Low Key Photography Diecast

photo by: Udi saint

Low Key Photography Diecast – Maybe for some of my brothers the term Low Key Photography sounds strange, but not for some of my brothers who are close to the world of photography. Well DiecastOraSambat this time will present the work of Diecast Lover’s brothers about Low Key Photography Diecast.

For those of you who don’t know the term Low Key Photography DiecastOraSambat will explain a bit, so it won’t roaming. Low Key Photography is a style of photography that utilizes dark tones so photos look dramatic. This low key lighting intensifies the contrast in the image by reducing the intensity of the lighting.

photo by: Ricky twentyfour

The key here is not only to produce dark images, but to use lighting very selectively so that only certain parts of the image are illuminated.

photo by: Erlangga

This low key photography style makes you free to play with shadows, even shadows can be something special. It might be considered as the main element of the composition, namely the one that defines the atmosphere of the entire photo. You can manipulate the lighting and subject position, so that the shadow falls only in the right place to create the desired image appearance.

photo by: Ivan Novendi Yakuza

That is a little picture of Low Key Photography, then we apply this technique to Diecast Photography to be able to produce artistic and dramatic diecast photos.

photo by: saputra didik

Diecast OraSambat has collected several works from Diecast Lover’s brothers in the Low Key Photography Diecast theme. Hopefully some of these examples can make inspiration and lessons for diecast & toy’s photography friends to later be able to produce photographic works with a low key style. No need to linger, please take a look at photography works with a Low Key Photography Diecast style.

photo by: jacksimobilkecil
photo by: jacksimobilkecil
photo by: jacksimobilkecil
photo by: jacksimobilkecil