Behind the Scene Diecast Photography

This Weekend DiecastOraSambat actually wants to attend the bazaar and diecast custom competition with the theme of Migunani Diecast. But because it’s still late in the afternoon, Diecast OraSambat took the time to write an article for Diecast Lover’s.

photo by: nanang effendi

This time DiecastOraSambat wants to reveal the uniqueness, humor, photographer’s diecast kitchen in creating works and able to produce extraordinary works. Maybe all this time we have assumed that to make diecast photography work, the photographer has the war equipment of a professional cameraman and also a professional crew team. Oh no, keep all those thoughts out of your brain.

photo by: andi oxide

What is needed to make the main diecast photography work is
1. Have a Diecast
2. Imagination
3. Don’t have shame.

photo by: deka prianda

For number 3, it is mandatory for those who prefer pic capture in outdoor. Because when you start the action in outdoor especially in the crowd, you will definitely be the center of attention of the surrounding community. Plus those photographed miniature cars with a size of 1/64.

photo by: rahmat wedw

The most commonly heard words when they mumble are
1. Lack of work
2. It’s still a hotwheel toy
3. Childhood is less happy

photo by: yuke aiko

For diecast photography or toys photography it has no effect. Because these people are used to normal or normal life. So that something they don’t think is normal will certainly cause a strange feeling for them.

photo by: kurnia bontot

Yes, that is indeed the risk for creating other diecast and toys. Talking about how they take pictures in order to produce cool works, surely it will make us laugh and also make us aware, if in fact we are also the same as them during take shoot with such circumstances & angles.

photo by: adpri abdulrahman

Here you can also know sometimes the ingredients around are able to help produce works, makeshift lighting, used goods can also help. Ok, it’s time to Diecast OraSambat to show the pose of the diecast photographer models in action.

photo by: leon prasetya
photo by: djacz