Hotwheels Porsche RWB Red Line Club Akira Nakai Figure Hot Issue

There is a hot issue for you RWB Porsche lovers, especially hotwheels maniac. But this issue will only be available later for HotWheels RLC members.

So if you really want to get a RWB Porsche you have to join RLC members first. In the RLC timeline itself there is no information about the presence of Porsche RWB, this product is a collaboration between Hotwheels x RWB.

RWB Porsche that will come out is very different from the previous silhoute. The custom RWB characters are very close here, especially coupled with the RWB Akira Nakai figure, obviously this is a very extraordinary collection that you must have. I think this item will be a fight between Tarmac and Hotwheels fans. Because we know for ourselves, RWB products have always been launched by Tarmac. But so far Tarmac Works has never released RWB products with the Akira Nakai figure. The most recent exclusive item released by Tarmac Works for Porsche RWB is the Porsche RWB Stella Artois plus a Container Display Case Model and Porsche RWB 930 Southern Cross plus a Owner Club Card.

The design packaging is also cool, able to show a fierce & exclusive mix, still added an archery box in it. This time the style of the Porsche RWB 930 is with naked mode and also the position of Akira Nakai is squatting, as if he has just monitored his work. Anyway, cool, bro.

For functional problems such as wheels, engine hoods, and doors that can be opened or not, what I know is that the door can only be opened and a naked bumper can be seen so that the grooves and muffler pipes appear.

I was still thinking hard about why this was not taken by the Tarmac Works, instead he had been producing Porsche for a long time, why why ??? Maybe the Tarmac Works was so bad that the potential market was snatched by Hot Wheels with its Red Line Club.

It is okay for everything to happen, just awaiting when the collaboration item RWB x HW RLC is released. And I don’t know myself later, will I take it or not? Because I also haven’t joined HotWheels RLC myself.

Please see the RWB x HW RLC leaked picture that I got from the Christiancoujin IG hahaha … when will we talk about the human figure of Christiancoujin who is so humble, but that if I can have RWB x HW RLC haha, mode on

Koenigsegg Agera RS Tarmac Works 64

Accompanying your weekend, today there is an interesting leak for you hypercar lovers, especially those on the scale of 64. Yes it looks clearly visible Koenigsegg Agera RS model cars from Tarmac Works.

This model of the car has actually been seen during the expo in Japan. But this time the model cars began to be immortalized in a frame camera with cool dioramas with Japanese nuances. Shown with modern steel color castings and yellow accents make elegant and sporty shades appear and live.

Enchanting base body curves can be translated quite well. For spoilers it’s also ok, but don’t expect hide and appear to function. Position can only appear, and it is not bad. Even for the wheel parts can approach the real.

Indeed, for 64-scale diecast metal prints there will always be a lack or miss detail in certain parts, because it’s indeed a small size so it’s quite difficult. Moreover, the character of the car now is very much curved in the body, both soft and sharp curves.

The deficiency in the production of the Koenigsegg Agera RS in the Tarmac Works is located in the diffuser section and the yellow paint accent details, if only the Tarmac Works wants to put or combine plastic material on the diffuser, I am sure this product will appear perfect for 64 scale.

But don’t know too later when the release turns out to perform better. Because maybe the photos that came out right now are just a sample to introduce that the Tarmac Works will soon release the model of the 64-scale Koenigsegg Agera hyper car cars.

But these shortcomings can be covered with the hood engine can be removed, and as far as I know this is the first product if it really can be opened as seen in the exhibition window yesterday in Japan. Because we know all the functional doors, hoods, luggage has never functioned properly

Speaking of prices, I’m sorry I myself haven’t gotten a whisper from the next neighbor. Want to be priced at what price and produced in how many units. For now there is no, because it also doesn’t know when it’s released.

Diecast and Coffee Photography

Diecast and Coffee Photography – Hi Lur how are the weather conditions in your city now, hot or rainy? In my city it’s cloudy and drizzling. It is very suitable for the weather like this accompanied by a cup or 2 cups of coffee, it is really delicious it feels good.

photo by: handy fach

Talking about coffee, how about today we all talk about the concept of photography with the theme Diecast and Coffee? Agree, Lur … ok, we go on with creamy coffee to make it soft to enjoy the diecast.

photo by: yudriansyah

Photography coffee itself is so cool and fun to make, everyone has their own imagination of coffee according to their coffee tastes. Some like black coffee, milk coffee, cream coffee, coffee makers or local coffee concoctions. From the love of coffee, it is able to produce extraordinary works in the field of photography, both for professional and amateur classes.

photo by: aditya teguh

Likewise with diecast photography, even in the world of diecast, each collector has his own love for his diecast collection. Some like JDM, American Muscle, European, Classic, Vintage, Retro, Sport, etc. They also recognize each other’s characters properly. So as to be able to aim at the diecast collection well to highlight the features of each diecast character itself.

photo by: wiki wirawan

Therefore the combination of Diecast and Coffee will be able to produce cool and extraordinary photography works. Coffee is able to excite passion in the work, Diecast which is able to climax the theme combination of Photography Diecast and Coffee.

photo by: achadi pujo

Like drinking coffee, how to enjoy it by gently sipping it, then enjoy the photography Diecast and Coffee theme works slowly & deeply.

photo by: araya basema

Hopefully the Photography Diecast and Coffee gallery from the brothers DiecastOraSambat is able to inspire all of you. Especially for those of you who might be working on TA and are confused about what theme for the TA. Hopefully by reading the DiecastOraSambat article to get ideas & inspiration for a photo concept and still of life photography, Happy working on art.

photo by: pasundan diecast

photo by: aji mei

photo by: jacksimobilkecil

Diecast & Food Photography Theme

Photo By: Gunk Guz

The world of Photography is indeed wide, any concept can be affordable. This time DiecastOraSambat will present a concept that can excite culinary lover’s and Diecast Lover’s.

This time the Diecast Photography concept presents Diecast & Food Themes. This concept is unique because it is able to harmonize food & drink as a basic necessity with diecast as a hobby. The combination of this concept turned out to be able to arouse hunger and thirst that ignites. Hungry & thirst for diecast food & drink. This concept also combines photography food & diecast techniques.

Photo by: leon angeline

That’s why I say the concept of photography with this diecast & food theme is unique and interesting. Unique and interesting for those who see it as well as photographers. They are able to combine compositions, angle & food photo lighting with compositions, angle, & lighting diecast nicely and blend well and attractively.

Photo By: Ghulit

The purpose of DiecastOraSambat presenting the theme of diecast & food is to provide inspiration for all food photography enthusiasts and photography diecast so that they can evoke more and more wild imagination in the field of photography. And who knows there will be a similar competition, so you can develop your own imagination from the inspiration you have seen in photography diecast & food themes.

Photo by: Handy Fach

Ok brother, so it’s not too long Diecast OraSambat presents photos from our brothers and sisters all in Themes Photography Diecast & Food.

Photo by: Handy Fech

Photo by: Udee Racer

Photo By: Oktaf Fredyanto