Low Key Photography Diecast

photo by: Udi saint

Low Key Photography Diecast – Maybe for some of my brothers the term Low Key Photography sounds strange, but not for some of my brothers who are close to the world of photography. Well DiecastOraSambat this time will present the work of Diecast Lover’s brothers about Low Key Photography Diecast.

For those of you who don’t know the term Low Key Photography DiecastOraSambat will explain a bit, so it won’t roaming. Low Key Photography is a style of photography that utilizes dark tones so photos look dramatic. This low key lighting intensifies the contrast in the image by reducing the intensity of the lighting.

photo by: Ricky twentyfour

The key here is not only to produce dark images, but to use lighting very selectively so that only certain parts of the image are illuminated.

photo by: Erlangga

This low key photography style makes you free to play with shadows, even shadows can be something special. It might be considered as the main element of the composition, namely the one that defines the atmosphere of the entire photo. You can manipulate the lighting and subject position, so that the shadow falls only in the right place to create the desired image appearance.

photo by: Ivan Novendi Yakuza

That is a little picture of Low Key Photography, then we apply this technique to Diecast Photography to be able to produce artistic and dramatic diecast photos.

photo by: saputra didik

Diecast OraSambat has collected several works from Diecast Lover’s brothers in the Low Key Photography Diecast theme. Hopefully some of these examples can make inspiration and lessons for diecast & toy’s photography friends to later be able to produce photographic works with a low key style. No need to linger, please take a look at photography works with a Low Key Photography Diecast style.

photo by: jacksimobilkecil
photo by: jacksimobilkecil
photo by: jacksimobilkecil
photo by: jacksimobilkecil

Mustang Shelby GT 500 Super Snake Diecast

Mustang Shelby GT 500 Super Snake Diecast M2 Machine Review – Hai Diecast Lovers, DiecastOraSambat returned with the Review article. Yes DiecastOraSambat will review products from the M2 Machine Mustang Shelby GT 500 production years 67, better known as Mustang Super Snake

A little review of the Super Snake Shelby GT 500. This Shelby product includes Legend in the car bearing the horse run logo. And this product includes the latest collaboration between Caroll Shelby and the Ford Company, before Mustang Eleanor. Because after that Caroll Shelby moved to Chrysler.

This Mustang Shelby GT 500 Super Snake has a GT8 V8 engine that produces 427 hp. No wonder the results of the operation, the engine sector is able to burst power up to 520 hp. Allows for a top speed of 170 mph (274 km / h).

The Mustang Shelby GT 500 Super Snake is the target of collectors with the latest prices that are DiecastOraSambat know that is penetrating at 2.2 million US $

That’s a little review of the Mustang Shelby GT 500 Super Snake, now DiecastOraSambat will review the Diecast Mustang Shelby GT 500 Super Snake from M2 Machine.

Honestly DiecastOraSambat to date 4 thumbs up for M2 Machine production, the details always make admiration. Well we see from the front of the grill is perfectly installed and the size of the grill is very suitable for its size. The wheels are very special with a golden color that is able to arouse passion, very in harmony with the color of the base of the car is dark green.

For Functional Diecast it only has the engine cap and the wheel. The LeMans Livery is also able to boost the gallantry of the Super Snake’s Mustang Shelby GT 500.

And what makes this display so perfect is the look behind it, Wow, this is very spectacular for a 1/64 scale scale diecast size and the logo is so neatly installed. Each curve of the lamp is able to show this 1/64 diecast looks like a 1/24 scale diecast.

What makes DiecastOraSambat more shaking its head for M2 Machine Mustang Shelby GT 500 Super Snake scale 1/64 is a very friendly price and does not make the bag broken.

Ok, my friend, Diecast Lovers, reviewed this Diecast M2 Machine Mustang Shelby GT 500 Super Snake from DiecastOraSambat.

Behind the Scene Diecast Photography

This Weekend DiecastOraSambat actually wants to attend the bazaar and diecast custom competition with the theme of Migunani Diecast. But because it’s still late in the afternoon, Diecast OraSambat took the time to write an article for Diecast Lover’s.

photo by: nanang effendi

This time DiecastOraSambat wants to reveal the uniqueness, humor, photographer’s diecast kitchen in creating works and able to produce extraordinary works. Maybe all this time we have assumed that to make diecast photography work, the photographer has the war equipment of a professional cameraman and also a professional crew team. Oh no, keep all those thoughts out of your brain.

photo by: andi oxide

What is needed to make the main diecast photography work is
1. Have a Diecast
2. Imagination
3. Don’t have shame.

photo by: deka prianda

For number 3, it is mandatory for those who prefer pic capture in outdoor. Because when you start the action in outdoor especially in the crowd, you will definitely be the center of attention of the surrounding community. Plus those photographed miniature cars with a size of 1/64.

photo by: rahmat wedw

The most commonly heard words when they mumble are
1. Lack of work
2. It’s still a hotwheel toy
3. Childhood is less happy

photo by: yuke aiko

For diecast photography or toys photography it has no effect. Because these people are used to normal or normal life. So that something they don’t think is normal will certainly cause a strange feeling for them.

photo by: kurnia bontot

Yes, that is indeed the risk for creating other diecast and toys. Talking about how they take pictures in order to produce cool works, surely it will make us laugh and also make us aware, if in fact we are also the same as them during take shoot with such circumstances & angles.

photo by: adpri abdulrahman

Here you can also know sometimes the ingredients around are able to help produce works, makeshift lighting, used goods can also help. Ok, it’s time to Diecast OraSambat to show the pose of the diecast photographer models in action.

photo by: leon prasetya
photo by: djacz

Oldsmobile 88 M2 Machines Diecast Review

Oldsmobile 88 M2 Machines diecast review – hello brother, DiecastOraSambat has a cool review material, an accidental hunting result but a super special diecast treasure. Yes, I’m really happy, Diecast OraSambat found a diecast Oldsmobile88 year 49 products from M2 Machines.

A little story of the story of this 88 car, hmm? Ok this oldsmobile 88 car was born in 1949 and collapsed in 1999. This car has a 303 cu in (5.0 L) rocket8 V8 engine, with 2 transmission systems  Manual & Matic . For the manual 3 speed, while the matic 4 speed. Oldsmobile88 in 49 this is the first generation of a total of 10 generations.

You know, it turns out that Oldsmobile 88 has also been involved in NASCAR racing. And what impressed me was that the 88 won six of nine final NASCAR model division races in 1949, 10 of 19 in 1950, 20 of 41 in 1952, and finally defeated by Hornet Hudson the strong and tough coach lightning mcqueen 😄 😃

This Oldsmobile 88 at that time was said to be the King of the race, this candidate made the 88 so well-selling in his sales. Oldsmobile 88 enjoyed great success, and also inspired the birth of the popular 1950s slogan, “Make a Date with a Rocket 88”, and also a song, “Rocket 88”, which is often considered the first rock and roll recording .

That’s the story of the history of Oldsmobile 88’s great cars, and now let’s review the diecast that was born by M2 Machines. The first impression of seeing Oldmobile 88 Diecast is Car 1: 1 which is understated by Doraemon’s magic flashlight. How not to imagine like that, starting from the curve of the body, painting, installation of accessories and logos, until the bumper is so perfect, everything looks real. It could be because the bases are diecast and the big ones are the same, there is no plastic material attached to the oldsmobile 88 body.

An additional point that makes it interesting again is the machine cup and the door can be opened. Plus, this tiny diecast is able to run smoothly like a hotwheels and the engine is painted nicely, but I’m sorry I can’t reach with my camera for coloring the engine.

For all of you who want or are looking for and want to buy diecast oldsmobile88 from M2 Machines, you don’t need to hesitate. DiecastOraSambat, guarantee that 100% of you will be satisfied. Ok, so did Review Diecast Oldsmobile88 from M2 Machines on scale 64, DiecastOraSambat said goodbye to resign first. Maturnuwun Lur

Diecast and Coffee Photography

Diecast and Coffee Photography – Hi Lur how are the weather conditions in your city now, hot or rainy? In my city it’s cloudy and drizzling. It is very suitable for the weather like this accompanied by a cup or 2 cups of coffee, it is really delicious it feels good.

photo by: handy fach

Talking about coffee, how about today we all talk about the concept of photography with the theme Diecast and Coffee? Agree, Lur … ok, we go on with creamy coffee to make it soft to enjoy the diecast.

photo by: yudriansyah

Photography coffee itself is so cool and fun to make, everyone has their own imagination of coffee according to their coffee tastes. Some like black coffee, milk coffee, cream coffee, coffee makers or local coffee concoctions. From the love of coffee, it is able to produce extraordinary works in the field of photography, both for professional and amateur classes.

photo by: aditya teguh

Likewise with diecast photography, even in the world of diecast, each collector has his own love for his diecast collection. Some like JDM, American Muscle, European, Classic, Vintage, Retro, Sport, etc. They also recognize each other’s characters properly. So as to be able to aim at the diecast collection well to highlight the features of each diecast character itself.

photo by: wiki wirawan

Therefore the combination of Diecast and Coffee will be able to produce cool and extraordinary photography works. Coffee is able to excite passion in the work, Diecast which is able to climax the theme combination of Photography Diecast and Coffee.

photo by: achadi pujo

Like drinking coffee, how to enjoy it by gently sipping it, then enjoy the photography Diecast and Coffee theme works slowly & deeply.

photo by: araya basema

Hopefully the Photography Diecast and Coffee gallery from the brothers DiecastOraSambat is able to inspire all of you. Especially for those of you who might be working on TA and are confused about what theme for the TA. Hopefully by reading the DiecastOraSambat article to get ideas & inspiration for a photo concept and still of life photography, Happy working on art.

photo by: pasundan diecast
photo by: aji mei
photo by: jacksimobilkecil

Diecast & Food Photography Theme

Photo By: Gunk Guz

The world of Photography is indeed wide, any concept can be affordable. This time DiecastOraSambat will present a concept that can excite culinary lover’s and Diecast Lover’s.

This time the Diecast Photography concept presents Diecast & Food Themes. This concept is unique because it is able to harmonize food & drink as a basic necessity with diecast as a hobby. The combination of this concept turned out to be able to arouse hunger and thirst that ignites. Hungry & thirst for diecast food & drink. This concept also combines photography food & diecast techniques.

Photo by: leon angeline

That’s why I say the concept of photography with this diecast & food theme is unique and interesting. Unique and interesting for those who see it as well as photographers. They are able to combine compositions, angle & food photo lighting with compositions, angle, & lighting diecast nicely and blend well and attractively.

Photo By: Ghulit

The purpose of DiecastOraSambat presenting the theme of diecast & food is to provide inspiration for all food photography enthusiasts and photography diecast so that they can evoke more and more wild imagination in the field of photography. And who knows there will be a similar competition, so you can develop your own imagination from the inspiration you have seen in photography diecast & food themes.

Photo by: Handy Fach

Ok brother, so it’s not too long Diecast OraSambat presents photos from our brothers and sisters all in Themes Photography Diecast & Food.

Photo by: Handy Fech
Photo by: Udee Racer
Photo By: Oktaf Fredyanto

Nissan Skyline Diecast Photography

Nissan Skyline Diecast Photography – Accompanying you all weekend, DiecastOraSambat wants to share the gallery with the Nissan Skyline Diecast Photography Theme.

photo by: ade wisnu

This theme appeared in my head because I watching the trailer of Fast Furious 9. Somehow this memory immediately gave Brian O’Conner the name of his favorite Nissan Skyline car. Who does not know and feels that Brian O’Conner is the main character in Fast Furious. For the Fast Furious film lovers, the emptiness is very felt with the absence of the character, even though the story has been retired from the race & war adventure world.

photo by: ridsaky

Finally DiecastOraSambat began searching for galleries related to Diecast Nissan Skyline. It’s not too much, but at least from the gallery that appears, it can be a reference for all of you to capture your favorite diecast into the gallery.

photo by: tubagus atmajaya

In this article Diecast OraSambat will bring up Hakosuka, Skyline R34, & GTR R35. Plus cool & cool dioramas that make the photos more dazzling.

photo by: agus wijayanto

Ok, it doesn’t need to be too long, please refer to the gallery that has been tested. Hopefully this reference is able to add insight & imagination to all of Diecast Lover’s ingredients.

photo by: 13garage
photo by: adi aphoey
photo by: jacksimobilkecil

Mercedes Benz AMG GT3 Linkin Park Tarmac Works Review

Mercedes Benz AMG GT3 Linkin ParkTarmac Works Review – Linkin Park is my favorite band DiecastOraSambat from the first. When first the Linkin Park Music Band appeared on MTV at that time I immediately fell in love, Hybrid Theory’s first music album in the form of a cassette I immediately bought.

And when I got word the vocalist Chester Bennington died of suicide, I immediately got sad. But the sadness was quite remedied by Tarmac Works products, namely Mercedes Benz AMG GT3 with stripin Linkin Park.

The Mercedes AMG GT3 with striping Linkin Park appeared in 2016 and was used by the Black Falcon Team in the 24 hours endurance racing championship in Belgium. And indeed to make this Striping the Mercedes teamed up with Linkin Park.

DiecastOraSambat buying this diecast is actually not long ago in 2018. When I first saw this product the feeling was the same when I first heard Linkin Park’s music. Immediately without thinking, I bought this little diecast.

The Tarmac Works product is always special to collect. Viewed from the front, side, back, top, the Linkin Park Mercedes Benz AMG GT3 product is arguably 99% perfect.

Starting from the Front Grill, Engine Hood, front & rear lights, the spoiler has no error. For details of painting and striping it is also perfect. 1% The data is that the front winglets are too thick for 1/64 diecast. But even then it is installed neatly & real precision. So for the Tarmac Work Mercedes AMG GT3 product Linkin Park DiecastOraSambat there can’t be too many comments, only what history and passion can make it want to have it.

Isn’t it cool, bro, if we don’t know about the specifications of this car. Mercedez-AMG GT R uses a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine with Direct Injection fuel supply system. The engine on this car in the test is capable of removing maximum power of 585 hp and maximum torque at 700 Nm. The power produced by the engine in this car is the strongest in the Mercedez-AMG GT series. It only takes 3.6 seconds to accelerate from 0-100 km. The overall power of the car is also channeled through a 7- speed double clutch automatic transmission.

Honda Fit RS Inno64 Review

Inno64 Honda Fit Rs Review – comes back to accompany Diecast Lover’s DiecastOraSambat this time will review the booming new product namely Inno64 Honda Fit RS Products. In Indonesia it is more popular as a Honda Jazz RS.

You know, this Diecast Inno64 Honda Fit RS was first released on Toysoul HK this year 2019. By presenting Jun Auto livery. First of all I have seen it immediately. Moreover, the Honda Fit in Indonesia is still attached to the dream city car of young people.

Comes with a yellow background, combined with its black Jun Livery. This makes the Honda Fit RS so seductive, a harmonious blend as if describing wise firmness.

Basic material is metal but is capable of presenting captivating details the lights also use mica so that the real impression is able to emerge well. What I like most is in the interior, especially on the seat. Seat Honda Fit RS uses the Racing Concept from the Bride brand. The tires have also been racing and rubber so it looks real plus there are several other accessories such as spoilers, diffuser, adding to the sporty impression.

But are there no shortcomings for this special product? Still there are still defects. That is on the front plate number, the installation is slightly tilted and also on the front diffuser on the right side (seen from the front not from driving), there it is clearly less attached to the bumper properly.

That’s the advantages and disadvantages of Inno64 Honda Fit RS scale 64. This deficiency may only exist on some of its products, not necessarily everything like that. I just happened to get something like that. Overall, it is still good for diecasting on a 64 scale, you can watch the full on the Youtube Channel.  

A little extra let me add the performance sector, in fact all types of New Jazz are equipped by the same engine base, namely the 1.5 L SOHC inline cylinder, 16 i-VTEC + DBW valves with PGM-FI fuel supply that is capable of delivering impressive and powerful performance. The engine base on the Honda Jazz itself has been very tested because this car has often dropped on the racing track or slalom. Power presented by the engine on the New Jazz itself is very capable with the ability to spit out a maximum power of 88 Kw (120 PS) / 6,600 rpm and also a maximum torque of 14.8 kg.m (145Nm) 4,800 rpm.

Besides being able to provide superior performance, the Honda Jazz engine is also known to be economical thanks to the application of Drive by Wire (DBW) technology which results in throttle valve open-close control for more precise acceleration but still fuel economy. As for the drive itself, the Honda Jazz uses a front-wheel drive that is integrated in two transmissions, namely a 5-speed manual and a 5-speed automatic. For the New Jazz automatic transmission carries a CVT type engine complete with Earth Dreams Technology technology to produce smoother transmission movements and maximum engine performance ..

Review Lamborghini Aventador scale 64 by LB Work

Lamborghini Aventador scale 64 by LB Work – Hallo Diecast Lover’s this time DiecastOraSambat will review the new Diecast released by LB. Scale 64, which is the Lamborghini Aventador which he said only produced 999.

This Lamborghini Aventador product is made from resin. If seen written in the box, it is written very clearly handmade. Here the question arises, are these products really handmade one by one? If indeed yes, then it is true if in the production there are some that fail. One example is mine.

The obvious disadvantages are in the rear sector, precisely in the rear grill under the lights. There is a file in detailing painting, which is quite unfortunate for highend products, there are errors in detailing painting, especially this product is only produced 999.

The advantages of the Lamborghini Aventador scale 64 products from LB.Work are in the detailing model. Obviously this product is very superior when compared to the competitors who first fought in the diecast world. Plus the workmanship in the decimal sector can I say perfect. Interior matters are also very special, even this Lamborghini Aventador seat is the same as the Origin Seat.

Indeed the superiority of products made from resin is in the detailing of the model and coloring. I can say 90% is like 1: 1. Overall the 64 scale Lamborghini Aventador product from LB.Work is very good and worthy of being a collection. For more details, please go to the Youtube channel 

A little extra let me add more interest, which is about the Lamborghini Aventador kitchen. This car is equipped with a L539, 4VALVE, DOHC engine with a step x diameter of 95.0 mm x 76.4 mm which has a compression ratio of 11.8: 1. This engine can issue maximum power reaching 552 KW at 8400 rpm, while for torque reaching 90 Nm at engine speed 5,500 rpm.

The performance produced by the engine is channeled with a full injectio fuel system so that the supercar can produce energy that is so perfect. And the resulting acceleration is 0-100km / h in just 2.9 seconds the steering system gearbox with 7 speed automatic.