Review Diecast Honda Civic Type R FK8 Tarmac Works

Review Diecast Honda Civic Type R FK8 Tarmac Works – Greetings, for all of us, friend, Diecast Lover’s. DiecastOraSambat today will review the Diecast Honda Civic Type R FK8 Tarmac Works with NASA Livery 25 hours of Thunderhill 2017.

Diecast Honda Civic Type R FK8 has a scale of 1/64 with a metal base, rubber wheels, glass and lights from mica materials. This diecast is miniature from the Honda Civic Type R FK8 for the 24-hour race at Thunderhill Raceway Park in 2017. And released in December 2018 yesterday.

Diecast from Tarmac Works has never been doubted for the quality of the model. For this FK8 Honda Civic Type R Product DiecastOraSambat can say perfect. There are no mistakes, all presented well, from the modeling, painting, decalement, wheels, mirrors, even to the interior. If in the previous review Mercedez Benz GT3 there was a slight error in the front winglet aerodynamics that were less synchronous in scale, then on the Honda Civic Type R FK8 all accessories were installed synchronously without any miss scale.

But if you collect Tarmac Work products do not think getting functional car functions, such as doors and hood can be opened. The only thing that is functional is on the wheels and not too well. Because Tarmac Work’s focus is on the perfection of the model and the Livery Team Racing.

For DiecastOraSambat functional problems on a 1/64 scale are actually bonuses, more important is the level of modeling detail. Because we buy diecast, it is indeed used as a collection not for toys that can be collided, thrown, or pushed back and forth.

For those of you who are still hesitant to bring Diecast Honda Civic Type R FK8 Tarmac Works do not need to hesitate anymore, Diecast OraSambat is highly recommended for this product. You can check the details on Youtube.

Isn’t it cool, bro, if we don’t know about the specifications of this car. This Honda Civic Type R is claimed to be able to produce a maximum power of up to 320 Ps in rotation to 6,500 rpm and capable of reaching a torque point of up to 400 Nm at a rotation to 2,500 rpm. Well, this hot hatch with a sporty appearance will later channel the burst of power produced by the engine through a 6-speed manual transmission system with a control system that will maximize the performance of the Honda Civic Type R engine to suit the driver’s wants and needs.

On the other hand, this car also has engine supporting features that are quite sophisticated and functional, such as the drive mode feature which consists of Comfort mode for more relaxed driving and Sport or + R for those who like to drive at super high speeds. In fact, this Honda Civic Type R also has an adaptive damper system feature that can be integrated into four car wheels which are also supported by + R mode. Thus, this car is equipped with a reliable and sturdy engine components with super awesome power.

New Release Diecast Johny Lightning Truck and Trailer

New Release Diecast Johny Lightning Truck and Trailer – Roads on weekends see left and right, trees and birds all welcome cheerfully. It’s a cool song to welcome the weekend and accompany us for the holidays. The weekend arrives with us with family or family friends to a place that suits their tastes and away from the city.

What if this holiday we use Camper Trailer to camp on the beach or the forest enjoy the beauty of nature? Certainly agree, right, this is perfect because last year Johny Lightning released diecast with the theme Truck and Trailer. I think this is very suitable for camping needs with friends or family.

This Diecast Johny Lightning Truck and Trailer works with the Chevrolets brand, there are 3 types released

1. Chevrolet Stepside 1950
2. Chevrolet Fleetside 1965
3. Chevrolet Tahoe 1997

Of the 3 types where your lover Diecast Lover’s? if it is DiecastOraSambat Choose the Fleetside.Ok a little explanation of the Chevrolet Fleetside
Power comes from 235-cid six veterans or 283-cid V-8s. Three-speed transmission with and without overdrive, four speed, and Hydra-matic. Differential slippage limited to position is a new option. The standard wheelbase is still 114 inches, giving it a 6.5-foot bed, but a 123-inch wheelbase with an 8.3-foot bed is optional. Ford has the advantage, with a full nine-foot box available.

These sturdy-looking pickup enhancements are integrated cabin construction, 1000 square-inch wide windshield, 18-inch steering wheel, coil spring seat and surface ventilation.
How dude more excited to go on vacation with friends or family with Johny Lightning Truck and Trailer Diecast right. Can’t wait to be approved? tomorrow is the chance for you to hunt Diecast Johny Lightning Truck and Trailer, Happy Hunt, friend, Diecast Lover’s

Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Maisto Toys 64

Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Maisto Toys 64 – Diecast with the imagined Maisto brand is definitely diecast with a scale of 24, 18 and more. DiecastOraSambat did not expect Maisto to issue a scale of 64 but it could be said 1: 100 to release. So if there is Maisto issuing a 64 scale it is clear that this is very special.

During this time, DiecastOraSambat never explored Maisto Diecast because it was DiecastOraSambat rarely to buy from the Maisto brand. Indeed Maisto is the first brand DiecastOraSambat to buy, and until now it only has one with a 24 Dodge Viper scale, all of which has vanished when I know the scale of 64. For some reason today DiecastOraSambat got lost on the Maisto brand and looked at 64 diecast scale.

It turns out that the 64-scale diecast from Maisto is quite interesting and seems to be diecast. DiecastOraSambat wants to try having a 64-scale diecast after seeing the Chevrolet Camaro z28 with its Flatbed Truck. Photos that appear here are real without editing so that they can appear real details, and are very good for 64 scale.

The work of the paint and livery is also very charming. Even if seen from this photo it seems that Flatbad from this truck is functioning in a real way. For the foot sector DiecastOraSambat not too sure because of the lack of lighting. But if the wheels are wrapped in rubber, this will add to the perfection of the Maisto Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Diecast.

Honestly in my country it’s hard to get Maisto products on a scale of 64. But if you get there, as usual DiecastOraSambat will definitely buy it so you can share it to the Diecast Lover’s elegance on the Maisto brand scale 64.

Diecast M2 Machines Collection Coca Cola Racing Livery

Diecast M2 Machines Collection Coca Cola Racing Livery – Hi, buddy, Diecast Lover, how is the condition in your area, in the place where the DiecastOraSambat the weather is so hot, it keeps thirsting. What do you think if this throat is washed by drinking lightly Coca Cola? hmm it’s so fast, especially when it’s in the era ofraSambat has not been drinking Coca Cola for a long time.

This moment turned out to be a friend of Diecast Lover’s, because Diecast OraSambat will discuss Diecast M2 Machines with the Coca Cola Livery Racing. Can you do this right, the weather is hot, thirsty there’s coca cola, want to write about diecast, get the news of the release of Diecast M2 Machines, Coca Cola Livery Racing Team.

This Diecast M2 Machines Coca Cola Livery Racing Team was released in early March 2019. There are 3 types of models, namely

1. Chevrolet Bel Air 1955

2. Plymouth Barracuda HEMI 1968

3. Ford Mustang BOSS 302 1970

of the three types of models each have 3 Coca Cola Team Racing which are divided into

1. Retail Release

2. Hobby Release

3. Chase Cars

So for those of you lovers of 64-scale Diecast this product is perfect for you, because this diecast is only limited. For the type of Chevrolet Bel Air 1955 produced a number of 750 pcs, the 1968 Plymouth Barracuda HEMI produced a number of 750 pcs, the Ford Mustang BOSS produced 250 pcs.

For a Ford Mustang BOSS 302, obviously this is a rare item, so don’t miss it. Let’s Hunting and Diecast M2 Machines Collection Coca Cola Racing Livery

Honda Civic EG6 Pandem Rocket Bunny Ignition Model Diecast 1/64

Honda Civic EG6 Pandem Rocket Bunny Ignition Model Diecast 1/64 – Honda Civic EG6 Rocket Bunny Ignition Model Diecast new products that are so tempting and appetizing, this product was launched on March 5, 2019 along with the launch of the Mazda Rx7 Rocket Bunny Ignition Model.

Diecast Ignition Products This Honda Civic EG6 & Mazda Rx7 model collaborates with Tarmac Works. Honestly DiecastOraSambat or launching from Official TarmacWorks.

If all this time, Diecast OraSambat has bought 2 products from Lb Performance, it also feels like trying to collect this Rocket Bunny product. But when DiecastOraSambat slid into the official Tarmac Works and Ignition web, the Honda Civic EG 6 and Mazda Rx7 products were sold out. Either it has been sold out at the exhibition or indeed it has been taken by an Authorized Distributor that has indeed been designated by the Tarmac Works & Ignition Model.

Oh yeah, a little story about Rocket Bunny. Rocket Bunny itself is a stream of modifications that adheres to wide body using a high-quality FRP bodykit. Miura san herself did not initially have the idea to name the results of her work. Until one day Miura san was lost in thought and flashed Rocket Bunny in his mind. That’s what made Miura decide to use the name Rocket Bunny until now.
Rocket Bunny, or often called Pandem, is now exclusively imported by Japanese aftermarket producers, GReddy, bro. One of the philosophies promoted by Rocket Bunny is to combine cultural concepts in classic Japanese cars that are collaborated with modern images without losing the character of the car. Then, does the Rocket Bunny bodykit function well on street racing modified cars.
Now for you Diecast Lover’s who want to collect Diecast Pandem Rocket Bunny Honda Civic EG6 you have to hunt which Distributor sells the product. Happy Hunting Diecast Lover’s

Diecast Indy Car Series from Greenlight Collectibles 2019

Hi, friend Diecast Lover’s today DecastOraSambat there is interesting info for you Indy racing lovers. Indeed Indy racing is not too much demand and only exists in America, in contrast to Formula 1 races that have audiences around the world. But fans who are not many usually have true, eternal and fanatical fans. Even Fernando Alonso has participated in the Indy race in 2017, and the info this year 2019 Fernando Alonso will race again.

Before continuing Diecast OraSambat will speak Indy Car History. The IndyCar Series or the IndyCar Series (known as NTT IndyCar Series for sponsorship reasons) is a premier class race from the United States open wheel racing. This championship was originally called Indy Racing League or abbreviated as IRL. The championship was founded by the owner of Indianapolis Motor Speedway Tony George which began in 1996 as a competitor for the Championship Auto Racing Teams (abbreviated CART) with the main basic principle of improving the drawbacks of CART such as the cost of racing and too many non-American drivers participate. George then created an alternative race at a lower cost. In 2008, the IndyCar Series later acquired Champ Car World Series assets (formerly CART) which were declared bankrupt at the beginning of the year.


Now GreenLight Collectibles returns to the track in 2015 with Indy Car replicas on a scale of 1:18 and 1:64. A new partnership with the Indy Car Series Verizon, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and also with the legend Dallara. The IndyCar model on the scale of 1:18 and 1:64 has authentic racing features, original rubber tires and diecast body.

The following is the appearance of the 2015 Indy Car Series Diecast from Greenlight Collectibles produced in 2019.

Continue reading “Diecast Indy Car Series from Greenlight Collectibles 2019”

Tarmac Works Honda Civic EK 9 Shell Coming Soon

Tarmac Works Honda Civic EK 9 Shell Coming Soon – Hi, friend, DiecastOraSambat there is important info that must be told to you by Honda Civic Tarmac Works product lovers. That is the birth of Honda Civic Type R EK9 products with livery racing Shell. The Tarmac Works itself plans to launch the Honda Civic Type R EK9 Livery Racing Shell on March 22-24 2019 at the Singapore Diecast Expo 2019.

EK9 Honda Civic Type R Livery Racing Shell from the Tarmac Works produced in 1920, can be said to be a Limited Edition product. For those of you Honda Civic collectors don’t just run out just come at Singapore Diecast Expo 2019 which is located in Bugis +, Bugis + Atrium, Level 2 & Civic Plaza, Level 1.

A little talk of history about the Honda Civic Type R EK9.

The first Civic to receive the Type R badge was introduced in August 1997, as EK9. The EK9 shares many characteristics with the Integra DC2 / JDM DB8 Type R such as sound deadness omission and other weight reduction measures, hand-ported B16B engine, limited-slip front helical differential and near gearbox ratio etc. The B16B engine boasts one of the highest power outputs per liter of all time for naturally-aspirated engines with 185 PS (136 kW; 182 hp) of 1.6L engine displacement. For the first time, a welded stitch monocoque chassis is used to increase chassis rigidity. The interior features Recaro red seats, Red door cards and Type R red mats, shift knob titanium and Momo wrapped in steering wheel leather.

In 1999, Type Rx was introduced featuring a CD player, colored body electrically retractable door mirrors, power windows, automatic air conditioners, key-less note opening systems, sports aluminum pedals, and a carbon center type panel. The Sir badge from the previous 2 generations was submitted to the EK4 Civic as the main hatchback sedan and sold in large numbers throughout the world due to the relatively low cost, practicality and everyday use of street performance / drivability.

Lamborghini Huracan Lb Performance 1/64

Lamborghini Huracan Lb Performance 1/64 – Hi, friend, Diecast Lover’s, today I’m really happy, you know, why aren’t you happy? That’s because diecast Lamborghini Huracan LB Performance 1/64 which has long been awaited finally arrived too. It takes patience in waiting this time, imagine 3 months of indent term. And when I arrived at home it turned out that the item was exclusively exclusive.

Lamborghini Huracan Lb Performance is a miniature that makes your heart melt and awe. This diecast is so perfect and exclusive, plus this product is only produced 999 handmade, this is definitely extraordinary. Costs incurred are balanced with goods received.

What’s so special about this Lamborghini Huracan Lb Performance 1/64? The answer is to have a super special level of detail for diecast size 64, both from the exterior and interior. We start from the exterior, all the curves of the diecast lamborghini huracan are really neat, detailed and precise. This is because the base resin is not diecast so it is able to create details in each part. Only the weakness is not hardiness. All the settings are really the same as the size of the real. Starting from widebody, spoiler, decal, diffuser, none of the paintings fail in progress.

Although actually until now there hasn’t been a baby blue color for Lamborghini Huracan. Work on the Liberty Walk for Lamborghini Huracan is actually red. But DiecastOraSambat felt that the baby blue color was identical to the Liberty Walk Lb Performance. So when there are open PO 2 in red and baby blue, DiecastOraSambat chooses the baby blue color.

Not in vain and not disappointed indent period 3 months to diecast Lamborghini Huracan paid off and satisfied. Also check out the DiecastOraSambat story on the Youtube Channel   

Isn’t it cool, bro, if we don’t know about the specifications of this car. Lamborghini Huracan handed over to the engine capacity of 5204 cc which can be driven to penetrate the maximum speed of more than 325 km / h or equivalent to 202 mph. The acceleration that can be achieved by this supercar is 3.2 seconds from speeds of 0 to 100 km / h and just 9.9 seconds to reach speeds of 200 km / h from the stop position. Lamborghini Huracan is also equipped with a type of V10 engine with a capacity of 5.2 liters and produces up to 449 KW of horsepower that you can use in 7 double clutch acceleration transmissions titled “Lamborghini Doppia Frizione” present in the motion of all wheels.

Low Key Photography Diecast

photo by: Udi saint

Low Key Photography Diecast – Maybe for some of my brothers the term Low Key Photography sounds strange, but not for some of my brothers who are close to the world of photography. Well DiecastOraSambat this time will present the work of Diecast Lover’s brothers about Low Key Photography Diecast.

For those of you who don’t know the term Low Key Photography DiecastOraSambat will explain a bit, so it won’t roaming. Low Key Photography is a style of photography that utilizes dark tones so photos look dramatic. This low key lighting intensifies the contrast in the image by reducing the intensity of the lighting.

photo by: Ricky twentyfour

The key here is not only to produce dark images, but to use lighting very selectively so that only certain parts of the image are illuminated.

photo by: Erlangga

This low key photography style makes you free to play with shadows, even shadows can be something special. It might be considered as the main element of the composition, namely the one that defines the atmosphere of the entire photo. You can manipulate the lighting and subject position, so that the shadow falls only in the right place to create the desired image appearance.

photo by: Ivan Novendi Yakuza

That is a little picture of Low Key Photography, then we apply this technique to Diecast Photography to be able to produce artistic and dramatic diecast photos.

photo by: saputra didik

Diecast OraSambat has collected several works from Diecast Lover’s brothers in the Low Key Photography Diecast theme. Hopefully some of these examples can make inspiration and lessons for diecast & toy’s photography friends to later be able to produce photographic works with a low key style. No need to linger, please take a look at photography works with a Low Key Photography Diecast style.

photo by: jacksimobilkecil
photo by: jacksimobilkecil
photo by: jacksimobilkecil
photo by: jacksimobilkecil

Mustang Shelby GT 500 Super Snake Diecast

Mustang Shelby GT 500 Super Snake Diecast M2 Machine Review – Hai Diecast Lovers, DiecastOraSambat returned with the Review article. Yes DiecastOraSambat will review products from the M2 Machine Mustang Shelby GT 500 production years 67, better known as Mustang Super Snake

A little review of the Super Snake Shelby GT 500. This Shelby product includes Legend in the car bearing the horse run logo. And this product includes the latest collaboration between Caroll Shelby and the Ford Company, before Mustang Eleanor. Because after that Caroll Shelby moved to Chrysler.

This Mustang Shelby GT 500 Super Snake has a GT8 V8 engine that produces 427 hp. No wonder the results of the operation, the engine sector is able to burst power up to 520 hp. Allows for a top speed of 170 mph (274 km / h).

The Mustang Shelby GT 500 Super Snake is the target of collectors with the latest prices that are DiecastOraSambat know that is penetrating at 2.2 million US $

That’s a little review of the Mustang Shelby GT 500 Super Snake, now DiecastOraSambat will review the Diecast Mustang Shelby GT 500 Super Snake from M2 Machine.

Honestly DiecastOraSambat to date 4 thumbs up for M2 Machine production, the details always make admiration. Well we see from the front of the grill is perfectly installed and the size of the grill is very suitable for its size. The wheels are very special with a golden color that is able to arouse passion, very in harmony with the color of the base of the car is dark green.

For Functional Diecast it only has the engine cap and the wheel. The LeMans Livery is also able to boost the gallantry of the Super Snake’s Mustang Shelby GT 500.

And what makes this display so perfect is the look behind it, Wow, this is very spectacular for a 1/64 scale scale diecast size and the logo is so neatly installed. Each curve of the lamp is able to show this 1/64 diecast looks like a 1/24 scale diecast.

What makes DiecastOraSambat more shaking its head for M2 Machine Mustang Shelby GT 500 Super Snake scale 1/64 is a very friendly price and does not make the bag broken.

Ok, my friend, Diecast Lovers, reviewed this Diecast M2 Machine Mustang Shelby GT 500 Super Snake from DiecastOraSambat.