Toyota Celica First Generation Ignition Model Scale 18

Do you still remember diecast lovers in a Toyota Celica car? Surely you still remember a pretty cool sports car. I used to know the first generation of the seventh Toyota Celica, the output from 2000-2006.

At that time this car looked really cool, for the size of Japanese sports that are still able to be reached by the public. Obviously this car is far more accessible when compared to the Nissan GTR.

This car comes with an attractive and iconic exterior design. The body is a little bigger but lighter than the fifth generation, and it is fun to drive because it is responsive at high speeds. Then this JDM car was also sought after by many people because of the ease in modifying it. Many modification workshops have issued various parts that can be applied to the Toyota Celica, so that they appear cooler according to the owner’s wishes.

While in Japan, Toyota sells Toyota Celica with the Full Choice System program or custom selection by customers. Customers can freely create to make choices starting from the engine model, interior, transmission, color and exterior.

But actually the most famous, according to me, is the 6th generation Toyota Celica with its two eccentric eyes. The Toyota Celica was also used for the World Rally Championship (WRC) from 1972 to 1986 with a rear wheel drive model, and from 1988 to 1997 for the 4WD GT-Four model. Celica for WRC was made by Toyota Team Europe in Cologne, Germany.

Indeed the Toyota Celica generation 6 & 7 is quite famous and has a name. But when I saw the First Generation Toyota Celica with a modest overvender, I fell in love bro. Ignition model is really good at making people fall in love with old retro cars. Coming on a scale of 18 resin materials that have a good level of detail can hypnotize the eye to fall in love. If only for the old retro model the material is basically diecast, it would be even more amazing.

What do you think bro, the appearance of the Toyota Celica, the first generation Ignition Model scale 18, is it worth collecting?

Diecast Choro Q Unique Cute Scale

Where are you going to holiday today, beach, mountains, playground, waterpark or where? Wherever it is important to make you happy and tired for 5-6 working days you can be refreshed with a holiday at this weekend. if I had a vacation to the beach, the aroma of sea water was very exotic. I admit I am not very good at swimming, so if I go to the beach I just enjoy the scenery and the atmosphere.

Oh yeah you guys know the Choro Q game on the PS 2 console? Original I just found out because I was looking to find out if there were diecast other than Tiny Q? I don’t pay attention to the problem of the year. Surely this really old game is still in the ps2 console.

I’m sure I’m really curious since when was the Choro Q diecast brand produced? Along with the game or the game as marketing. I saw it from Japan, the cartoon was a toy marketing tool.

I am not able to talk too much because I am not involved in Choro diecast Q because it does not have a diecast. Maybe if there is a friend who collects Choro Q and is able to tell about this diecast, it may be scribbled in the comments column, so that you can share stories with all reader diecast friends.

The Choro Q brand stands alone or is the subsidiary specifically for the production of unique scale diecast? Here I try to collect some Choro Q diecast gallery, which I deliberately did to lure the Choro Q collectors to appear and share stories with us all about the uniqueness, the production of the year when, how the ingredients, supporting accessories.

And for friends, diecast lovers who like me, who really don’t have this diecast, get ready to smile on their own and are excited to see the results of Choro’s Diecast take shoot Q. Sorry I forgot, the illustrator from Choro Q was Yasuhiro Nakamura

Diecast Photography Rally Racing Theme

photo by: danz ramli

It’s been a long time since Diecast Lovers didn’t talk about Diecast Thema Photography. It can be said that for almost a month the contents of the thread discussed new realease and diecast profiles. I’m sure of seeing the diecast photography gallery.

Ok today we will fill in Diecast Photography with Diecast Photography Rally Racing Theme. Here you will see diecast rallies and also concept photo rally races. Maybe for those of you who don’t have a diecast rally collection, start poisoning days and make a list to buy Diecast Car Rally, Heavy Poison ni bro haha ​​…

To take shoot Rally Photo you must be prepared to be dirty, but not obligatory. In a clean place it’s also ok, but obviously it will feel more cool if it’s dirty, so the soul can get and the results are also cool. Later you can see which ones are much cooler than the take shoot results of our friends, who are clean or dirty, but that still depends on taste.

Even my own friend after seeing the results of the Photo Diecast Rally Race, he was poisoned. But on the basis of people having money, today he immediately hunted the rally wheels. He will modify the car to be a rally look. I can only shake my head, not half-hearted white Sparco is his choice. It’s cool but I can’t afford to buy it haha ​​… it’s better to save to buy a diecast car rally collection.

But actually to modify the racing car look is not too expensive. Because only by replacing the wheel, the fog lights, and playing the cutting sticker of your car are able to display the impression of a rally car.

photo by: robby

Back to the theme, to take a shoot at the Diecast Rally Race you can take advantage of locations that can describe the atmosphere of the rally. You can also use dioramas, dioramas combined with nature, or combine them with wallpaper. All of that can be done according to your taste and what concept you will display.

You can also use several effects such as dust, splashes of water, mud and so on. The problem is only one, please or not to pollute your collection in that way. I can talk about the real effects that can be produced but I can’t bear my favorite collection to be treated like that hehe …

Ok, so it’s not too long, let’s look at the results of take shoots from our friends who took part in the Diecast Photography Rally Racing Theme, survived poisoning, Diecast Car Rally, Diecast Lovers, Yeahh

Diecast RMZ City Model Cars DTM Series

Warm regards to diecast lovers, are there any of you who like DTM racing? For those of you who love DTM racing, you really want to have a collection of DTM diecast.

For those of you who are really lovers of DTM racing you can really collect diecast DTM cars from RMZCity. In my opinion the detail and neatness of the RMZCity Brand is quite good for the DTM race car version. And right now, as far as I am introducing the new DTM RMZCity race car, if there is another brand, please put it in the comment.

For exclusive rights, I don’t really understand. But that is not a problem, which is important if you want to collect DTM Race Cars to look for the RMZCity brand.

Currently the DTM race car that has been produced by RMZCity has Mercedes AMG c coupe, C63 AMG, BMW M4 while audi is produced by whom? As always we open shared insights about DTM races. Here we can share with each other to increase knowledge.

DTM itself stands for Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft, DTM racing is a race that adopts Group A regulations between 1984-1993. Car-based highway with minimum production homologation provisions of 2,500 units.

At the beginning of this era, DTM was followed by BMW, Volvo, Rover Audi and Ford, with Mercedes joining in 1988.

The silhouette concept as we know it began to be used in 1993 with the implementation of the Class 1 Touring Car. In this class, cars are no longer road-based. Only the shape resembles the model we know. The use of carbon chassis, up to devices that are forbidden in F1 make DTM cars become one of the most sophisticated on the planet. The machine uses 2.5 liter V6.

In this era, BMW no longer joined DTM leaving Mercedes, Opel and Alfa Romeo as participants. There is an outrageous war of costs that is not offset by returns on investment in terms of publication. Alfa Romeo and Opel retreated late 1996, the DTM broke up.

In 2000 for the consensus of Mercedes-Benz with Opel, DTM was reborn. In principle, the new era DTM still adopts the principle of silhouette racing cars. However, this time there are tighter cost controls with many racing components used together. For the engine use the 4,000cc V8 unit.

This formula continues to be used today, but with a slight change in body concept. Initially, the series was intended for coupé cars. Then switched to a 4-door sedan between 2004 and 2012. To then switch back to the coupé.

As previously reported, this hope was suddenly dashed because it was reported by the Japanese trio that GT500 participants were not interested in participating in the DTM. With the loss of Mercedes, one solution emerged was to follow the regulation of the Grand Touring Endurance used at the WEC, Le Mans and IMSA.

If that happens, the uniqueness of the silhouette concept has been adopted since 1993 in the old DTM era (1984-1996) and the current DTM will be lost. Then does anyone know what the fate of DTM is?

Koenigsegg Agera Thor and Vader Frontiart Model Car Scale 18

Just yesterday we talked to Koenigsegg One: 1 hypercar car that has incredible speed. And released by Autoart on a scale of 18. The car model has a beautiful design and has very good and almost perfect functions. Now Koenigsegg Agera THOR and VADER Car Models will reappear, and Unusual43 has opened Pre Order for these two units on a scale of 18.

It is possible that both Thor and the Koenigsegg Agader Car Models will be released together with the original version. The original version of the Koenigsegg Agera Thor and Vader has been produced in Sweden. This car will be driven by their new owners for the first time at a company event in southern Germany on weekends starting July 6. They will then be sent to England for activities at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​2018.

Finishing Koenigsegg Agera Thor uses two-tone clear carbon with diamond flakes in certain parts of the paint. The body features large LeMans-style large fins for high speed stability and an active aerodynamic solution as a typical Koenigsegg.

The Koenigsegg Agera Väder is made of traditional clear carbon with diamond flakes and has two small rear wings and highlights that are finished with white gold leaves. The enlarged rear spoiler is supported by strake with special cutouts that show a frame that supports active rear wing functions.

Agera marked Koenigsegg’s change from supercharging to turbocharging, resulting in the 1,360 ‘megawatt’ engine that was first used in the Koenigsegg One revolutionary: 1 unique Triplex Koenigsegg suspension, a number of aerodynamic advancements, and aircore hollow carbon fiber wheels from Aircore. Various records for the drag race and circuit speed set by Agera starting with the Agera R record 0-300-0 km / h in 2011, rounded up by 5 world speed records set by Agera RS in November 2017.

For production issues, I don’t understand which original version of the unit will be produced worldwide, but for the Koenigsegg Agera Thor and Vader Car Models each produced 200 pcs worldwide. For those of you who really want to have an Agera Thor Scale Car and Koenigsegg Model Vader just go to Unusual43 for Pre Order, or a Toy Store that you trust and indeed is on a scale of 18 Koenigsegg Agera Thor and Vader Open Pre Order from Frontiart Brand

Autoart Model Car Koenigsegg One:1 Scale 18 Super Collection

How are you diecast lovers, how are you guys today. Sorry all day yesterday DiecastOraSambat was not absent here because there was a very important state affair lol.

Today there is a pretty interesting story especially hyper car fans. It turns out that the Autoart brand has released the Koenigsegg One car model: 1. All functional models of this car function properly. The details per section are very good. The thing I always like for this car auto art model is on the hinge and hydraulic parts.

We know that the Koenigsegg One door: 1 opens outside before spinning it up, this functional is also applied well by Autoart. Then on the trunk and engine cover, if the original version is able to open softly due to hydraulic. So in this scenario there is also hydraulic. And the hinges are not made as tight as they are, but according to the details of the car.

For color choices, Autoart presents 3 colors, namely Blue, Silver and white. But if I tell you to choose, I really like the white color. The combination of white, black and red looks very sporty but still able to bring the impression of elegance.

Oh yeah bro, this scale model of the Koenigsegg One: 1 car can also be used as a roadster model because the top can be removed, but the disadvantages are only on the side glass that can’t be lowered as at 1/8. If there are other details such as disc brakes, calipers, shock, exhaust, engine, dashboard panel, seat, etc., I say very well.

We need to know too. In a trial on June 8, 2015 conducted at the Angelholm, Sweden test circuit, the Koenigsegg One: 1 managed to break the record for acceleration. From 0 to 300 kilometers per hour, then back to 0, the car only requires 17.95 seconds. The Koenigsegg One: 1 carries a 5.0L aluminum V8 engine, 4 valves per cylinder, outputs 1MW at 7500rpm, and a maximum torque of 1371 at 6000rpm. Its weight ratio is designed very precisely, so as to produce one horsepower in one kilogram. The number is the ‘dream’ equation because it was previously considered impossible to achieve. Development of One: 1 is the most exclusive program in automotive history.

The design itself is very neat, has two benches with doors that open up. His body is made from a combination of carbon fiber and kevlar material, combined with an F1-style honeycomb chassis plus an integrated gas tank. Plus half a tank of pure gasoline, weighing only 1,360 kilograms. This Koenigsegg One only produced 6 units.

So to get your thirst for this Koenigsegg One Car you can turn it into Autoart Model Car Koenigsegg One: 1 Scale 18.

Lamborghini Gallardo Liberty Walk Zero Fighter Scale 1/18 Model Cars

It feels like we just discussed yesterday the Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador Monster Energy, now the Liberty Walk Model Car has appeared in the Lamborghini Gallardo Zero Fighter. If seen from the release it is clear that Gallardo is far ahead of the automotive world before the Lamborghini Aventador. But for the world of car models, I think this is the first product of the Liberty Walk.

Comes on a scale of 18, the Lamborghini Gallardo Model Car is released in limited edition. But clearly, I don’t know whether this limited is for the whole world or the ration from the shop. Seen at unusual43 shop, there is a limited number of 15 pcs. I tried checking on the google page, apparently no one has written about the sale of the Lamborghini Gallardo Zero Fighter.

If you are really a big fan of Lamborghini and also a modified style of the Liberty Walk, you should go to because the stock is only 15pcs, and immediately follow the Pre Order. Be the first group to have the Lamborghini Gallardo Zero Fighter Liberty Walk collection or you can be the first and only 15 people to have the Lamborghini Gallardo Liberty Walk Zero Fighter model car collection.

But does anyone understand about zero fighter itself? This is just my own assumption about zero fighter. We know that the Liberty Walk comes from Japan, possibly the Liberty Walk retainer Wataru Kato wants the Zero Fighter’s spirit value for one of his modification styles.

To just know the Zero Fighter is a long-range fighter owned by the Japanese empire. The Japanese name for this plane is Rei-shiki kanjō sentōki. When it began operations in World War II, Zero was considered the most powerful aircraft-based aircraft carrier in the world, thanks to its excellent maneuverability and very far flying range. In the early days of its operations, Zero gained a legendary reputation as a plane for air combat. And finally, in the last years of the Pacific War, Zero was used in kamikaze operations.

This spirit and legend might be the name of the Zero Fighter by Wataru Kato as a force of style modification over its fenders. But remember it’s just my assumption. If you want to explain, try asking Wataru Kato, I’ll be whispered later, bro.

Back again to the Lamborghini Gallardo Liberty Walk Zero Fighter car model, remember this is Pre Oder’s first day. Don’t regret that until Pre Order doesn’t need one day it’s closed because the quota is full, plus this is the work of Davis & Giovanni, so let’s hurry up bro!

Ignition Model Cars Toyota Supra RZ Max Orido 1/18

Toyota Supra Diecast Lovers have you ever known about the presence of products from the Ignition Model? It turned out that the Ignition Model in 2018, precisely from July 17 to September 9, held a PO for the Toyota Supra RZ Orido Product plus Max Orido’s Standing Figure.

And in March 2019 yesterday the item was sent to each Diecast Lovers who did PO. And I think that takes the PO of the sellers and toys shop. Because if you look at the official website Ignition, the minimum order model must be 2 sets per person.

If you are pure collectors, I feel reluctant to buy it unless someone joins it during Pre Order. Then what happens to us who want to buy units? Calm you can hunt and buy it from toys shop that does sell the Ignition Model collection. If you are forced to buy online, for those of you in the Asian region you can go to Unusual43 in Singapore.

This Orido Toyota Supra RZ uses a Ridox body kit. Ridox is a sidebrand bodykit & aero-parts owned by D1GP driver & Manabu SuperGT ‘Max’ Orido from a well-known bodykit manufacturer, Takahiro Ueno’s T & E. With specialization in the typical Orido Toyota, Ridox has an aggressive & functional design style as seen in Daigo Saito’s Supra JZA80. Although now Daigo Sato has used Lamborghini Murchielago, the Orido Toyota Supra RZ remains exceptional both in terms of specifications, appearance and historical value.

According to the Orido Toyota Supra RZ, the engine capacity jumped to 3,400 cc from the previous 3000 cc. The combination, the turbo Garrett T04Z is made with boost 1.6 bar to achieve maximum engine power in the range of 680 hp. That also added extra energy from the injection of NOS hidden behind the seat.

Large turbo engines as large as that of course need an excess fuel supply. As a result, SARD is trusted to deliver high octane fuel as much as 1,000 cc per minute. Starting from the fuel rail, to the injector. Everything is arranged by the engine management from Motec.

Unlike the winner of Daigo Saito, Orido also entrusted the transmission system with the use of a sequential Getrag 6-speed gearbox. “It’s better with pattern I than before who had an H pattern,” explained the drifter who also loved this Harley-Davidson motorbike.

With a 2-way LSD from Kaaz that is useful for channeling large power into the axle. Orido was even more precise in setting the stamp on the gas pedal and brake when the pedal box is often used when going down the turing race embedded in the cabin.

How about after knowing about the capabilities and history of this Orido Toyota Supra RZ, are you ready to collect it in the form of a Model Cars Ignition Model Car Toyota Supra RZ Orido package with Stand Figure Drifter Manabu Max Orido?

Liberty Walk Model Car Lamborghini Aventador Monster Energy

Liberty Walk Models Car Lamborghini A Monster Energy Aventador has been made since 2017 in March. But until now I don’t know who has the right to sell. Or is the 18-scale Lamborghini Aventador Monster Energy Liberty Walk car model made only for Lamborgini Aventador Car owners, the Monster Energy Liberty Walk.

But Diecast OraSambat itself is actually currently on a pivot that has a scale of 64 and the selling right is in LB work. But I don’t know for the scale of 18. Because I myself don’t know yet for the scale 64 this limited production is the same as the previous one or not. Because for the Liberty Walk Models Lamborghini Aventador and Huracan at that time each was only produced 999 pcs.

So for the version of Monster Energy actually the same as the custom style, it’s just Monster Energy’s livery with the base color Black and off. For the scale of 18 it might be holding Autoart because the photo tag from the Masahiro gallery is listed as Autoart. And it turns out that Model Cars Liberty Walk is handmade. This is in accordance with the title credit in the box, which is written in the box hand made product.

Even though yesterday I was disappointed in the product Aventador because there was a carelessness in painting the details on the rear grill, but it was still tolerable because it was made handmade. You can check out the Review of Lamborgini Aventador Liberty Walk scale 64.

I hope that for the Lamborgini Liberty Walk Models the Monster Energy Aventador has no more errors, able to produce detailed and neat models of cars just like the Lamborghini Huracannya. You can check out the Review of Liberty Walk Lamborghini Huracan scale 64.

And it turns out that bro has been produced and sold in general for its 18 scale. The scale 18 product has been reviewed on youtube Robs Model Cars. It’s been relieved, of course, that you are indeed collecting scale 18, because it was sold publicly not for the private collection of the owner of Lamborghini.

And if you want to also see the process of making Lb Work Lamborghini Aventador Monster Energy, Diecast OraSambat is a little gallery directly from IG Masahiro Tanaka.

Ignition Model Cars Nissan S13 Sileighty Drifting Legend Scala 18

It is not correct to publish several times, the only thing that always appears is Nissan Skyline. Although Nissan itself has 3 sports car brothers, namely Skyline, Silvia and Z. Yes this time DiecastOraSambat will discuss the legend of Nissan Silvia, namely Nissan Sileighty. This is because the ignition model has released Nissan Sileighty.

Diecast OraSambat will always try to tell you which stories and memories are connected to the Diecast that your friends will collect Diecast Lovers for cars from retro to classic. Because if we collect elements based on our understanding of the value of the chronology, it will be very different from just collecting elements without knowing the value of the chronology. We will be much more affectionate and we will feel a connection with the collection.

if you hear the name “Silvia”, it will come to your mind, a Silvia S13 or S15 is immersed in the drift or brushing of the corners of Touge or the circuit. Apparently, Silvia’s proper name has been around for 47 years as a brother.

The initial generation started from the CSP311 in 1964. Just like the other Nissan coupes, the CSP311 is based on the Fairlady 1600 Roadster. Silvia CSP311 itself, the design was given a touch by Albrecht Goertz, and was assembled by hand. Limited production until 1968, CSP311 today has become a rare category and has a high price.

The second generation is S10 after 7 years of vacuum. The design of the S10 itself was very much inspired by the sports car models of the 70s like a long nose. The car that entered the American market with the name Datsun 200SX was included in the lack of sales even though it was mass-produced, so many people have forgotten the last car produced in 1979.

The next generation is the S110 series, which directly replaces the S10. S110 is the first Silvia to have a turbocharger option, as well as a coupe or hatchback model. Initially, Nissan had installed a double-rotor engine with the S11 code, but it was less economical due to the rotary technology that was not as advanced as it is now.

The 4th generation is the S12 which was launched in 1983. The S12 was designed globally by Nissan, so almost every country has a different variant of engine and chassis. S12 also has another name in Japan, namely Gazelle, and has a variant of the DOHC FH20 engine or an AC motor. The most powerful variant is in North America, because the 200SX variant gets a VG30E V6 engine from 300ZX Z31.

Finally in 1988, Nissan introduced the S13, the most famous and successful series of all Silvia. Just like S12, S13 also has different types of engines per continent. If the JDM & 200SX EDM version gets a CA18DE and CA18DET Turbo 172 hp engine, the “only” version of the USM gets a KA24 engine, which although it is durable and has fairly high torque, but does not have the same performance as the AC .

Also in the S13 model, Nissan has introduced a new name for its fastback variant, 180SX. With a futuristic design and pop-up lights, RPS13 is very successful both in Japan and in America, even until the S14 variant entered the production line. Drift & JDM fans certainly know “Sileighty”. Yes, it is a combination of the 180SX body and the S13 front!

And this Sileighty model was launched by the Ignition model for the big Nissan Silvia fans. Nissan Sileighty, is a combination of 2 versions of Silvia S13, the Nissan 180SX that uses the front end of S13. This change was made by drifters because the cost of replacing the front front end of the S13 was much cheaper than 180SX. One of Europe’s famous drifters, Anthony Scott, built a Sileighty with professional drift specs.

In fact, the racing car must prioritize performance rather than appearance. However, due to the drift arena, style is one of the important points, and and Anthony Scott have managed to build a competition car with a fresh and fierce look, without forgetting utility as a competition car .
As a brother, after getting to know the history and sweet memories of the S-S12 Sella Nissan S13, you will collect this model of 18 series Sileighty 18 Nissan ignition. Never doubt the quality of Ignition Models’ model cars, just go ahead if you’re interested in hunting, collecting and storing in your store.