Ducati Diecast Motorcycle Hobbies

story The Ducati Company was founded in 1926 by the three Ducati brothers, Bruno, Adriano and Marcello. At first, the assemblage had nothing to do with motorcycles, but managed electrical components. Then the Italian government took over the company during the Second World War and gore Ducati into making bike.

The first motorized undertaking on defense of Ducati was the clip-on 50cc bicycle Jinny exhibit in 1946. In the 1950, the Italian party improved its first vahan, the 1952 Cruiser 175cc, a scooter which had magnetic starter and robotlike transmission. One year latter , Ducati came up with a 98cc translation of this vahan and they early increased its capacity to 125cc. In 1954, engineer Fabio Tagnoli joined the party, furniture which would manifest to be so kind for the company as they came up with several showy models by the close of 1956.

We are talking going the four stroke Tourist 174 and Special and Sport models which could extent up to 135 km/h, a respectable performance for that age. All these models were confer to the common in 1957 at the Milan Salon. Tagnoli fabric for three years on a desmodronic system, from 1955 to 1958, system which was adopted on the 250cc motorbike ordered by a famous English competitor Mike Hailwooda, in 1960. Also in 1958, Ducati came up with the 200cc bike called Elite.

The first Ducati example which was able to go over 150 km/h came in 1964 and was called Mach 250. They increased the government of their performance course bikes in 1968 when they came up with the 450 Mark 3D, scale slapper which could go over 170 km/h and was the first motorbike that you could take which had desmodronic distribution. After recording a bulky success with the 450 desmodronic motorbike, Ducati came up with a 750 twin fly desmodronic motorcycle and introduced at the Imola 200 Miles root. There were swarm in the race, driven by Bruno Spaggiari and Paul Smart who managed to overtake the first and the secondary site.

Such a overtake could not go uncelebrated and unexploited and Ducati improved the 750 Supersport in this value, slapper which was launched in 1972. Mike Hailwooda got once again on a Ducati slapper in 1978 and wield to prevail the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy. He drove a Supersport model high to 900cc, bike which was later on metamorphose into a limited impress composition called 900 SS Mike Hailwooda Replica. 1983 came and Ducati became part of the Cagiva Group as it was property by Claudio and Gianfranco Castiglioni.

This proved to be a good move for Ducati, as the company gotta more complex into motosports and also disengage some renovated shape. In 1993 came the Monster model and in 1994 the 916 model which accept the epithet “Motorcycle of the Year” from a very juggling bike magazine. Another shift in management came in 1996 when the Italian association was taken over by Texas Pacific Group, an vestment company from America. The new management nine pulled off some exciting cramp and managed to make the Monster Dark the most cell cycle in Italy in 1998 and 1999. In March of 1999, Ducati Motor Holding was one of few automotive party to enrolled on the store traffic, the Milan Stock Exchanges to be precise.

Ducati was the first copartnery to sell a bike exclusively over the Internet and this was the suit of the MH900e model, which was communicate to 2,000 Ducati enthusiasts just sennight in the unspent millenary. In 2001, a tragic consequence for Ducati took position, namely the murder of one of its author, Bruno Cavalieri Ducati. expand

Toys & Models Ducati Toys and Models Cucciolo is back! Ducati’s beloved mascot is just attendance to be fondle. This fragrant-drunk, impressible puppy is handy in two largeness, and he’s all dressed up in his Ducati Corse T-shirt and overlie. If you’re not into necking, you might prefer one of our upright reproductions of Ducati’s wide direction of bikes. They’re careful down to the last detail, and the mature collectible for anyone who tenderness Ducati motorbikes. A few (or more) would constrain a numerous descry in your family room or man den! Oh, and if you do want to cuddle up with Cucciolo after a day of hanging out with the fellow, we won’t reveal anyone.

Cucciolo is back! Ducati’s dear mascot is exact waiting to be fondle. This fragrant-drunk, soft dog is available in two swell, and he’s all dressed up in his Ducati Corse T-shirt and crown. If you’re not into cuddling, you might promote one of our upright reproductions of Ducati’s wide flax of bikes. They’re accurate down to the last detail, and the perfect collectible for anyone who nothing Ducati motorbikes. A few (or more) would constitute a great exhibition in your class post or man grotto! Oh, and if you do destitution to snuggle up with Cucciolo after a age of suspensory out with the guys, we dwelling’t impart anyone.

Johnny Lightning Off-Road Toyota Land Cruiser and Jeep Cherokee

Johnny Lightning has often issued 4×4 offroad products, and many have played on the Toyota Land Cruiser. And this time there is a cool package released by Johny Lightning namely the Toyota Land Cruiser and the Cherokee Jeep in one blister.

This Toyota Land Cruiser and Cherokee Jeep Blister package uses the same uniform, which is white-blue-red. And all of them are also equipped with roof bars with tire equipment and a gas tank. You can also add some items if you want to look full on the roof bars.

There are 2 package items offered by Johnny Lightning for this off-road version, the rubber tires. Some are black and some are white and all look cool, for the casting hood this model can be opened, the wheels can rotate well, the details are very good, the base casting is diecast, and this is in accordance with the original version of iron which is strong and sturdy unlike now the iron car is like a wafer can 😅

Casting this model is really a lot of fans, and now you can say it’s just a trend. For those of you who also want to collect it, it should be rather quick to collect it, because each item is produced as many as 2400 items for global.

And your part is fans of diecast photography and creator dioramas don’t miss it too to collect it because this will definitely add beauty and also generate wild creative power.

For the problem of casting prices of the off-road models from Johnny Lightning, it is still very affordable, although there are some shops that dare to sell high prices for the white tire version, the value even translates to US $ 70,69.

Let me add more interest to love the Johnny Lightning Off-Road Toyota Land Cruiser gallery and the Cherokee Jeep, here it is.

hotwheels storage display cases ideas

But of route before you do this yourself, you’ll have to fall bound with opportunity up your diecast motorcar and seizing them out of their bale. There are arguments for both ways of garner—and that’s something we’ll protect in the forward—but for now you’ll have to occasion that determination for yourself.

A Ton of Cars Once you’ve committed to availability them up, you’ll exigency to find something to do with them. Purpose-shaped manifest conjuncture that go on the wall are expanded for this, but they are abandon dear and if you have a chance of railcar you’d alike to exhibit the detriment can be intimidating. In my event I had several hundred Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Tomica and other diecast auto that I’d acquired both brand untried in the magazine, online and at exchange congregate and play conduct.

The packaged once I had either drop on the bail on their nacelle or stacked in storage, while an uniform number were stored loose in boxes. With my bulkhead goods run out of space and dozens upon dozens of auto packed away in boxes, I wanted an affordable and calm highway to show all my carriage. A search around YouTube disclose several collectors who had discovered the unknown of second-hand horse stowage cause to display their railcar on the rampart, so I unequivocal to give it a scot.

Cheap and Easy The action I course with are made (here in the USA!) by Plano Molding Company and are made to store anything from hardware to skill and hobby term. They’re also count 5324 and can be found for under ten dollars each online, usually with free shipping. Each case has 24 compartments that just occur to be the unblemished largeness to parade Hot Wheels and Matchbox-sized diecast colloquial. Doing some rough calculations perception how many qualifier I had, I ordered a few case of them, and they conduct up at my house the next Time.

Simple Installation Putting them up was near as unconstrained at gotta. The first step was move the moldable eyelid from each case. Technically you could keep the covert on for pother shield, but they aren’t very transparent and it kind of defeats the discourse of worn them for discover. Perhaps the biggest drawback is you’ll have drill into your walls, but that will likely be exact with any display case. In this case we utility a boxhaul of inexpensive bailey anchoret from Harbor Freight.

We application two stop for each circumstances, and there are even orifice the cases that work perfectly for this purpose. In the end it didn’t take more than circularly 20 or 30 record to hang all 28 of our Plano cases on the canaut. The Hard Part Once the action are up on the wall, the truly time overwhelming part beginning: beginning up, abode and systematize all the railcar into the cases. This is also the perfect opportunity to rediscover diecast cart you forgot you even had. It’s really therapeutic in a way.

The other downside to this display course is that the automobile won’t be draintrap from dust, but I appearance that orderly fetters me more possibility to take them out and observe at them. On the other hand, the exposed compartments also companion it comfortable to capture cars for photos or to rearrange them. Best of all though, the sight of the inclose gather on the wall and full with a multiform variety of cars makes me grind every time I head into my office. Given how mean and quiet this was to do, I only wish I would have tried this mode sooner.

Not surprisingly, I’ve already full up this first lot, and it will early be tense for another order of Plano cases to keep the fun childbearing. Here’s hoping this succor some of my associate collectors who have been appearance for an manageable moving to parade their diecast cars. Looking for some cars to fill your inclose? We affection the lath acquit from Matchbox.

Tamiya Formula 1 Model Cars

Tamiya speculation into the modeling calling in 1948, with a unscale stiff ship model kit. Since then, Tamiya has been striving to tender merchandise that can truly be denominated “First in Quality Around the World.” Now Tamiya is proffering more than 3000 different products, both in the fields of preciseness stable example and high-performance radio control vehicles. These products are not only sold in Japan but also exportation in immense quantities to the United States, Europe, South East Asia, and to many other abilities of the Earth. The colors of Excellency achieved by Tamiya is heed as among the very finest in the world of model hobbies.

RC carriage from Tamiya are a seriously punishment hobby. While offering plenty of RTR (Ready To Run) automobile, many of Tamiya’s offerings are kitten willing to be collected. Building a remote direct auto is a stable fire way to have a and learn more circularly your Vahan at the same time. Many of the inferior cars are from the Tamiya harvest RC sift. Classics from the 80’s and 90’s such as Frog, Hotshot, and Lunchbox are still kicking around now, updated with present electronics for reliability.

Tamiya 1/20 F1 Car Plastic Model Kits Wonderland Models stock the full wander of Tamiya kits contain the 1/20 Formula 1 automobile plastic design kitten. The élite sellers in this wander include the Red Bull RB6, Lotus 25, McLaren MP4/5b and the associated seat belt Embarrass. We also stock a populous rank of Tamiya model draw, Spray Paints, Modelling Tools, and Modelling accessories. To be notified of any unspent products or propound in this category, please sign up to the Wonderland Models newssheet. If you claim more enlightenment on these products contactor us here [email protected] and we will get back to you as promptly as option.

Wonderland Models stock the full roam of Tamiya cut intercept the 1/20 Formula 1 car moldable mold kits. The flower sellers in this order terminate the Red Bull RB6, Lotus 25, McLaren MP4/5b and the associated sitting waistband adapt.We also supply a bulky range of Tamiya model portray, Spray Paints, Modelling Tools, and Modelling accessories. To be notified of any new products or propound in this genus, please symbol up to the Wonderland Models newssheet.

It has been six donkey’s since Tamiya has released an all new 1/20 scale F1 design. New for 2009, Tamiya brings F1 modeling to a new impartial of detail with the Ferrari F60 F1 car. The F60 started off the inure late but has gone on to triumph first abode at Round 4 and record detail in every race since.

Strip Jada Toys Diecast Full Metal

Jada Toys Inc. appeared in 1999 by Jack and May-Li. Jada Toys initially targeted the collector’s market and did not recommend playing with children (such as Hot Wheels products). It was said that the establishment of the diecast company was caused by the dissatisfaction of Jack, who was also a diecast collector on diecast models at the time, which he considered only “standard” appearance. Therefore, he is determined to set up his own diecast company that is different from other toy / diecast companies. Regarding the first diecast product that came out on the market I tried to find the information, but I hadn’t found it.

Product Line Up
Here are a few lines from the Jada Toys collection that are well-known in diecaster circles:

Big Time Muscle

From the name it can be guessed that the contents are muscular cars from America. Some examples are: Pontiact GTO, Chevy Camaro, Ford Mustang, Corvette Stingray, Dodge Challenger, etc., which are available on a scale of 1:64 to 1:18.

DUB City

The characteristics of this model variant are using larger custom wheels, low ride cars and sound system accessories that refer to DUB Style-style cars that are popular in America, especially in California, where these types of cars often appear in video clips. Hip-Hop and R & B music. Some models of Jada are: Chrysler 300C, Astro Van, Yukon Denali, Nissan 350Z, Porche Carrera GT, Mini Cooper, Chevy Dooley, etc. available on a scale from 1:18 to 1:64.

Import Racer, & Option-D

Both of these models are specifically for Japanese sports car manufacturers. The accessories are almost the same as Dub City plus additional unique and bustling decal / tampo typical of Japanese modified cars like in the movie Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift. The difference between the IR and Opt-D is the Option-D specifically for the cars that descend on the Formula Drift-One, one of the most prestigious drift races in the world. Some of the models are Nissan Skyline GT-R, Toyota Supra & Celica, Mitsubishi Lan Evo & Eclipse, Subaru Impreza, Mazda RX, Lexus, etc., available on a scale of 1:18 to 1:64.

V-Dub $

Jada provides a special slot for the legendary automotive brand, VW by providing diecast models such as the VW combi (Bus), VW beetle, and other VW. The scale is available at 1:24 & 1: 64.

For $ale

In accordance with the name of the variant, the diecast model made is a used car model (junkyard). Not many diecast manufacturers dare to release a model with a blurry decal and a damaging effect on the car. Available on a scale of 1:24 and 1:64 from various old car brands such as VW, Datsun, 70 Chevy Camaro, etc.

City Badge Heat & Hero Patrol

This model is dominated by patrol, ambulance and fire police cars operating in America, of course with accessories like Jada Dub City. Available on 1:24 and 1:64 scales. Some of the cars include 1936 Master Deluxe, 1957 Chevy Suburban, Dodge Chalanger & Charger, Chevy Suburban, etc

Collector Club & 10th Anniversary

Jada also released a number of limited edition models produced in limited quantities such as the CC edition and the 10th birthday celebration specifically for the 1:18 & 1:24 scale diecast. Some of them are Nissan 240SX, Silverado Dooley, Nissan GT-R, Dodge Viper SRT10, Ford Lincoln Continental, VW Bus, etc.

20th Anniversary

This is also the same as the sub above, the difference is the year number. For this 20th Anniversary, the casting was introduced, namely the Nissan 350z, Impala Hardtop, Nissan Hakosuka, Stepside Truck Tow, Tahoe Police.

Other Variants

Apart from the various models above, there are also variants such as Initial-D taken from Japanese anime films, High Profile for cars with large tire profiles, 5-Deep & Snap Shot for Jada which contains 5 pcs of cars and 2 pcs of scale 1 : 64, the new Lo-Pro is circulating with additional wheels, JDM Tuners, Fast Furious and various other models.

Ixo Model Diecast Ford Fiesta RS WRC Valentino Rossi Monza Rally 2017

Hello guys, where are the fans of Valentino Rossi? Are there any diecast collectors here? Hopefully, the reader here is a big fan of Valentino Rossi. Because I want to give you good news.

There is good news from the Ixo Model for you, Diecast Ford Fiesta RS WRC # 46 Monza Rally 2017. The car that was used by Valentino Rossi during the race at Monza and was able to win with C.Cassina. Currently, there are many who have conducted POs or auctions, please follow and get this rare collection.

This casting model bases diecast with great detail and enters the premium diecast segment. Because we need to know that the moto Ixo Model is “Ixo is one of the best 1:43 in the diecast industry, famous for it’s replica”.

I really want to have it, but unfortunately I don’t have a collection of 43, besides that the main problem is the scale of 43 is less popular, plus now many brands are fighting on a 64 scale, and many new players are trying to look impressive on a 64 scale at a price can be more expensive than a scale of 24 for rare items.

But of course this diecast should not be missed by fans of Valentino Rossi, without the need to think about the scale. If I were a big fan of Valentino Rossi I would also not think, besides just thinking of having and collecting it with other Valentino Rossi merchandise.

For the price, this Casting Fiesta Ford RS WRC 46 Model 2017 Rally 2017 is still in the affordable category, which ranges from the price of US $ 35. Casting this model already has an archival box, so it adds to the elegant impression.

So what else to think about is to immediately get and collect this rare item. Ford Fiesta RS WRC # 46 Monza Rally 2017.

Photo Contest Diecast Photography Ignition Model

The Best Photography Contest, congratulation shumsphotography

Sorry for those of you lovers of diecast photography if I give very late info. It turned out that on May 1-5 2019 there was a photo contest held by the Ignition Model. I just found out after there were some very cool shoot results, there was an announcement of the winner.

The photo contest is specifically for casting Ignition Model models with various scales and types of models. Even though it’s late, there is still value that can be learned, namely learning from the results that have become candidates and also the winners of the photo contest this year. At least we can learn to imitate technique, angle, and composition first. Only then will we develop our imagination to make improvisations. Later on, we can release our work for the next diecast photo contest. It doesn’t have to be an Ignition Model but it can also be for other brands.

We do have to collect a lot of portfolio for learning, and the source of inspiration in photographing diecast. Especially when photographing casting models of cars with a scale of 64, the challenge is far more complicated because the small scale level is quite difficult to reach by the camera in terms of focus.

The very difficult challenge of photographing diecast is how we can display the casting model of this car that looks real, not as a toy, especially with the effects that make nuances come alive.

I myself am still in the process of learning at the level of technique and composition, so I still need a lot of references from the candidates and winners of the diecast photo contest. Want to actually follow but still far away to get there. Only to compete who are not nominated are very difficult especially with those who have been nominated. What is important to me and all of us who are still beginners in the world of photography are diecasting lots of references and exercises.

We also need to follow the event held by the community, which usually gives give away diecast awards. Do not see what give away diecast items, but how we can achieve a better level by getting give away. Because we must train our abilities first of these small events to improve performance and hone our own skills and imagination. It was able to measure where our level of performance in the world of diecast photography.

And here I show the results of the photo diecast contest held by the Ignition Model, both from the nominees and also the champions. Congratulations to the Champion of Diecast Photography Ignition Model contest, Full respect for your Champion is indeed the best. Greetings.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX model cars 404 error Voltex Edition

Hai diecast lovers, there is this new info for those of you who like the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, now there are newcomers whose names are 404 error. This 404 error presents the appearance of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX custom racing look.

The base that is used resin, appears with various color variants and graphics. There are 6 basic colors namely black, white, yellow, gray, pink, dark purple. While for graphics there are 3 variants. Following the current trend of hits, 404 error models of this car are 1/64 scale.

Diliat from various casting perspectives is very cool, and for those of you who really like or even focus on the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, this casting model is mandatory for you to have. But if you don’t like casting resin-based models, you should refrain from having them.

Like me now who is rather half-hearted with casting models made from resin, after the incident of 2 Lamborghini lb performance was broken. Due to the hand of the blind casting model. What happens can only be silent and sad without being able to do something.

For casting models from 404 this error I do not know whether the wheels can rotate or not, and how sensitive the resin material is. My advice if indeed you intend to have it and already have it, keep it out of reach of the hands that do not know about the world of casting models, especially those made from resin than later you will experience the same thing with me.

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is indeed a car whose charms will never fade with the times, moreover the bass fans who are very extraordinary make us have to lift our hat, yes full respect. Especially in my country, not everyone can have it, except he is also a fan of the Mitsubishi. It’s not 100% but most of them have the same type.

This Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX was produced in 2005-2007, the engine capacity of 1997 cc with 6-speed manual, the power produced was 291 PS with 6500 RPM. The top speed can reach 157 mph, 0-60 only requires 4.4 s. Variants featured at the time were the Grand Sport Rally, Rally Sport, Special Edition, and Mitsubishi Racing.

Toyota Supra JADA Toys Diecast 64

Castles that are very hard to find Jada Toys Toyota Supra. If we have previously reviewed Pontiac GTO 71, and also the Chevy Stingray from Jada toys, both of which are American muscles. Now we will review and peel Jada Toys which is JDM namely Toyota Supra.

The Toyota Supra is one of the sports cars from the Toyota manufacturer that has been very popular even the Toyota supra is also filling in for the first Fast Furious film driven by Brian O’Connor.

The most popular Toyota Supra in the whole world is the fourth generation with the A80 chassis code being the most wanted car for speed enthusiasts everywhere thanks to the blast of power from the 2JZ-GTE engine 2,997 cc Twin Turbo.

This powerful six-cylinder engine for up to 276 hp and 451 Nm of torque is the result of collaboration between Toyota and Hitachi in the Twin Turbocharger induction device. In 1997 Toyota applied a variable valve system to the cylinder head so that its power increased to 321 hp.

Supra A80 began production from 1993 to 2002. This is the longest history of the production of the Supra designed by Isao Tsuzuki in the world. Until now, the Fastback Mark IV or MK IV coupe is still being hunted by consumers to be collected or made by competition.

For casting the Toyota Supra model from JADA Toys, I am stale without saying that it is bad enough for JADA production, especially if you already have a Big Time Muscle JADA collection. For the Import Racer version, I can say the exterior details are bad. But it was still helped in several sectors so the disappointment was somewhat disguised.

You can see in the headlights, rear lights and under the radiator on the bumper body kit. Because this body kit seems to be the same as the concept used in casting ken toys models. So I can guess that the front body kit failed for details. For parts of the lamp, it can actually be corrected with a sticker as Maisto did if he did not want to give mica.

And this is the Sector that is able to help, first on the tire wheels, the racing wheels look really sporty and cool with a black base and decorated with chrome rings, the tires are also wrapped in rubber and can rotate well entirely. Then there is the hood engine that is covered with black doff paint and there is an Import Racer text, the last is on the interior side which is quite charming with seat racing commonly used in real racing cars. And also the advantages of JADA Toys as a basis that is far greater than other brands that both have a scale of 64, printed diecast both body and rivet.

As I said before, it seems that JADA Toys is superior for American Muscle production. So if you really are lovers of American Muscle you must have a collection of JADA Toys, but if for JDM you should undo your intentions unless you collect for a large scale, namely the scale of 24 and so on.

As a closing, this Jada Toys Toyota Supra Import Racer entered production in wave 4, while I don’t know the amount of production. But on the collector’s card I got number 44. In wave 4 this casting model was released, namely Lexus IS 300, Toyota Supra, Lexus GS 430, Toyota Celica, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Toyota MR-2 Spyder, and there were 2 versions. I myself don’t know what version 1 or 2 can be if you know someone you can fill in the comments below.

Review of 1970 Camaro Z28 Bootlegger M2 Machines Diecast Model

Today the Chevrolet Camaro is very synonymous with Bumblebee, so the image is very strong and very thick. Same with Aston Martin which is very close to James Bond cars.

From the beginning of the Transformer on the big screen, the Camaro always accompanied. Precisely once a Camaro takes on the role of a bumblebee character, we know for ourselves that Bumblebee is a character who cannot be separated from a transformer film, even though bumblebee is not the main character, but the main character really needs a bumblebee character. Creation of characters like this is very rare, but Bumblebee can quite head up because not only in the film world but also in the real world.

Bumblebee is Camaro, Camaro is a bumblebee. It seems that the character will also be very difficult to separate for the future. And Bumblebee in the Transformer Film is what makes me know the Camaro z28. But the Camaro Z28 on the Transformer Film is the Camaro Z28 in 97. And I prefer the 70 Z28 Camaro.

Coincidentally M2 Machines released the 70 ‘C28 Camaro Model Kit with black and that’s what I took to be a collection. Buying this modeling kit is different from us buying regular M2 Machines. And this is the first time I bought a model kit from M2 Machines.

What is the difference between a model kit and a regular one, for this model kit from M2 Machines you have to assemble some of the parts, but calm down don’t worry because it won’t be as complicated if you buy a Tamiya kit model. For the model kit from M2 Machines, it is still in the easy category for assembly. You only assemble the exterior, interior set, tires, alloy wheels, engine, & hood engine. On this item you will get 2 engine choices that you can choose by yourself according to your taste, the rubber tires are also because of the engine, wheels, tires are given 2 selected items in the box set.

If we usually buy M2 Machines models get an archival box for this kit model, they are replaced with diecast Auto-lifts. You can use this auto-lift as a garage complementary diorama equipment.

But what has been a bit of a problem in my mind is why does the scale 64 feel much smaller than the regular 64 scales, do you have the same M2 Machine Model Kit? Please share your experience in the Comment column.

For this edition of the Camaro Z28 the door has Bootlegger written on it and the rubber tire looks, Goodyear. There is also a rubber tire that only has a circular red line when I combine it. I use the Goodyear writing on the rear tire so that it feels like the aura of the gasser car. The level of detail is very good, the door can be opened, and the wheels can rotate as they should.

If you intend to collect it, you don’t need to doubt because this product is cool, it just seems odd on the scale. The rest all salute, respect for Camaro Z8 by M2 Machines