast Lovers, back to the Singapore story, Diecast Expo 2019, there is something left to tell, namely from the two Ignition models. There is something special there besides the diecast collection that is displayed but there is also the figure of the owner of Rumah Modif Pandem Rocket Bunny, Who else is it if it’s not Kei Miura.

From DiecastOraSambat to getting to know the Ignition Model, its flagship product is collaboration with Rocket Bunny Pandem. And indeed we know that every Ignition Model releases Pandet Rocket Bunny products, as expensive as these products must be sold well on an international market scale.

So there’s nothing wrong if we also know more about who Kei Miura is the owner of Pandet Rocket Bunny, this story may be long enough, friend, Diecast Lover’s prepares coffee first, how is coffee ready to accompany reading the story of Kei Miura with Pandem Rocket Bunny? Wokey raises your cup. Coffee first, Jreng.

Who is Sih Kei Miura, the Genius Figure Behind the Rocket Rabbit
We’re not even with Rocket Bunny. This is currently one of the styles of aero kits (usually-kits) that are popular in the world. Karaker is almost lowered, because with this, overfenders and duck tails can appear wider and aggressive.
but it’s wrong. that doesn’t mean we can modify the car like that so we can go straight to Rocket Bunny. maybe exactly “what” is Rocket Bunny. or rude, ahem … Rocket Bunny hijacked.
you know?
Rocket Bunny is a рrоduk bоdу-kit made and sold by TRA Kyoto in Japan. However, we want to be Rocket Bunny, we have to buy it from Tоkо or its official distributor. It might just be a Rocket Rabbit.

After Rocket Bunny, there is a brand that is actually a modified body-kit character. I, who also design Liberty Walk and RWB products (Rauh Welt Begriff). As soon as I come back, I really think Rocket Bunny is not this stream, but one product or brand of modification flow. maybe it’s a Japanese style overfender or whatever it’s called.

What’s different from Rocket Bunny? Why is this popular in the car world?
We will discuss it without just Rocket Bunny as another product from TRA Kyoto. we will also get to know more closely with its creator, Kei Miura. Car enthusiasts known for their great genius and style.
from the start јјј. Prepare the coffee.
History of TRA Kyoto

Get to know Ken Miura, the genius behind Rocket Bunny
Kei Miura is a 47-year-old modifier that јugа is the founder of TRA Kyoto. first in the 80s, culture had begun to grow rapidly. this is because of the influence of championships or races in America and Europe. if there are already many people, especially young people, they are also inspired to compete. The last racing road is very mushrooming in the world. or whether it was in the past (wangan), the city of hill towns (touge). Every night the place is filled with automotive addicts who race wildly or just play.
according to Kei Miura, at that time the office in his area was often full of confiscated cars. Even so full, until the parking lot is lost, not enough to accommodate other confiscated cars!

Get to know Ken Miura, the genius behind Rocket Bunny
His love for automotive, good motorbikes, gave him a lifestyle or a popular Japanese gang called Bosozoku. Kei Miura at that time made an automotive team named team 6666. Besides that, I also ended up in the Kanjozoku, aka the wild race of the Osaka highway, precisely on Kanjo Loop (Kanjo Racing).
Well, hobbies and automotive races are aligned with rampant modifications or adjustments. in 1995, Kei Miura decided to go as a train as the only way to go. he founded TRA Kyoto, which stands for Kyoto Racing Racing Art. This is where he devoted his brilliant ideas that have become popular internationally.

One interesting character and Kei Miura’s unique value is nothing. Until now, Miura has always been seen with the aura of the automotive world in the 80-90s! Just like the chain necklace and biker boots he always wears. even old hair with oldskool and red Marlboro cigarettes have accompanied him. Very much and can!
This Miura-san is undoubtedly a chainmoker who is a heavy smoker. can we get from most photos, for sure, I will definitely be back. This is really his style. A kind of Onizuka figure on GTO! This cool character gets more charm in the world of mob fans, especially mobs. Japan.
Even though it’s wrong, in the case of cool characters, he is a friendly person. this was from various positive comments at the workshop, which only covered a number of coverage. His success in the international world is not in Kei Miura. he is a modifier of car lovers who is humble and welcoming when every workshop is held.
The factor that became the success of Kei Miura was of course Sai’s character.

His genius in modifying body kits is the average factor of all his careers. this is a design, the aura is classic, with a touch of kit that makes it scary. One of the pioneers was a modification of Japanese overfender. homemade Rocket Bunny kit for the Toyota GT-86 hit the world in the world! From here Rocket Bunny is a wide-body kit icon that is popular with international standards. Get to know Ken Miura, the Genius figure behind the Rabbit Rocket

but, not only from the idea and way of saying it, Kei Miura was also due to the fact that the body-kit technique was not arbitrary.
All kits are designed with sophisticated CAD computer systems. Miura applied 3D modeling software, namely 3D Rhino to make his work. even though he uses laser scanning technology to identify more he will do. but it’s like a factory рrоfеѕіоnаl! This is different from the workshop b-kit, but only uses land. So, there is no doubt about that, not only the beauty of the design, but also the quality of its accuracy. Every product lasts!

The workshop, which is often the place for various media coverage in the world, is located in the pesisi area outside Kyoto. Precisely about 3.5 km from Okobu Station. despite its popularity thanks to Rocket Bunny, TRA Kyoto has not changed much since the beginning. Even so, this workshop does not have signposts!
Extraordinary. imagine that Rocket Bunny and business are racing. It seems that Kei Miura is a person who never cares about popularity and focuses on his desires, maybe.

From the outside this time it will be like a workshop or maybe even like a garage. the outside piled up some retro, some parts of the car and sterofoam piles. The workshop is also sized like a room or private place. in most vintage items As decoration and from the past of Kei Miura. The room behind is actually a workshop. have stored advanced equipment such as factories to produce b-kits.
Kyoto TRA is called the most popular modifier, overfender at the Liberty Walk and RWB. Unfortunately, the most famous is one of its products, Rocket Bunny.

Hot Wheels The Gulf Racing Series 2019

This Friday Diecast OraSambat is quite busy with real-world activities, almost forgetting to greet and accompany Diecast Lovers who are hungry for new product info and diecast issues. Calm down, DiecastOraSambat still has the remaining energy to inform all of you about diecast.

The current info is on Hot Wheels, because Hot Wheels has a new Diecast release with the Hot Wheels Car Culture Mix 2019 theme The Gulf Racing Series. This is very suitable for all of you who have a focus on the Gulf Racing Series collection.

This time the Hot Wheels Car Culture Mix 2019 The Gulf Racing Series spawns 4 Diecast units, namely the Mustang Boss, McLaren F1, Nissan Laurel, Fiat 500 & VW golf wrapped in the Gulf Racing livery. Indeed, since the initial presence of Hot Wheels collaborated with The Gulf Racing Series, this product has always been the target of diecast collectors and focuses.

It seems that we also need to know the history of the Gulf Racing Team and its work in the world of racing.

headquartered in 1901 at Spindletop, Texas, Gulf promptly grew to become certainly one of america’s oil giants, involved in all aspects of the business, from exploration, through refining, to providing the realm’s first drive-in provider station (in 1911).

From across the Thirties, the company begun dabbling in motorsport sponsorship, a advertising and marketing strategy that, for a lot of, reached a high element within the Sixties, when British racer and engineer John Wyer led the area sportscar championship successful Ford GT40-based Mirage task.

while these enormous-killers grew to become bedroom wall pin-united statesfor a generation of stripling petrol heads, a young German fan grew to be passionate about the theory of going one up on his mates’ scale fashions, and one day owning the precise issue.

while we might commit a complete difficulty to the whole collection, we’ve drawn the road at eight machines that optimum embody the Gulf Racing spirit, including the customized constructed.