The Beatles Hot wheels Premium Series rare collection

Today I want to greet the Beatles lovers before diecast lovers. I did this because there was indeed a hot wheels collection product with the legendary Beatles livery band.

The Beatles Hot wheels Premium Series, there are five items produced by hot wheels cars set, namely the Volkswagen T1 Panel Bus, Deco Delivery, Combat Medic, Custom GMC Panel Bus, and finally the Quick D-Livery.

Of the 5 items, the most interesting and most likely can be rare hot wheels, the diecast hot wheels VW T1 Panel. Because the basic diecast hot wheels from VW that have become a habit of this item are able and often the target of the diecast collector, and strong supporters or the key is the legendary band attached to the diecast model of VW cars. Moreover, the picture attached to the Hot Wheels Diecast of this model is an image that has become iconic and often we see on posters of The Beatles.

Referring to all of that, then I speculate that the hot items diecast Hot wheels are able to become hot wheels treasure hunt. We all know that the hot wheels items are expensive not because of the level of detail of the diecast model but because of the level of the rare hot wheels.

If the other car models prices can be high because of the very slick level of detail, that does not apply to the Hot Wheels Cars diecast. This is possible for you to become a hot wheels treasure hunt investment price guide. And this year is included in the 2019 rare hot wheels.

I myself for The Beatles music that I know only or familiar to the ear, Hey Jude & Let it be. Because indeed I was not born during the heyday of the Beatles. But maybe for big fans of The Beatles band, surely know a lot about The Beatles songs that are cool and easy listening.

If someone asks how many scales are released for hot wheels diecast models, then the answer is 90% are diecast cars 1/64. Because the majority of these diecast models Hot wheels play on diecast cars 1/64.

How do you diecast lovers and the Beatles fans, will you collect this hot wheels collection? I think it’s mandatory for you to have guys. Therefore, get ready to hunt for City Mart’s hot wheels soon, instead of just remaining hangers.

Autoart Model Cars Lamborghini Aventador Lb Walk Martini Livery by Davis Giovanni

Hello guy’s diecast lovers see me again on this exciting day. I hope that no one is sad today, even if sad, put it on the river first so that the current will be carried away and go away, it’s sadness.

Who likes roadster car models? Well, this time there was a leak that in unusual43 there were diecast model cars 1:18 from Autoart 2019. The number was limited to guys. There were only 36 diecast items for cars. That’s right Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk Roadster Martini Livery by Davis Giovanni.

I myself actually don’t really like roadster cars, but it’s different from the world of diecast or car models. Roadster car models are actually cool and sexy, that’s because all the details of the car models are able to come out all and are able to show the beauty and sexiness of both the exterior and interior curves.

For the Lamborghini Aventador lb walk diecast model cars this is really super cool, the color combination of martinis is well translated by Davis Giovanni in the interior sector. I am very sure all eyes when served the first time these car models must be immediately hypnotized in the interior.

The combination of red and white makes the atmosphere in the cabin feel fresh and passionate. Coupled with the level of detail of the panel, its sexiness also looks tempting. If I describe a woman, she wears a beautiful dress that is able to explore cleavage without exploiting, 😄😀 what is the language, you must be confused? I just wrote it too confused.

The basic material uses resin, so you already know how to treat diecast models of Lamborghini Aventador Lb Walk Martini Livery works by Davis Giovanni. Never put in any place without the display box tightly closed or you can cry for it.

That was a little Autoart diecast reviews from me. If you are a diecast lover, you want to collect it, you can go directly to IG @ unusual43 and ask if there are still no stock items because indeed the number is very limited at 36 pcs

And for those of you who like the small scale diecast cars 1/64 please be patient, because the new diecast models cars 1:18 & 1:43 are coming out. And for the scale 43, you can go to IG @ 118_custom_model

Jada Toys Chevy Master Deluxe 1939 Scale 1/24 Bonus Sets Betty Boop

Tired of coming up to me it feels like to go to sleep when I see a pillow on the mattress, but I’m far away for you for the sake of you diecast lovers especially JADA lovers.

There are appearances that are sexy, beautiful, and classic. There was also a 1939 chevy master deluxe toy diecast with a very iconic cartoon figure stand, Betty Boop.

Do you think we will talk about the Betty Boop or the Chevy Master Deluxe? Talk to the Betty Boop. Because it might be a bit useless when I talk about the Jada Toys Chevy Master Deluxe 1939 Review of Diecast because I’m sure this item will definitely be hunted by JADA lovers and collectors.

Betty Boop, a cartoon character made by Max Fleischer was launched for the first time in an animated film titled Dizzy Dishes.

The figure of Grim Natwick, senior animator who works for the Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks studios, was instrumental in creating a figure whose model was taken from Helen Kane – singer and performer contracted by Paramount Pictures, a studio that also distributes Fleischer cartoons.

Before Helen Kane, Clara Bow was first made a model of Betty Boop. Citing the July 1, 2009 New York Times, Betty Boop was once considered one of the first and most famous sex symbols on the animated screen. He is a symbol of the Depression-era and a reminder of the happier days of Jazz Age flappers.

Its popularity is largely taken from the adult audience, and its cartoons contain many sexual and psychological elements especially in the “Talkartoon” Minnie the Moocher in 1932 – which features the Calloway Cab and its orchestras.

Minnie the Moocher defines Betty’s character as a modern-day teenager, contrary to her parents’ conservative upbringing.

Betty Boop appeared unique among female cartoon characters, representing her figure as a woman with sexual attraction.

Generally, other female cartoon characters are just clones of their male characters, with costume changes, the addition of eyelashes, and female voices. While Betty Boop appeared different, wearing a short dress, high heels, garters, and a low cleavage wrapped in a corset.

Previously, Betty Boop was designed with an ugly face. In 1932, the character was redesigned to make it look more real like humans.

Betty Boop’s ears, which initially drooped like a dog’s, were turned into rounded and decorated earrings. His hair was cut bob.

That’s the story of the cartoon character Betty Boop who made a bonus set in the 1939 Jada Toys Chevy Master Deluxe Diecast. As a reference for the price of the 1939 Jada Toys Chevy Master Deluxe Diecast is at US $ 32.95.

That is all our story today, I must withdraw immediately, because these eyes are tired and the body cannot be compromised, wanting to lie down on the bed right away.

Hot Wheels Custom Diecast Rusty

Hi guys, it seems that today I’m poisoned, and my poison is far away from there in the other country. The country is famous for its Borobudur Temple.

Before this I was not interested in rusty-style cars, be it sedans, mini trucks, muscle or whatever. Prefer a smooth, beautiful sexy car.

But when I explored IG I found an IG @atydpradana account, his custom rusty diecast works could stop long enough to enjoy the work he had made. The longer I looked the more this heart fluctuated, between drifting and refusing to like custom rusty diecast.

Almost in all styles, he makes rusty. But it is indeed a very strong character on hot road and rat road. The majority of the diecast scales that he customs are 1/64 scale, and are able to look realistic.

Commission Order Fee has been a lot of customers in the Asian region, even sometimes he conducts training for those who want to learn to make custom rusty diecast for beginners.

He himself seems to focus on two custom styles, rusty & anti-gravity. Sometimes it also makes dioramas but for the display needs of him at the exhibition or competition.

Below, I will include some works from Atydpradana, but if it is still lacking, you can directly visit the IG @atydpradana and if you are interested in making your diecast, you can play rusty style, you can contact yourself. Because my blog is only a media of information and inspiration.

Here is a gallery of works from @atydpradana from Indonesia.

Autoart Ford GT Black Scale 18 Open Pre-Order

Hello, how are you diecast lover? I hope all is well and healthy always. Today there is a diecast shop that opens pre-orders for Ford GT Autoart scale 1/18 scale models from

This Ford GT model is said to have EcoBoost power. Technology to it’s ultra-efficient aerodynamic. The Ford GT is the culmination of everything, great we do at Ford. And it’s the same passion for innovation that can be seen throughout our entire vehicle lineup.

The Teardrop shape of the Ford GT is the result of extensive work in the wind tunnel. It’s carbon fiber body and it’s 647 hp 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine are the ultimate expressions of technological innovation.

The lightweight body is made of carbon fiber. Aluminum structures minimize the weight of the high-strength subframe. Long suspension arms and inboard damper packaging deliver track-capable vehicle dynamics, an example of Ford Performance engineers exploring suspension design for future Ford Performance vehicles.

Designed for speed and performance from the ground up. Whether on the road or on the track, every single element of the Ford GT was designed to deliver the extraordinary speed and exceptional handling found only in purpose-built racing cars.

Competition makes everyone stronger. The ford gt is feared on the track thanks to winning all the way to Le Mans. And since that short of things winds up in the rest of our vehicle, we win the race off the track well.

You already know the advantages of Ford GT, how ready to collect 18-scale Ford GT Autoart model cars that have a slick level of detail and need not be doubted and questioned.

To color this car model using basic black and red Le Mans livery, it looks very fierce and dazzling.

If you are interested, you can directly visit for pre-orders. And ready to be displayed in your room.

Hot wheels custom diecast Nissan Silvia S15 Pandem Rocket Bunny

Want to have a diecast pandem rocket bunny collection, but thin money or heavy heart to spend that much money. The alternative is you have to modify it yourself to get a collection of rocket bunny pandem.

You can use all the basics of hot wheels, tomica or whatever. For this example, Nissan Silvia S15 cars use Hot Wheels.

As usual the first thing to do is to separate first the body and the rivet, you have to drill the rivet locking the front and back, after successfully removing everything and focus on the body.

Mark which parts will be cut or thinned, to cut the basic ingredients of the diecast you can use boor cutting. Be careful, my friend, when cutting with a machine, don’t touch your fingers. You can say bye bye if it happens.

Prepare a paint brush and remover, sweep the entire body from the Nissan Silvia S15 Hot wheels to the blister paint and off the body. If all the paint is gone, the next step is to clean it with a sandpaper grill until the body looks clean and shiny.

Now it’s time to make the Nissan Silvia S15 Hot Wheels overfender using epo putty. Previously look for soda cans and cut rectangles to be inserted under the wheels of the body. The aim is to create a basis for making fenders with epo putty. If it is installed then it’s time to take epo putty and mix it between A and B in a ratio of 1: 1

Wait until the epo putty is dry, then take the can of soda. Tidy up the epo putty according to your imagination, then sand it out after it’s all clear. Because we will continue to make a diffuser, split angel, and wing gt.

To make a diffuser, split angel, and wing gt you only need PTA as a base material. Draw according to the desired pattern and then arrange it carefully and neatly. Your finger agility is tested here. If you are lazy to cut it you can use a laser, it is expensive but neat.

If everything is finished, then all you have to do is paint, it’s up to your taste, but here I will paint red S15. For the alloy wheels I bought it, so it doesn’t make you, buddy.

Finally, after the painting season, the beautiful Hot wheels custom diecast Nissan Silvia S15 Pandem Rocket Bunny

Custom Diecast Hot wheels BMW E92 Overfender Style

How are you guys, bro? I hope all is well & healthy. Forgive me for a few days break writing articles about diecast. I hope you forgive me, because now I come with a new article, the Custom Diecast Tutorial Hotwheels.

For this Custom Diecast Hotwheels Tutorial article I will try to be present 2x a week, at least 1x a week, What do you think? For the first article we will discuss about the BMW E92 Custom Diecast Hotwheels.

Here I will show you the basic model of the BMW E92 diecast that we will custom, you can see how the basic model is standard and looks ordinary and nothing special.

This Custom Diecast uses a flow of overfender modifications that are currently only hits. As a first step we will boor the rivet first so that it can be separated between the body and the rivet, to make it easier when custom diecast models.

After the body and rivet separate, then the next step we mark the body using markers to facilitate the work of cutting and thinning the body.

Thinning of the body is aimed at under the front and rear wheels. While cutting is aimed at the front and rear bumpers
After cutting is complete, then it’s time to peel the base paint from the BMW E92 using a paint remover liquid. Use a brush to sweep the entire body of the BMW E92. Allow a few moments until the paint blisters, if it’s peeling, use the same brush to clean the paint from the body of the BMW E92.

If the paint is peeled clean to see the metallic body, then the next step we wipe maximally with sandpaper eyeballs, until the metal body looks shiny.

The next challenge is to apply the putty holder under the wheel. You can use material from soda cans to make it. Install under the four wheels.

The next step is to make an overfender using Epo Putty. In this section, it requires tenacity and expertise of your fingers. Honestly in this section is very complicated and requires considerable practice. Failure does not matter, try again until you want.
If it’s dry, you can take off the tin plate that was helped by the wheel, then start the overfender sandpaper until it’s smooth.

The easiest custom is to make a muffler, you can use an iron pen tip, and just stick it on the rear rivet.

To make a custom splitter, diffuser, rear view mirror and spoiler you can use PLA Plate, and to make an intercoler just use staples.
After everything is finished, all that remains is the problem of painting and installing the decal. So the BMW E92 was born very cool and has no normal face. It’s time for Diecast Hot wheels BMW E92 to appear custom overfender and ready to be invited to take photos and become a collection of cool and charming custom hotwheels.

Hot wheels diecast custom Toyota Celica gtv

Talking about the modification of the 1/64 diecast custom hot wheels requires very high skill, how come we don’t have to make creations with very small objects. For the model of the car, it’s already small, especially for modif parts, of course, even smaller.

I admit that those who are able to modify 1/64 scale diecast custom hot wheels are clearly human beings who have an extraordinary level of foresight and tenacity. If I just replace the wheels and paint myself. And pessimistic to be able to do more than that. Let it be better controlled by the masters.

I just explored IG and found a cool and cool diecast custom 64 hot wheels. There is a diecast custom appearance of a 1/64 Kyosho Toyota Celica GTV 70 ‘ modification. The detailing ability is so extraordinary that it can highlight the character of the Toyota Celica GTV, it looks macho and powerful.

The livery used for the Toyota Celica gtv 70 ‘is Flying Tigers, and the paint also uses a dark metallic green. This modifier does not play overfender modifications but is very observant to grow and show fierce modifications for Japanese cars to taste muscle cars.

Cultivation of the details is very visible in the interior sector which clearly requires a level of patience and skill. The indicators look real and the steering wheel looks classic.

Actually, for the modification of this car, it is in the minimalist category but not so for a 1/64 scale model car. If you want to see more of this artist’s work, just go to Instagram, the account name @ sd04322007, you must be comfortable seeing his modified works.

How about you bro with the modification of the diecast custom 64 Kyosho Toyota Celica GTV 70 ‘by @ sd04322007?

Hot Wheels Photoshop Editing Blister Package

Happy weekend for all my brothers diecast lover’s wherever you are, wherever your country is. If indeed you already have a family, give a chance for a vacation together with the family. Because the warmth with them obviously can not be replaced by anything in this world.

This time the thread has no newcomer info, not even new items, not hot wheels modification but about photoshop editing works. Photoshop hot wheels editing work is very cool and looks real. So when you first see it will definitely assume that this diecast hot wheels really, even though only fake.

And if only the hot wheels spawned their products as detailed as this photoshop artist’s editing, surely the market power would be even more extraordinary and powerful. I hope hot wheels do or want to apply the reality of the works toycarsaddict_daily.

The work is very extraordinary in my opinion. And this work can I say as his identity or iconic, so when everyone knows the results of editing photoshop hot wheels like this, means it’s definitely him.

This toycarsaddict_daily deviated from the usual diecast photo editing habits. If most retailers edit diecast photoshop so that they appear real in real life, some are fantasy, some highlight the diecast side, some apply as product photos, and so on.

But toyscarsaddict_daily chose a simple concept but it also requires extraordinary skill to edit so the diecast looks real inside the blister hot wheels, and this is to my knowledge a fresh and super unique idea.

If judging from his IG, this toycarsaddict_daily lives in Asia, in the country of Taiwan. The country is very well known for its Kungfu films. And also a very popular film in its time about 4 men “and 1 girl, especially if it’s not Meteor Garden.

You are impatient, would you like to see a collection of works that are very extraordinary hot wheels photoshop editing, works from toycarsaddict_daily? Here I have a collection of photoshop works and if you want to be more complete, just go to the IG at @toycarsaddict_daily.

MINI COOPER Liberty Walk Collection Scale 1/18 Resin Modeling

Hello diecast lover’s, there is good news for you guys who really like mini cooper cars. Here is the item casting model of Liberty Walk cars which is quite cool and interesting, because I myself have never seen Liberty Walk modifying a Mini Cooper car.

Even though the original version doesn’t yet exist, it doesn’t matter. In fact this could be an illustration for my friend who has the original version if you want to change the look of the mini cooper if modified overfender. It turns out that the mini still able to look cute, and very interesting.

For the Cars Walk Cooper Liberty Walk Mini Model there are 5 variants of modified colors, namely:
• MINI Cooper Libertywalk red with 2 tonenya. Namely the base color is red while the top is black.

• MINI Cooper Libertywalk with livery Advan rollbar uses red black alloy wheels

• MINI Cooper Libertywalk with Zero Fighter livery, a very famous and iconic livery. Livery fighter during World War. Rims use black, the rollbar is also black.

• MINI Cooper Libertywalk with its own livery which is very well understood and understood, namely the sunrise. Here there are 2 colors namely light and dark grayscale. For the last one this is really absurd, bro 😄

The MINI Cooper Libertywalk comes in a scale of 18 and is made from resin. If you have this collection, you have to be extra careful, bro, rather than crying overnight like a song. Indeed the basic ingredients of resin have a very neat level of detail, detail, & real. But his biggest weakness is he is fragile against chaotic hands.

For the price of Casting Model Cars is priced at US $ 329-449 each model has a different amount of production.

The advan livery produced 10 pcs, the red color also 10 pcs, zero fighter 10 pcs, LB greyscale bright 20 pcs, the dark 99 pcs.

If you are interested, you can check and contact Unusual43 directly, based in Singapore. But if you have a place for sale, please contact them directly, and immediately get the MINI Cooper Liberty Walk collection.

oh yes, I forgot to tell you all that every purchase of this MINI Cooper Liberty Walk item you also get a signature directly from Wataru Kato the owner of Liberty Walk. This is in accordance with information from the unusual 43 parties and also the existing images.