Honda Civic EG6 Pandem Rocket Bunny Ignition Model Diecast 1/64

Honda Civic EG6 Pandem Rocket Bunny Ignition Model Diecast 1/64 – Honda Civic EG6 Rocket Bunny Ignition Model Diecast new products that are so tempting and appetizing, this product was launched on March 5, 2019 along with the launch of the Mazda Rx7 Rocket Bunny Ignition Model.

Diecast Ignition Products This Honda Civic EG6 & Mazda Rx7 model collaborates with Tarmac Works. Honestly DiecastOraSambat or launching from Official TarmacWorks.

If all this time, Diecast OraSambat has bought 2 products from Lb Performance, it also feels like trying to collect this Rocket Bunny product. But when DiecastOraSambat slid into the official Tarmac Works and Ignition web, the Honda Civic EG 6 and Mazda Rx7 products were sold out. Either it has been sold out at the exhibition or indeed it has been taken by an Authorized Distributor that has indeed been designated by the Tarmac Works & Ignition Model.

Oh yeah, a little story about Rocket Bunny. Rocket Bunny itself is a stream of modifications that adheres to wide body using a high-quality FRP bodykit. Miura san herself did not initially have the idea to name the results of her work. Until one day Miura san was lost in thought and flashed Rocket Bunny in his mind. That’s what made Miura decide to use the name Rocket Bunny until now.
Rocket Bunny, or often called Pandem, is now exclusively imported by Japanese aftermarket producers, GReddy, bro. One of the philosophies promoted by Rocket Bunny is to combine cultural concepts in classic Japanese cars that are collaborated with modern images without losing the character of the car. Then, does the Rocket Bunny bodykit function well on street racing modified cars.
Now for you Diecast Lover’s who want to collect Diecast Pandem Rocket Bunny Honda Civic EG6 you have to hunt which Distributor sells the product. Happy Hunting Diecast Lover’s